No Strings With Mike Daemon: The Teflondon Interview

TeflondonPosterFOREWORD: Ok, so I captioned it that way so y’all will know that this episode of No Strings has a KDian on the hot seat 🙂 (Hi, Tef) Check on it below and BE NICE.


In this episode, NOSTRINGS talks with Teflondon (not real name), a Nigerian gay man who got dramatically outed by his then lover, following a series of trouble, even involving the police. Consequent to this was his apprehension and lock-up by the police, and upon his bail, the distrust of his family.

Ever since then, he has been doing his best to deal with his own personal issues and to find his balance again, and as well trying to understand life from a whole new different perspective.

NOSTRINGS had the privilege of talking to this young man, as he details his struggles and challenges and takes us deep into his life and how he now deals with his family’s constant pressure to change.

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42 thoughts on “No Strings With Mike Daemon: The Teflondon Interview

  1. An attempt to garner sympathy for KD’s most notorious… I listened to it.. All 23:58 of it.
    All I feel is sorry for him..

    • Nice interview. I think you need to work on the audio quality. I could hear Mike loud and care, but couldn’t hear Teflondon….but I learnt one thing….DISCIPLINE…now we know there’s a difference between Discipline and Naiveté.

  2. One of my tweeps just voiced my thots. Mike messed up by not asking cogent qxns on how he is living his life after being outed.
    BTW, Tef, if u r this coherent and use ‘safe’ words when you speak, how come you can’t spell and use words right when u type? I actually expected heavily accented words and bomb-shells but I was pleasantly surprised.

  3. My first time listening to this podcast mostly because I was curious abt how Teflondon sounded, I expected to hear the voice of an uncoordinated, barbaric, and local sounding child but I was genuinely surprised. Tef came across as articulate and down to earth. Which makes me wonder why he constantly likes to play the scape goat on this blog, and sets himself up for insult and ridicule by his comments..
    Then abeg, Mike…abeg u totally need to ton it down on the fake English accent! At one point, a friend who sat next to me, while I had my earphones plugged listening to this podcast, had to ask if I were about to throw up from how my face was contorted. The accent, is the fakest most irritating thing I have ever heard in a while and it makes the podcast seem like a caricature plus the occasional “hmms and ahhs”. lol . pls drop the accent, stick to our amazing Nigerian accent and be yourself!

  4. Teffiany and traffic! 100 DLs and still counting?!
    Aren’t you just market worthy?

    Will stream when I finish fetching this damn water. Msthewww
    Can wait to hear what you sound like and shii.
    Wbrb *saunters away with evil grin*

  5. Thanks for the compliments and all. I was actually expecting a bit of bashing as I felt I didn’t explicitly explain what I have being going through and the interview was a bit rushed.
    But Thanks for downloading and streaming guys.. Even those that didnt comment. Pls always tune in to Mike daemon.

  6. Tef, how i wish the average Kdian will learn humility and tap the wisdom and strength you inspire. Recognizing the love behind the frown,sanctions and spanks of your parents is uncommon wisdom. I just pray that all who see their parents as persecutors,childish,senseless,annoying etc will learn. Your diction,the shyness during the interview all points to one thing; you are by no means a street urchin nor a wayward child,you were well groomed. You really silenced the gain-sayers.well done. Hi mike. Thanks for bringing Tef live to us.

  7. Biko did they say dis Mike accent is real? Hahaha, this got to be d fakiest accent I ever heard. Haba, nna u need more practice biko or just stop it!! Did anyone else notice Tef’s strong Yoruba accent? Hehehe, I kept laughing all thru listening.

  8. Eh ya,well Tef that person who outed u sha,but not surprised sha,some of us can be really evil. Been there, worse. Anyway, thanks for this tho. I do get u,n ur dad’s rage,reminds me of my aunt from jezebels lineage, but again she learnt to respect her old age when I showed her my vicious and poisonous side. She dey see me, melt. Then my mum,lol,in as much as I’ve not said mum,I love guys, with all she’s heard,woman no send o,even when my kito bruhaha happened, mum was there to cause wahala but u know the gay bill ish, so she was like,my dear lets let this go. Guess she knows but doesn’t care whatsoever, so was like if this woman doesn’t and she’s been my every, omo no time o,just will live for her n me,that’s all. Anyway doo. Thanks for sharing

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