adminI’d just like to regrettably inform you guys that I’ll be taking a short leave from updating Kito Diaries. It’d be for just a couple of days, hopefully. This is to help the transition currently in progress from the wordpress forum the blog is presently on, to kitodiaries.com.

Please, do kindly bear with me. It is my hope that my Sunday, KD will be back on, but this time, on the new site. Thanks as always for your readership.

83 thoughts on “A WORD FROM THE ADMIN II

  1. Oh PP, I just had a minor heart-attack! I know it’s just for a few days,but this gave me nasty flashbacks of how I felt when NecoleBitchie announced few days ago,that she was quitting her blog…forever! (#iDiedAndCameBackAndDiedAgain)
    Oh well,I guess I should be looking at d bright side of this short break; we’re going “dot-com” baby!!!!!
    (Um,do we still retain our Monikers?)

      • Hehe! It would be nice to go incognito, but on d other hand,I’ve formed a sentimental attachement to dis present “brand”…*sigh* #ToughDecisions (yea, it IS that serious,lol)

  2. ‘We are marching, marching to the climax in the name of god of tb we shall release…’

    Progress. Progress.

  3. Just like putting honey in the mouth of a kid and asking him to spit it out…

    What am I saying?

    It is official, I am obsessed with KD and don’t know how I am going to cope,

    This blog has been like a daily tonic for me.

    I will survive!

  4. NOOOOOO !!!
    *tears pant and runs about like a mad man* you mean no KD till Sunday 😭😭

    More grease to your elbow PP 👊🏾, and a little more of that grease wherever you want it 😉

  5. Hmmm, hope you’re ready for the headache that comes with self hosted WordPress sha. *I love the headache small* We sha see on Sunday insha Allah.

    Best of luck with the transition

      • @pinky
        Hackers wahala
        Shared hosting server downtime issues
        Bandwidth exceeded issues
        Yearly hosting fees
        Blog loading time issues

        Nna if you don’t plan on monetizing the blog (that’s the major benefit I see in hosting your own blog like I do), I say you go this way https://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/

      • Doc, my blog site is a .com hosted by WordPress. Not had a single issue. (Except when I forgot to pay my annual fee because I was too busy…..well you know😏. Story for another day)
        PP is still staying with WordPress, he is just changing the url addy)😀

      • @Keredim69 changing just a domain name shouldn’t take 48hrs that’s why I assumed he was going the self hosted route.

        Forgetting to pay your annual domain registration fee is totally understandable especially when you have plenty pipu lined up for servicing 🏃🏃🏃🏃

      • Nahhh he can barely manage posting the deluge of stories that come his way, how much more doing self hosting. (And the cheapskate, won’t employ anyone to help him –Not even giving them a blue job😎)
        Regarding the 48hrs, he has to make sure the old URL has migrated successfully to the new one.

        As for your shade: don’t you have a misdiagnosis to give this morning?😆😆

      • @Keredim69 I took one day leave to nurse my malaria biko. I can’t come and goan kii myself with work before my God appointed time. 😝

        As long as he’s not changing the current URL structure of the site, the migration should be instant. Now for Google to replace the old URLs in its index to the new one, na another matter though that doesn’t really matter here as I doubt he gets substantial traffic from el señor Google

      • Ah “malaria” is that the hospital’s code for “I was servicing a Mallam last night and we had to finish before sunrise in account of Ramadan. Now I am sore all over?”😋😋

        PP will be fine, lets just wait till Sunday. 🙏🏿

      • @Keredim69 you’re such a wicked shady person😭😭 . I wish that was the case, malaria for no enter equation in the first place 😂😂.

      • @Keredim69 the issues I mentioned only come to play when you decided to leave WordPress free servers and get your own self administered server

  6. Some ppl’s avatar is gonna change. And also our WordPress rating will be gone 😭😭😭😭. The highest commenter, monthly activity… Etc

  7. What! How many days? What!!!!! Nooooo! I cannot be not getting laid and not reading something close to me getting laid at the same time! Whyyyyyyyyy!!!!! This is going to be so hard for me. Sunday shey? Hope my withdrawal can last that long. Good job Oga Pinky.

