Viral Video Sensation Andrew Caldwell Admits “I Still Have Desires” For ‘Mens’

hqdefault4You may remember Andrew Caldwell from the viral video released last November in which he testified before a roomful of hundreds people that he had been delivered from homosexuality.

“I’m not gay no more!” the 21-year-old hollered over a gospel choir. “I am delivered! I DON’T LIKE MENS NO MORE!”

Now, the 21-year-old deliveree says he’d like to put that whole embarrassing incident behind him.

“I did not want to go viral,” Caldwell said in a new interview with NBC12. “I did not expect that to go viral. I did not want to get up there and just say anything and look crazy in front of thousands of people. I went up there because I needed prayer that day. I needed so much prayer.”

Caldwell says that his bombastic response was the result of feeling pressured by others on stage. He claims that the person who spoke right before him called gay people “sissies” and suggested they should “bleed from their butts.”

“They think that they can preach the homosexuals away in the Church of God in Christ,” said Caldwell. “And you can’t.”

When asked if he had been “delivered on the spot,” he replied: “I still have desires.”

He also said he has regrets.

“My life has been in danger,” he explained, referring to a recent incident where he claims he was attacked in a mall parking lot by two unidentified men.

“I feel that, if I was delivered, God should deliver me more,” Caldwell said. “But I know it takes a process. But I think it is going a little bit slow. I want God to work on my mannerisms. I want God to stop the switching…talking like a woman.”

“Continue to pray for me,” he pleaded. “Because I am going through a lot each and every day.”

I actually do feel sorry for the guy; he sounds genuinely distressed and overwhelmed by his apparent confusion over his sexuality. Andrew, I’ll say a prayer for you, not so that God can work on your mannerisms, but so He can make you more accepting of whom you are.

26 thoughts on “Viral Video Sensation Andrew Caldwell Admits “I Still Have Desires” For ‘Mens’

  1. Lol…I’ll only give him a pass cos he’s still a child at 21,and therefore,has soooo much to learn about himself and the world
    (not that there aren’t any 20year olds who are more mature and self-aware…hey Rapum,hey James…).
    He should go back and talk with the pastor that “delivered” him (I’d like to hear what excuse that one will give for this…”Delivarance-failure”).

  2. This guy is in so much pain. I hope someone removes him from this situation before he gets hurt any further.

  3. Pinky you quoted his testimony wrong. He said ” I AIN’T GAY NO MORE, I AM DELIVERT” . I can never forget that line. He was just simply carried away by the “provoking” sermon of that day. Now the thirst is back and he his telling stories. God help him.

  4. God, the knowledge of you brings eternal life and shalom(that peace that mortals can’t understand), I pray that you reveal yourself to this confused son of yours,our brother,Andrew. That he may know you and understand your mind independent of what those who claim that they are your advocates are saying. Through Jesus Christ our advocate,redeemer,brother and friend.Amen

  5. Lmaoo dis so hilarious! At d same tym pitiable we all av been tru dis phase.i hope he finds peace n i dont end up reading he committed 20 one is an adult and matured enough i graduated uni at 21 and a 5 yr course der wer some dayz back in skul i dont even feel like goin out but by 300lvl i was over the whole gossip,stares and self doubt

  6. Btw m so happy rit now i found dat song jamal(jussie smollet)sang in empire ep 2 i tink “tell d truth”really deep song for those going tru d self doubt phase

  7. What they didn’t tell him was shouting it out won’t make it go away. Poor child.
    That said, I’m rolling over laughing when I remember some of the comments from back then. I percieve a lot of smug satisfaction and “I told you so”s

  8. Confused bitch, he’s just 21 so I’ll cut him some slack and hopefully he’ll be less confused and more grown up in a few years …. ***rolls eyes from Badagry to Birmingham***

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