Have You Seen The Ass That Is Legend-ary On Instagram?

legendWhen someone sent me the photo of John Legend’s ass, which was trending on instagram, after his wife Chrissy Teigen uploaded it, my first thought was: Black is better! Take that, Justin Bieber! Lol.

But seriously though, when your wife decides to share your junk with the rest of the world, then you must have something really good going on behind there. Now, Chrissy, now you’ve shown us, can you be a good girl and let some of us get our hands on it? 😀

48 thoughts on “Have You Seen The Ass That Is Legend-ary On Instagram?

  1. Nice, round, juicy, voluptuous, …i could smack it for hours and watch it bounce and jiggle to the rhythm …

  2. And Daniel Radclife won that butt award, right? With pancake butts abi? This is the real deal in nice flavour.

  3. What would I do without your fat butt/ slapping it good or kicking it flat…

    OK. Here’s what I think: he was describing himself in his ‘all of me’ track. Yes. Chrissy was supposed to sing that song to him.. “all your curves…”

  4. It looks okay sha…a little too big for me…would have preferred if it was a little darker, smaller and more firmer.

  5. Not the first time I’m seeing Legend’s ass yet, it never ceases to get me all hot and bothered.

    Chrissy darling, please do me a favour and share a pic of that D I’ve been dying to see. :p

  6. First it was August Alsina’s vagina-rupturing dick, now it is John Legend’s ass in all its chocolate glory. Why wont I be proud to be a black man.

    Wiggle! Wiggle! Wiggle

  7. I have always tracked pictures online of John Legend’s ass. I have always been a dedicated follower. But when I finally saw his bare ass, I blessed Chrissy Teigen for being there when I needed her most. Finally!

    And that ass phat AF!!

  8. The only thing i do here is read comments and laff……..you guys are very funny honestly…..i laff till hot droplets of tears hurriedly leaves my eyes….well for y”ll information, IVE GOT AN ASS BIGGA DAN JOHN LEGEND’S…..charge me to proof

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