gay-bed1My tale is not quite different from every gay boy that grew up in this country. The feeling of being alone, scared and judged by everyone you know, even your parents. I had my first sex at 18, with a boy I really cared about. However, it didn’t take long before our egos took over the relationship. By this time, I had accepted who I am. A boy that loves to eat and fuck ass.

Then, this urge came in. The urge to fuck, to caress and dump my load in some pretty boy. My friends said my urge was normal and I was acting out because I broke up with my boyfriend. But no, it was more than that. I craved sex, not love. Does this make me a hoe?

I wanted it. I didn’t want to belong to anyone. Love didn’t mean much to me anymore because of the state of the nation. Different laws that prevents the embrace of my sexuality in public places. So I took my phone and created a second profile on twitter and began to meet people and do hook-ups in different hotels and even their places. Continue reading


Kito /kI:to/ –      noun: the forceful outing of a homosexual individual from the closet either involuntarily by his own hands or through the spiteful acts of others.

My name is…well, Pink Panther, and this is my kito story.

sad-black-manThis happened several years ago, a story that belongs to that distant past I would like to tuck away in that part of my mind reserved for things I don’t want to remember, but still want to nudge me into alertness should I find myself in similar circumstances. Continue reading


0,,16186118_303,00We live in a dark age. It’s common to hear the man of the 21st century boast about the giant strides that the human species have made on the sands of time ever since he showed up on this blue sphere we have come to love and call home.

Man – that elegant creature was not always elegant. Scientists say he once had a half-stooped posture and crawled on all fours like an ape until he somehow stretched the genetic ladder and became Homo erectus. His brain however was still not fully developed. Therefore he dwelled in caves like the animals of today and hunted wild game for his upkeep. At such a time, the idea of agriculture may have sounded absurd.

Time, chance and many other biological events happened once more to this lowly creature and took him straight up to the genetic pedestal of Homo sapiens – the intelligent man. And now he stands at the top of the food chain: erect, intelligent, stately, and kingly in visage – an ecological lord. Blessed with the largest brain among the organisms in this planet, he has accordingly achieved marvels in science, technology and even the arts. It is not uncommon to find him puffed up, having found confidence that breeds arrogance; he worships himself, his accumulated knowledge, his many inventions, his large cerebrum. He thinks himself to be the peak of intelligence, and makes a god of his achievements.

Man seems to be so pleased by his new found ability to weave complex thought, his ability to conceive reason that it sometimes amounts to intellectual masturbation. The thought in his head is the valid one and sometimes gets so carried away by this belief, that he so quickly forgets that fellow members of the same species are as endowed as he is. Continue reading


06-effeminate-060912It was a Friday and I was happy. It had been a terrible week at work, with me throwing tantrums a few times from the pressure. I was happy to get home, have a few drinks and hook up with a nice guy (don’t we all?). So after I got home, logged into (sorry I had to cross that out), I had a new message (clearly Aphrodite was happy with me). I read the message, he dropped a blackberry pin and I went ahead to read his profile. I loved it, the profile picture was hot, I was drooling until I saw…“likes straight acting guys only”. I just sighed, logged out and went into the room to sleep.

I hate the term ‘straight acting’, and I will tell you why. We live in an extremely homophobic society, a society that doesn’t believe in the diversity of humans. A society that regards any sexual relations out of that between a man and a woman as abnormal. Now when we use the term ‘straight acting’, are we endorsing the position that heterosexuality is the right way? And that in order to validate ourselves, do we have to behave in a certain way that is deemed straight acting? Continue reading


Whoever said the open letters from the tops was finished thought wrong. These bruthas be vexing. I got another letter – this one from someone who’s an ex-lover (Hush! Don’t tell anyone! 🙂 ) – and we shall call him…er, Dexter. Here’s what he had to say.


stereotypes1#1 Know The Dick You Signed Up For

Bottoms, after probably asking for pictures, demos and whatnot, then get to the top’s place. And then he whips out his schlong. It’s nice. It’s big. It’s majestic. And then, the bottom be like – What is this?! I can’t take this! Hold on! Gimme a minute. Don’t go so deep!