  8. WHAT, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, how will i survive eh, this is like my morning coffee? I’m so obssessed with kito diaries, no problem sha (sunday sounds like 1 year o) Congrats @PP (will miss @PP,Max,Ace,DM,Sinnex,MM,francis incredible brotherly speeches). I’m even in tears (My gawd this why girls are so emotional f**cking hate this*

    • @Kacee nwanna na how many Francis dey this site oh? I don’t remember giving any brotherly speech. 😁 No worry Sunday no far. Remember say weekends can be annoyingly fast unlike weekdays

  9. I do hope your operations as Admin will improve also with this new developments.
    Try to curb the subtle occasional display of madness on your blog, when it seems to be getting out of hand. (been watching for days) instead of spurning it on.. just to get more comments on post. will you? not to mention the Bias, blind loyalty Et al. towards acquaintances and allies. it reeks of cheapness and hella ratchet.

      • Swerry u really need to give it up already!and on this note i will like to really like to know ur qualification and what u actually do for a living.Cos it seems u really have a very high opinion of urself and think u are better than any other person.So bitch what did u study in school and what do you do for a living?

      • No bitch am not kidding you i actually want to know ur qualification and what you have going on in ur life right now.Cos i really dont know what it is that u cant let go off.People complained of my writing style and i changed it in order for us all to get along which isnt really my style i prefer writing in abreviates yet anytime anything happens u try to dig at me and try to make me look stupid.Let me state this clearly to you today bitch am a qualified lawyer who has been called to the nigerian bar after 5 good years of hardwork and sleepless nights and 1 year in the nigerian law skul which u dont even know how much money was spent in trying to achieve that nor the kind of hard work i did to become som1 in life.My dear i never bribed my way through this as if thats even possible!so now u see am not som1 for u to take jabs at i worked my ass out!so an idiot like u has no right in trying to make me feel stupid in anyway.So pls what do u do and what did u study in skul?and let this be d very last time u take such jabs at me trying to make me look stupid.When we disagree on issues thats fine but stop telling me how to write and stop insulting my intelligence level.Am giving u a warning now if u dont stop it my dear i will actually become ur nightmare on this blog and humiliate u in ways u cant even begin to imagine.Think twice before u embark on this journey with me.A word is enough for the wise.

      • You’re a lawyer? If that’s true then…you should have your uni give u a refund bruv. And I’m sincerely not trying to make u look stupid, you are doing all that by yourself 😂😂

      • Yes i am.So whats ur own qualification exactly?that makes u appoint urself officer in charge of ones grammar or way of writing?I am who i am and have acheived what i have today by my hardwork and Gods grace.That cant be taken away from me in real life so in real life my dear who are u exactly,what do u do and what have u achieved?becos u seem to actually believe u know it all and just cant wait to point out the flaws in people no matter how little.It will be really painful to later discover u are a student becos if u are then i really feel as if have wasted some minutes in my life replying u.After u have written ur project,graduated with a good result,achieved something tangible in life then u can have the right to talk to me.So i will write how i like at d end of d day.Like i told u continue trying me u will receive d shock of ur life very very soon.

      • First i was Chizzie, now I’m a student, and before that i made and probably still make you look stupid. You’re actually more delusional than i thought, lol but don’t stop, continue to humour me this cold afternoon.

        And its “achieved”, the ‘i’ comes before the ‘e’ plus you still need to work on your punctuation on your spacing. Don’t worry you’ll get there. One step at a time 😌

      • Lmaoooo are u kidding me?like dont u get tired trying to find faults?this isnt the way for anybody to live their life.Like i said be worried about ur own life my dear are you where u want to be in life?do u have to struggle before u are able to buy mb to visit kd?cos to God be the glory whatever u may say God has been there for me life has been kind to me.I can actually now see through you that negativity is the only thing that actually really makes u come alive and happy wow!am so sure something is really missing in ur life honestly becos thats d only reason y some1 will be such a sadist.

  10. Only on a Nigerian gay blog, would participants highlight their academic qualifications and financial worth. Participants on other gay blogs of other nationalities just exchange naked selfies..😳😢😢

    • @Keredim69 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Bet seriously though I don’t understand the grammar police. They be acting like no one here except them can write good English. It gets pretty annoying after a few moments.

