Some Celebrities Who Are Out And Proud

Check out the many celebs who are gay and don’t give a fuck who knows about it.

Ellen Page1 EllenPageJuno star Ellen Page gave quite a moving speech when she took the stage at the Human Rights Campaign’s inaugural gathering in Las Vegas last February. “I’m here today because I am gay,” she told the audience. “And because maybe I can make a difference, to help others have an easier and more hopeful time. Regardless, for me, I feel a personal obligation and a social responsibility. I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission.”

Frank Ocean2 FrankAfter a reporter questioned Grammy-winning rapper Frank Ocean about some of his song lyrics in July 2012, Ocean posted his thoughts on the subject on his website. He detailed the love he had for another man when he was 19: “I won’t forget you. I won’t forget the summer,” he wrote. “I’ll remember who I was when I met you.” Critics and fans applauded the announcement, but the rap community — not so much. Fellow rapper T-Pain shared in an interview seven months later that certain artists refuse to work with Ocean because they’re homophobic. Continue reading


Blog_KD JournalJune 22

There’s this guy I recently started chatting with. Ola. My, my, my… he’s got a smoking body. His face is not all that, but I can always put a paper bag over his face or close my eyes and picture someone else. Lol. Okay, it’s not that bad, but still.

I’d love to get into his pants, but I’m resisting and hesitating because he’s bi. I don’t have anything against bisexual people. It’s just that, there are some that spell trouble for you if you get involved with them, and my instincts were telling me to stay away. He’s one of those guys who will thrash as long as it’s a hole, and he has little respect for those he’s thrashed, and I don’t want to be one of his trophies. He also seems like someone who would lash out drastically, if his sexuality or masculinity is questioned. I have a friend who was outed by some bisexual guy, who carried tales about how my friend purportedly seduced him.

And to make matters worse, I found out this Ola fellow doesn’t even kiss and all that… Blergh! Continue reading

Bisi Alimi Debuts On The World Pride Power List 2014

This year’s World Pride Power List – which celebrates influential lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people – includes Russian and African activists, trans politicians, and CEOs of global companies. And Nigeria’s very own Bisi Alimi. This is the gay activist’s first appearance on the list, and he debuts at Number 77. Here’s an excerpt of the list (originally published on The Guardian), the few recognizable names I decided to put up in today’s post.

12. Jane Lynch, actor

Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester in the TV show Glee, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last year.

24. Jodie Foster, actorJodie FosterFoster won best actress at the Golden Globes in 2012 for Carnage and, the next year, won the Cecil B DeMille award for outstanding contribution to entertainment. She has since directed episodes in the Netflix series, Orange is the New Black.

28. Anderson Cooper, broadcast journalist

Cooper is a journalist, author, anchor of CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360° and Vanderbilt. Last year, he received the Vito Russo award from GLAAD for his significant work promoting equality for the LGBT community. Continue reading

The Conversation HE Had With GOD

God-talkThere was nothing memorable or extraordinary about the emergence of Gay Smith upon this blue planet. He, like the majority of human entities, was squirted from his mother’s nether after about 9 months of gestation, squealing out his lungs as if some terrible fate had befallen him. His childhood didn’t also hold much excitement compared to that of his peers. However, nothing more than a child’s imagination can make an animated adventure of the humdrum of life. And so it was that Gay Smith sailed from moment to moment of his childhood in bliss, especially as he was blessed with a loving mother who spoiled him with treats and loved to cuddle and kiss him on the lips until as old as he would allow.

His smooth sailing life remained happy until his early teens when he encountered a strange paradox that threatened to drown him and ruin him forever.  Summarily put, he liked guys. Continue reading

‘My worst fears never materialised after coming out’ – CNN host Richard Quest reveals

richard questCNN host Richard Quest has acknowledged his sexuality, his fears about being openly gay in public life “never materialised” into reality.

The British-born news anchor made headlines in 2008, after he was arrested in a compromising position in a public park.

A year later, he made a comeback, having agreed to undergo six months of drug counseling in return for an “adjournment in contemplation of dismissal” of charges.

He said on Thursday, on his show Quest Means Business: “If I remember back to when I wasn’t open about my sexuality, I spent a great deal of time worried about it, about what my family would think, what would my friends, my colleagues would think, and of course, what would you think. Continue reading

Let’s Discuss . . . About Marriage And Living The Lie

image_thumb2Society. Family. Peer group. These are the defining factors of any individual’s life. And very important ones too. But for any homosexual person – man or woman – they can also be tools of adversity, especially in this country Nigeria, where the safer norm is to be in the closet.

But the problem with being in the closet is, there’s not a lot of light in there, and you don’t get to see and pick out what outfit best suits you. And so, those who are on the outside see themselves as the better proponents of what is best for you. Like marriage, and children, and careers.

