badoo-logoThis is a story that doubles as a community service – my contribution to making the gay world safer and a better place, one gist at a time.

This kito story didn’t happen to me. It happened to my friend in this great, big metropolis called Lagos. Let’s call this friend of mine Matthew. Matthew had just lost his job at an insurance firm not so long ago. That situation dumped him into hard times pretty fast. And he had to manage his body, soul and mind.

Some days ago, he was on his way to Trade Fair, in the direction of Okokomaiko. There was a friend he was going to meet to get some money from. For the trip, he’d eked out N1,000, one that had already cost him N300 to get to his destination. But unfortunately, this friend of his didn’t have any money to give to him. The trip was a bust, and he had nowhere else to go to but back home. Continue reading

A Little Twitter Gossip

I was minding my own business o, scouring through twitter . . . you know how that place can be a hotbed of gossip and scandalous comments. And I happened on a fierce debate over Tiwa Savage’s very smoking video, Wanted (have you seen?). This debate was going on between celebrity Uti Nwachukwu and not-so-celebrity some-other-dude-that-I-don’t-know. And a particular exchange titillated me to no end, so much that I had to share (God forgive me!). Check on it below.6To open up or not to open up… (No pun intended o) lol


Gesture_raised_fist_with_thumb_and_pinky_lifted1. You are not straight.

2. You suggest there is a set way straight guys act.

3. You suggest there is a set way gay guys act.

4. You know 2 and 3 are stereotypes, not to talk of ridiculous.

5. You see, even if 2 and 3 were a little true, then “straight-acting” would be synonym for “pretending to be someone else”, and unless you’re between a script and camera lights, well…

6. You set a precursor to prejudice against effeminate men.

7. You endorse the suppression of self-expression.

8. You endorse heteronormativity.

9. You raise problematic concerns about gender, misogyny and patriarchy.

10. You just can’t.


The right to your preferences? Yes.

The right to your prejudices? No.

Written by Absalom

Gay Father Whose Beautiful Photo Of His Family Inspired Outrage Speaks Out

instaIn January of this year, two gay fathers made waves across the Internet with a simple photo above of the pair helping two of their three children get ready for school.

Kordale and Kaleb Lewis are two proud dads who developed a substantial following on social media in the months leading up to the viral photo. However, this Instagram photo reportedly sparked a wave of homophobic backlash through Twitter users who took issue with the idea of two gay black men raising children together.

Now, Kordale Lewis is releasing a memoir titled Picture Perfect? with the intention of answering some of the many questions he got when the picture went viral.

The Huffington Post chatted with Lewis this week about Picture Perfect? and his life since the photo went viral. Continue reading

A Stormy Night


Another Kito-Diaries-sian has volunteered a story of an encounter in his life. Nonfiction and quite graphic. So please guys, all those in favour of no-sex updates, now’s the time to stop reading.


No? You’re sure? Oh well, here Nuel Anthony’s A stormy Night. Read and enjoy.


moonlight-rainfall-live-wp-hd-1-1-s-307x512It had rained heavily throughout that day and we knew it would continue into the night! Thunder and lightning hammering and crackling ‎as though Poseidon and Thor were at war. Yeah, it was the season, and the water kept pouring from the skies in reckless abandon. My restless mind couldn’t be thankful enough that I and Onyeka were home alone. My sister had travelled with her husband and the kids the previous day leaving the two of us at home.

Now, Onyeka – he’s the younger brother to my sister’s husband. 6.2 ft tall, well built, great dimpled smile, and he always appears to have this look in his eyes that always says, “I’m here, rip me apart!” He had just finished his Youth Service at Okene and had come to Lagos in search of a job. That night when he arrived at the house – Gawd, I no fit forget! He had come out of the room to join us in the sitting room with only his boxers hanging from his thin, streamlined waist. I couldn’t resist drinking in the sight of him, making out every curve and bulge on that gorgeous body of his. And there was nothing disappointing on that body. As he approached the seat where I was, I noticed the bulge behind his boxers dangle from left to right. I swallowed hard at the sight. In my mind, I screamed, “Wow!”

So back to my story. Continue reading


Screen-Shot-2013-11-14-at-10.22.18Nigeria is very homophobic which drives same sex relationships underground. Then came the Internet (I often wonder how men hooked up in the 80s, but that’s matter for another day).

Anyway we depend on the Internet with mobile apps to meet with someone these days. However there is the possibility too that these apps and sites have been infiltrated by gay bashers. Knowing the society we live in, avoidance is key.

These are my tips for secure Internet dating or “market hustling” as some of my friends call it (LOL). Continue reading