    • I suppose it shows though we aspire to be “free” like other gays in say America and Europe, deep down inside our cultural identity is very much intact. We have to show that “my (pink) Mercedes is bigger than yours”, “I have the biggest (pink) agbada” or “I read book pass you”😔😔

      • Yes some people are useless like that and u have to actually read it out to them that they arent perfect neither do they have it all.Just like when u are pushed to call a woman barren when she refuse to stop telling u how ugly peoples kids are yet she cant have hers.Am tired of diablo’s stupidity and always trying to point out people’s flaws.Is the bastard perfect?does he know it all or have it all?he has no write whatsoever!honestly if u dont like my way of writing scroll away no need to recognise me or call me out d blog is big enough.At the end of the day diablo be worried about ur own life my dear be concerned with how to make ur own life better.Do u feed well?are u able to buy anything u like at the right time?is ur certificate presentable?are u where u wish to be?

      • Thanks pinkie its all good.Diablo my last word for u on this matter face ur own imperfect life cos u are definitely flawed.You arent d cutest of them all,neither are u a genius academically,nor a super human by any means and let me face my fabulous imperfect life.Stop trying to fix everbody while u have ur own numerous demons u are battling with.

  11. The proper issue here is whether you can point out any imperfections on this blog, whether imperfections in the articles (i.e. write ups, lol) or imperfections in the comments, or imperfections in the arguments and opinions presented. What’s the right answer?

    • Ok I use to like you, but you’re seriously getting on my nerve recently with your Bree Vandecamp-esque attitude. Perfection is good, over-perfection is toxic.
      It’ll be a shame if I get to see you in real life and you look like jabba the hutt

      • @Max I just googled Jabba and that shit doesn’t look an atom of pretty. Why evuls? 😂😂😂😂

      • I’m asking a valid question – is one allowed to respond to comments/articles with skepticism? Or are we only allowed to praise? There is a dangerous “nobody is perfect, so why bother improving” attitude on this blog. I won’t moralize, but that’s why the country is the way it is. Mediocrity, failure, and a lack of self awareness everywhere.

        What is overperfection? Logically nothing is better than perfection. Do you mean perfectionism?

        I don’t look like Jabba, for what it’s worth. But, I also don’t judge myself by what I look like. That road is shallow.

      • If one has to criticise, constructive criticism is good. Critiquing in a civilised manner without getting personal would be good too.

        “Overperfection” – is a word used in anger when a person (usually Nigerian) wants to show that they are well read. 😌

        Your Jabba the Hutt rebuttal in my opinion, was handled well.👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

      • Keredim, one person’s constructive criticism is another’s “high horse” (a phrase I think is often misused here). For example, was it constructive to mention the benefits of safe sex in response to Maxwell’s article?

      • Hmmm Chuck you do ask probing questions.😂😂

        I think it was constructive to mention safe sex, in response to the article in my opinion. Not everyone is open to hearing other people’s opinions and it may come across as criticism no matter how subtly or harshly it’s delivered.

        Also the person receiving the criticism may not have any regard for the person delivering it. For example Max would be more acquiesce to receiving from PP than Gad and lately yourself(I hope that didn’t sound too sexual)😂😂

        I think the key in this particular case is to deliver the message , hope people are objective enough to receive it and just walk away.🚶🏿🚶🏿🚶🏿🚶🏿. You will never have the last word.😊

  12. In none related news, I somehow found myself on my ex’s facebook profile and he looked so hot and happy with his madam and cute kid that I just had to completely end my 3yrs plus beef towards him.

    Called him and we yarned like old times as though nothing had changed between us.

    I feel so good right now. Like a major weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Before some weirdos start thinking otherwise, I’m not planning on snatching him back. Lol. That chapter don close completely. I’m just happy that he’s happy as he’s that kind of person that deserves to be immensely happy. 😀

    End of transmission.

    • Awwwww bless😢😢😢😢
      It’s kinda cathartic, no?👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

      Now let the 3 year drought end. I pity the person you choose to end the 3 year fast.😂😂😂😂😂

      • @Keredim 😂😂Drought don end since April this year when I enter Abuja for one seminar. Abi you mean relationship things? It was muy muy cathartic 😉

      • Noooo, that Abuja runs does not count. Any runs after the call with the ex today since the “burden has been lifted” is what counts. That is the arse or dick I pity. (Please don’t confirm your role, you may live to regret it on KD)😉

      • 😂😂😂 @Keredim et @Tiercel. No be lie. I don drop hint for here plenty so no be today news.

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