The Awkward Encounter

g12“Did the call go through?” Fred said in a tone that was mixed with varying emotions. He was tense and concerned, because today was the day he believed he would tame the neighbourhood ‘ass goddess, Scholastica. He had planned it all – the conversations that led up to this day, the breaking-in of a classroom in the public school of the area they lived, the condoms. Everything was set, but there was a slight problem. The missing ingredient to this concoction was nowhere to be seen or heard from. Scholastica had not made an appearance yet.

“Guy, I don’t think this girl wants to come oh,” Ayo said easily. It was after all not his sexual prowess that was to be tested. It was Fred’s… Fred who had both the anxious and outraged disposition of one who couldn’t imagine any girl could ever curve(sly) him.

Ayo also wondered how Scholastica could, how she wasn’t already here, shooing him away in order to be all up in Fred’s business, because frankly, Fred was a hottie. Half-caste, pink-lipped, chiseled body, laidback personality, and he had a certain calm about him that was welcoming to anybody he met. Ayo couldn’t get these girls, really. This was the reason he didn’t have much use for them. He however contented himself with making commiserative remarks, in an effort to console his obviously-jilted friend, while they puffed away on the joints they had both been smoking for some time now.

“As I am like this now, I need my dick sucked – BAD…” Fred groaned.

Ayo heard that. He recognized that his very heterosexual friend was caught up in the ecstasy only a well-wrapped joint could provide, but he paid attention nonetheless. He smiled slightly, tapped his joint so the ash could fall off, puffed, inhaled, and inquired, “Even by me, nigga?” He exhaled, smoke along with some tension, as he waited for Fred’s reply.

“Yes, mehn! Even by you. I’m at this point where I don’t even care,” were the words a horny and really high Fred muttered, draped as he was in between two classroom desks joined together.

Ayo recognized a chance he’d been yearning for ever since he made Fred’s acquaintance. And he took it. He said, “Okay, then.” Then he got up, ambled over to the classroom door and shut it. Then he moved up to where Fred lay supine, and proceeded to unbuckle his trouser, pulling down his boxers to reveal his ‘white-boy’ cock – which he thought was a healthy change from all the dark-skinned monster dicks he had come to know – and began to suck on it.

“Oh Fuck, nigga…!” those were the words Fred intermittently muttered harshly as he groaned and moaned repeatedly while Ayo sucked his 5.5inch penis. Ayo deep-throated the cock at intervals, in a bid to give Fred the experience of a lifetime, because he suspected that this probably would never happen again. “Oh Shit, mehn! Damn…! Suck that shit…!” Fred continued growling as he threw his back in pleasure, and put a controlling palm on Ayo’s head in order to increase the pace of his friend’s oral strokes.

“Dude, you’re making me feel like I want to fuck!” he finally panted, trembling as Ayo stopped slurping his dick for a moment in order to lap his nuts with his tongue.

“Oh yeah?” Ayo queried. “You want to fuck this ass?”

“Fuck yeah! I wanna fuck that ass. With head like this, that ass is going to be awesome.”

“Alright then, come fuck this ass,” Ayo said before taking off his black dress shorts, and his blue briefs to expose his derriere to Fred’s amorous sight.

Fred quickly reached out his hand to smack the smooth skin and squeeze it. Ayo assumed the position on a desk and was ready to be taken. He waited while his friend strapped on a condom. His heart pounded as he thought about how this was going to be rough, considering the fact that there was no lubricant. His ass hadn’t been on that afternoon’s sex menu after all. Fred came to his back and ran his fingers past Ayo’s ass crack, through the hair-lined corners of the inside to the throbbing hole within.

“Won’t it hurt?” he said huskily. “It’s kind of dry in there…”

“Put some saliva on it,” Ayo said, bracing himself. “It will make it bearable.”

Fred spat on his hand and smeared it all over Ayo’s anal corners. He spat out some saliva on his fingers again, and then proceeded to finger-fuck Ayo, while Ayo wanked his dick. He made small moans of pleasure as he backed his ass against Fred’s finger, feeling his asshole expand to receive more of Fred’s intrusion.

