34 thoughts on “Man Crush Wednesday: David Otunga

  1. Na wa o, where is the second part of the boy I never had? Shey d writer said he submitted it immediately after the first prt ws posted? Hmm

  2. Pink Panther has served another “Akpan”

    Biko Waka go front with this michelin mascot make I see road!

    *changes channel*

  3. I think he’s cute, and he’s a Harvard abi Yale graduate, so he’s smart too. And the booty seems right….. Meanwhile his surname is suspicious, is he Nigerian?

  4. Hmm. We all know what Dennis’ crush would be like; Levi Michaels, Denrele and the like(that touch of feminism sha)!

    • Denrenle kwa?


      That one is stockfish! A brother needs some meat plus he will give me night mares

      So NO thankyou!

      Denola Grey!

      Anybody knows him?

      • Hmmm.
        Dennis, Dennis.
        You get eye 4 good thing oo
        But I just hope Mrs Macaulay is a carbon copy of Grey. Or else u’re in for a lot of trouble.

  5. …I’m just wondering what would happen if u locked two naked “Davids” (Otunga and McIntosh) in a room…*sips tea*

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