And I’m like – Like hell I won’t. I’m dicking that ass! Continue reading


Oh dear, I truly did think the season for open letters was over, only for Absalom to diss the Tops and have ‘em diss back. That’s right. Another Kito-Diaries-ian – apparently a brutha who’s the ‘humper’ in bed – has responded with an open letter of his own. Have a read and let us know what you think in the comments section.


stereotypes1This is in reply to the post I read earlier on this blog about 5 things we Tops must stop doing. Here now are the 5 things I believe you Bottoms must also stop dump: Continue reading


First of all, I would like to make an announcement, that you may now subscribe to the updates of Kito Diaries, and have them come straight to your email. Simply type in your email address, and click to subscribe, and thenceforth, whenever we update on the blog, you will be updated too.

And now, for the feature piece…another Kito-Diaries-ian (if I may be bold to start calling us that) has submitted a piece for your reading delight. I read it and laughed a lot. Plus, I was also struck by how much I shared the writer’s sentiments. Here, you go, read and enjoy. Oh, and the Tops to whom the piece is directed to, read and take note. 🙂



gay-couple-kissingDear Tops,

This letter is not for all of you, but many-enough of you. I do not presume to speak for every bottom, but at least I speak for meself, and as I am very important to meself, you’d better listen up if you want that second round…date.

Continue reading

Delta State Uncovers Teenage Gay Cult In Warri Called Yansh

NigerianVanguard reports that Delta State Government, a couple of days ago, revealed that there’s a teenage gay cult in Warri called Yansh. The teenagers who are said to be from ages 15 to 18 reportedly live in rented apartments close to Enerhen Junction, Warri, where gay men come to sleep with them and pay them.

This was revealed by the Delta State governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan, during his Easter message to Deltans at the First Baptist Church in Warri.

“These are our sons and men come to sleep with them. It is through the Edu Marshals Programme that we discovered them. We used to know about female harlots, now we have male harlots. Unfortunately they are young boys. There is much government can do, but there is more we can do as parents,” the governor said

Hmmm, the hustle is indeed real.

Beware! Badoo Gets More And More Dangerous Every Day. Find Out Why

Suspect-ok-620x330I know how we all love to look for love in the different internet dating sites, but its become risky business in this contentious country of ours. According to Saturday Sun, the above picture is that of a gang who use the dating website Badoo to lure men to lonely places where they rob and sometimes kill them. Find the full report below…

Members of a five-man gang of kidnappers, including a lady, have given a gory detail of how they lure men through a popular online dating website known as Badoo to a lonely spot where they attack and rob them of their valuables while the unfortunate ones will be strangled.

The suspects, Micheal Eneji, his brother, Emmanuel Eneji, Chukwu Chibueze, Gift Princess, and Lekia Emmaden Isaac, were apprehended by the Rivers State police command days after the family of one of their latest victims, Shola Olaseinde reported the victim missing. Continue reading

The Guy Who Said Hello To Him

ALRAAIIITTT! 😀 Kito Diaries has got its first submission, from a brother who would like you to know him as Rio-Dynyel. Very sexy, yes? Anyway, this is his piece, and I found it a very interesting read. I hope you do too.


blackman-thinkingFirst, he was really young, feeling strange whenever he would see a man without a shirt on. He used to get really giggly and flustered. Picking up little crushes for some men, emotions he didn’t understand.

Then, the years passed. And the things he felt got stronger.

But he began to realize what he was, and what the people around him thought about that. They hated it. They despised it. And he feared their contempt. And the boy who was once bright and open and very talkative ceased to exist; he replaced that boy with one other who was withdrawn, quiet and sad. He felt guilt. He battled depression. He saw his existence as a mistake. He lacked any sense of self worth. Many a time, he contemplated suicide. He would often lie, crumpled, on his bedroom floor behind his closed door and cry his eyes out until sleep would come. He would beg God to help him; he was so scared that God didn’t approve of him.

His family had no idea what he was going through, and he felt no encouragement to tell them the things he felt. How could he? He had heard his sister once say to her friend during a conversation about homosexuals: “If it ever happens that my brother is gay, I will never call him brother again.” Telling his family about his true self, confiding in anyone about who he believed he was, was out of the question.

He was beyond help. Continue reading