“Oh, fuck me, Alfred,” he groaned, unknowingly to himself. His desire for cock betrayed him. He was so far gone with pleasure that he couldn’t stop himself from begging for Fred’s dick.

And he got what he’d asked for. With one sharp thrust, Fred buried himself inside him. Pain exploded inside him, shooting up from his behind to his other extremities. He gasped, and tried to ride the pain. He shot his hands out to grab at Fred’s thighs, to hold him back from thrusting any further. Fred seemed to understand, and waited, his dick still half-buried inside Ayo’s ass, the shaft pulsating against his hole. The tremors lasted for a short while, and then Ayo was arching his back, ready to receive more of Fred’s member.

Back and forth was the continuous motion of Fred’s waist as his nether region collided against Ayo’s posterior again and again, giving off smacking sounds that were accompanied by gasped moans and terms of sexual endearment that Ayo panted in delirious enjoyment of Fred’s loving, words Fred returned with grunts of his own.

“Oh yes, daddy…!”

“You like it, yea…?”

“Oh yes, niggi…!”

“I’ma fuck you real good…!”

“Oh fuck me, baby…!”

“Yes, bitch, you feel so fucking good…!”

“Your dick feels good too, baby…!”

Ayo didn’t want this to end. He wanted this pleasure to never cease. He wanted Fred to keep ramming his inner walls with his schlong endlessly. He wanted to feel his girth deep inside him more and more, taking him to new heights of pleasure and deep want.

But even as he craved desperately and silently for these, he heard Fred’s breath quicken and felt his thrusts increase in pace. Before long, he had stiffened against Ayo’s behind, giving out a protracted groan as Ayo felt his dick spasm inside him with his coming.

“Oh fuck – Aaargghh…!” Fred growled as his ejaculation finally wound down, and he pulled out of Ayo’s bottom. He tapped the ass lightly, and told Ayo to get dressed. He had already pulled up his trousers and was lighting up a joint by the time Ayo was done righting himself.

Ayo sat on one of the desks, a few meters away from him. A few moments passed. Fred smoked. Ayo said nothing.

Then Fred said, “Oh well now, this is awkward. But that was good though. Thanks mehn, that ass was amazing.” Then he blew a kiss at Ayo, who chuckled and accepted the joint he passed on to him.

Written by Ken

30 thoughts on “The Awkward Encounter

  1. Lol.
    Well, I don’t know what to say.
    Truly an awkward encounter.
    I wonder what will happen to their friendship and camaraderie after that day.

    Sex with my friend???
    I would never be able to do that.

  2. I am the head of my dept at work and dis boner I have now is causing me not to even get up at all from my seat or else….chai chai…dis early morning hardon….now who will I see to melt it down…..em who.amongst these my staff members…..ah dat new NYSC boi!!! cum here biko…!!!

    • Lol…. I had t burrow under my desk when I felt movement under my jeans before people start asking me if am watching porn on my phone.

    • My dear Iluvmua

      I am hoping you are a science major! Are you familiar with a compound called H2So4? AKA oil of vitriol?
      I am sure you don’t want to get acquainted with it practically!

      #JustSaying #NoThreats

  3. Awwww! This shud av juz been a late night story *cryin* nt diz mawnin..Nw I av 2 use my bag 2 cover mysef once I get dwn 4rm diz Bus.

  4. Erotica in d morning! I only wish d “encounter” had happened in d privacy of a bedroom,and not a classroom; Fred woulda bin singing HALLELUJAH! Hehehe…

  5. Thank God I didn’t read this during work hours…..Only God knows what would have happened…..Nyc story Ken……*waiting for the boner to unbone*

    • Ah but the story sha was fyne….just reminded me about all the trysts I used to have with those lagos agberos one after the other…..b4 sha and when their eye never tear reach and they were still naive to think I wanted them as friends!!!

  6. Dayum!!! This boner you people are sharing in the office, diaris God oo…Now am scared to stand up. Fuck it, my boss is calling me…if only he can help me out

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