Oftentimes, these choices are good for you. Some other times, they are NOT. Very few of us have the presence of mind to rebel against the wrongly made choices. Most of us prefer to simply accept them graciously and live the lie, whether it kills you or not. It is after all, the safer thing to do. And we bravely adjust to the wrong choices, make them right, and never talk about it.

But here on Kito Diaries, we can talk about it. As freely as we want.

So, let’s discuss, about Marriage and Living The Lie: To Be Or Not To Be?

Photo Of The Day: Balls On Display

This World Cup tournament is proving to be a lot interesting for more than just soccer. Forget about Luis Suárez’s bite. We’re talking now about a major World Cup wardrobe malfunction!

During the game between Portugal and Ghana on June 26 at the Brasilia national stadium, we witnessed how the players’ shorts might not be so reliable. In an attempt to get the ball, Portugal’s William Carvalho went after Ghana’s Jordan Ayew. It quickly became physical when Carvalho grabbed Ayew by the shorts putting his privates in full display for the whole world to see. See photos below.jordan-ayew Continue reading


FOREWORD: Everybody says I have to say something grand or do something drastic about yesterday’s furor. But I don’t. Not really. I just have a few things to say. No one should let his sense of self revolve around another person’s negativism. If you have an issue with someone’s comment, the ‘Like-Dislike’ button has been provided against every comment for you to express yourself. 🙂 And please, I can’t stress this enough, no more catfights. Every follower of this blog is a grown man (or woman?) and shouldn’t use the anonymity provided by the internet to act out his inner child.

Secondly, this blog is home to all forms of art and expression of the Nigerian gay man. ALL FORMS, as long it is not rubbish. For those expecting to have an intellectual orgasm anytime they click on here, I’m sure there’s a blog or two out there that celebrates Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe you can be a follower to. This forum is about expression of self; bear in mind that your ‘self’ isn’t always going to be someone else’s ‘self’ the next time you feel like pouring out your vitriol.

Finally, anyone who expects to read a certain kind of thing should write it. If you want unpredictability, write it. If it’s depth you want to read, write it. Chimamanda Adichie once said: ‘I write what I want to read.’ Kindly stop kvetching about other people’s efforts and write what you want to read. Write. Submit. I’ll publish.

Well, seems I said more than a few things. Here’s to hoping we can all be grownups thenceforth. Yes, I know, I can only hope. Lol. Anyway, here’s the feature story. It’s a non fictional piece by a Kito Diaries-ian, Queer Mike, who is currently recovering from heartbreak and disillusionment. The things wanting what others are not prepared to give you can do to a person. Read the story below.


5626690325_f4d35c10b0_zThe dawn of that long awaited Tuesday, came with the chill of a heavy rainfall that lingered from the night before. I did a double check on my well packed luggage; just to be sure no item on my list was being left out, with enough clothes to last for my two week visit to Lagos. I’d completed my semester exams the day before. I’d spent sleepless nights studying, and losing weight, just to see myself make it through the exams.

Weeks ago, while I was studying, my phone buzzed. I checked to see I’d gotten a Whatsapp message. It was from an ex-lover, Peter. I was surprised by that. Ever since he relocated to Nevada in the States, he’s hardly kept in touch with me. I nursed no grudge at all for that; after all, what we had was a one-night-thingie two years back, a quick shag during one of his business trips to Enugu from Lagos, one that eventually turned into a friendship. And we kept in touch even after he left Enugu. And then he left the country for the States and we lost touch. Continue reading

‘True Blood’ Actor Quit Show Because Of Gay Content

lead_largeTrue Blood has taken a lot of left turns with its characters, killing them, turning them into vampires, even revealing that they’re faeries!

Well, it turns out at least one cast member wasn’t happy with the direction his character was going — and it was enough for him to quit!

Fans may have noticed that Luke Grimes, the actor who joined Season 6 as James, Jessica’s high-cheekboned, brooding loner boyfriend in the vampire concentration camp, has been replaced for season 7 with hunky Aussie actor Nathan Parsons. Tons of eyebrows were raised last December when reports surfaced that Grimes had left the production—his highest profile role to date—over “creative differences.”

Well it turns out that “creative direction” was out of the closet door. Continue reading


g13Sam fiddled with his phone while he waited for John to come out of the bathroom. Sam was a fashion designer and tailor, and John was a model he made clothes for. His and John’s relationship was mostly business, but since John had gotten a lot of clothes from him, there was a rapport that came when somebody became your ‘customer’.

Normally John would come pick his clothes from his shop at Ikorodu. but he (John) needed to be at an event and couldn’t come around the shop to pick his latest commission. He had asked Sam to come over to his place and drop the clothes. Sam had willingly obliged though it was some distance from his shop, but his transport fare had been promised to be paid back.

Sam was attractive in a non-threatening way. He had lots of hair that he was practically obsessed with keeping nice and trim. His face was a bit rugged, but it suited him. He did however wish he was taller so he could at least try modeling. Continue reading