first timeFOREWORD: Ever since Absalom wrote about his first time, I’ve been on the look-out for another first time story. Then this writer narrated his to me, and I just knew I had to convince him to write about it. The story has all the makings of a fatal-desire-esque feel to it, and this here is the first part. Read and enjoy. And oh, some of you may know who the writer is even before getting to the end. 😀


He was my Ellen and I was his Portia. We always found time for each other even in the midst of our crazy schedules on a daily basis. I loved him dearly with every fibre in me. He was my first love, my first sex, and his name was Danny.

Once upon a time in the early 2000s, there was a doe-eyed, optimistic freshman in a university somewhere in Nigeria. This person was me. It was the first semester of 100level and I was so excited to be in the university, but the excitement was short-lived after a few days of attending lectures. The alien and bizarre environment, the unusual faces, the crowd, the noise and the whole chaos of jumping from one lecture hall to another was something I found rather unsettling. I prefer order and sanity, things being done perfectly in a calm manner. And for all the dreams and fantasies I had before I got the admission, my experience wasn’t one of them.

But in the midst of all the chaos, I found something comforting, something that made it all worthwhile. Continue reading


g21It was really weird.

The moment he started touching me in the darkness of my room, I was confused as hell and scared my heart would jump out of its place in my body.

Was it possible that Ikenna was touching me? Was he high? Oh my God! I couldn’t believe it!


Ikenna was the ‘straightest’ guy I could think of. Rumor had it that anytime the catholic prayers were to be held in the quadrangle of the girls’ hostel, girls spent endless hour trying to look good to get his attention. He didn’t try too hard at all; the girls just fell like leaves in winter. He could literally fuck any girl in the hostel by simply telling her “I want to fuck you”, and she wouldn’t find it any bit offensive. He was that hot. Continue reading

Why Settle for Sparks When You Can Have Fireworks?

32There was a cold demeanor about him. You could feel it in the quiet and stuffy sitting room we were in. He sat a safe distance from me, as did I from him, an invisible wall between us. The conversation came out flat and was awkward. They were long pauses and moments just short of me whistling.

We had been chatting for quite a while and had built up a frenzy towards us meeting. And here we were on our first meet and it felt like a funeral. I thought he was good looking, I found him sexually attractive, but I could tell the feeling wasn’t mutual.

There wasn’t the usual smile I received from guys when they gazed me at first sight. There wasn’t a shred of interest in his eyes at all, or the familiar glint of lust. It was just a blank stare, an indifference worse than hate.

“So do you want to go into the room?” he asked, as though out of obligation, like it seemed the proper thing to do. There wasn’t any keenness there or excitement over the prospects of what lay when we were alone in the bedroom.

I feigned excitement and uttered a high-pitched, “Yay.” Continue reading


FOREWORD: So, following that first time post, someone has sent in a non-fictional narration of his first sexual experience. He dedicates it to the dude who made it happen. Read and enjoy.


g21When we first met, you said, you didn’t know I was. I smile at that sentence: so Nigerian the way the auxiliary verb comes laden with unspoken meaning. Meaning worth fourteen years behind bars.

I’d been in your place that Saturday afternoon you referred to, going through your stack of photos. You said, later, that you’d wanted to kiss me. But weren’t sure.

Months later, while I hoped that the next item on the news about the ASUU strike would be its call-off, you asked me my role. It was past one a.m., in the days XtraCool was a thing.

Versatile, I said quickly. And slapped my arm – fucking mosquito. Did it matter that when I watched Diego and Paloma kiss back in the day, I actually saw myself as a kinda male version of Paloma, swooning but for Diego’s strong arm propping my spine? Uh, no. I didn’t think so.

I was versatile, I said again, in case you hadn’t heard the first time. Continue reading

What Was Your First Time Like? 15 Guys Share Their First Gay Hookup Stories

There’s really nothing like that very first time, when awkward fumbling and nervous excitement begets either ecstatic pleasure or embarrassing failure. Luckily, most of us get lots of chances to try, try again.

For better or for worse, everyone remembers their first time.

Here to take you back to those formative years are fifteen Whisper about that first time hooking up with a guy.

Enjoy. And perhaps tell us about your first time in the comments section. 🙂w1 Continue reading

The Awkward Encounter

g12“Did the call go through?” Fred said in a tone that was mixed with varying emotions. He was tense and concerned, because today was the day he believed he would tame the neighbourhood ‘ass goddess, Scholastica. He had planned it all – the conversations that led up to this day, the breaking-in of a classroom in the public school of the area they lived, the condoms. Everything was set, but there was a slight problem. The missing ingredient to this concoction was nowhere to be seen or heard from. Scholastica had not made an appearance yet.

“Guy, I don’t think this girl wants to come oh,” Ayo said easily. It was after all not his sexual prowess that was to be tested. It was Fred’s… Fred who had both the anxious and outraged disposition of one who couldn’t imagine any girl could ever curve(sly) him.

Ayo also wondered how Scholastica could, how she wasn’t already here, shooing him away in order to be all up in Fred’s business, because frankly, Fred was a hottie. Half-caste, pink-lipped, chiseled body, laidback personality, and he had a certain calm about him that was welcoming to anybody he met. Ayo couldn’t get these girls, really. This was the reason he didn’t have much use for them. He however contented himself with making commiserative remarks, in an effort to console his obviously-jilted friend, while they puffed away on the joints they had both been smoking for some time now.

“As I am like this now, I need my dick sucked – BAD…” Fred groaned. Continue reading

He’s Just Not That Into Anyone Else

g11One fine evening, I was driving along Toyin Street in the Lagos suburb of Ikeja. I was minding my own business; hitting on any one or scoring was the last thing on my mind. I was just trying to get home after the day’s activities. I was also enjoying the thrill of driving in my red BMW 3 Series. It was and still is a fantastic auto which I totally loved to bits and still reminisce on and miss till this day. Anyone who has ever owned or driven a BMW can tell you more about these amazing masterpieces of German engineering.

As I navigated my way through the usual evening traffic, I suddenly saw him. Or rather IT! I mean, I didn’t see his face, nope. I rather saw his backside. I was instantly captivated, and it took a supreme effort not to smash into the back of the car in front of me. I can still see clearly, in my head, the sway of those hips, the way his walk accentuated his shapely hips. Here was a guy who had cakes and who knew how to move them. I’ll be straight up with you (I’m not straight though), I LOOOOVE cakes! I think they are one of the most beautiful parts of the male anatomy.

And the dude who owned these ones – there was no way in all of Lagos I wasn’t going to try to chat him up, get to know him. I mean – Dayum! Those cakes! Continue reading


g2That’s a question that most guys ask each other in the first stages of their acquaintanceship. And it has been asked in every way conceivable.

How did you start?

How did you enter this game?

Have you always been like this . . .?

. . . Or did someone initiate you?

That last part always gets a good laugh out of me, because the question sags with cultic connotations. Just another way the society has intentionally or unwittingly influenced both its heterosexual and homosexual populace with the thinking that homosexuality is something dark and sinful.

But this piece isn’t one about the injustices of the society on the gay community. No, that’s the kind of heavy stuff I leave for folks like Absalom (lol). This write-up is about that question that acts as a conversation starter in most instances –

How did you start? Continue reading