“Who am I to judge gays for their sins, if they have sins?” – Archbishop of Canterbury

_65694542_65694541The Archbishop of Canterbury has claimed it is not up to him to judge gay people for their “sins”.

Archbishop Justin Welby made the comments while visiting St Alban’s Academy in Highgate.

Of his views on sexuality, he told the Birmingham Mail: “I’m listening very, very closely to try to discern what the spirit of God is trying to tell us.”

Echoing comments from the Pope – who expressed a similar sentiment in 2013 – he said: “I see my own selfishness and weakness and think, who am I judge them for their sins, if they have sins. We shouldn’t demonise and dismiss and hate each other as that is so dangerous.”

When he was asked about same-sex marriage, he said: “Marriage is between one man and one woman for life and sexual activity should be confined to marriage, that’s in the Church of England’s laws. I’m equally aware I have a lot of gay friends and I know gay clergy and they are doing incredible work.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury previously stepped in to defend Stephen Fry, after he labeled God a “maniac”. He said: “We must speak out for others persecuted for their beliefs, whether it be religious or atheistic: taking responsibility for someone else’s freedom is as important as protecting my own.

“It is as much the right of Stephen Fry to say what he said and not to be abused by Christians who are affronted, as it is the right of Christians to proclaim Jesus Christ as their Saviour: that is his freedom to choose, that is given to us in creation.”

32 thoughts on ““Who am I to judge gays for their sins, if they have sins?” – Archbishop of Canterbury

  1. You need to make up your minds about this your god, does he truly love unconditionally or is it terms and conditions apply?
    If he loves unconditionally as you say, then we wont be having this conversation

  2. Let he without sin throw the first stone!

    A corrupt politician and a child that steals meat from the pot r headed same place. I think the world is mostly filled with hypocrites! People who feel cos theirs is not known, it makes them saint and gives them the right to judge others!


  3. The Archbishop should be working in the FO. He’s a skilled diplomat………saying something yet saying absolutely nothing!

  4. Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love.The church,s one foundation is Jesus Christ her lord.her charter of salvation,one lord,one faith,one birth;she blesses one holy name,partakes one holy food and presses to one hope through grace.

    • Yeh, we get it, you’re all burned up and aflame with pious fervor, but how does this tie in with the article above or have you switched to the special art of ignoring the topic at hand and manufacturing yours, as perfected by Lord II; and where is that niccur??

      • Khaleesi,except you are high on the opium of Christ,s love like me,you will not understand my “deviation” but seeing that im so kind,let me demystify it for you a bit.its Christian love that mde the Archbishop to speak love and tolerance in the face of stephen fry ignorance and blasphemy. The human thing would have been to rain curses and abuses on him and to come hard against gays.That,s the blessed love that binds our hearts in christian love.Secondly,i was referring to the agreement between the Archbishop and the Pope despite denominational differences.The foundation,the unifying factor is Christ. I will be expecting your appreciation.Please I dont want cookies.orijin will do.

      • Idemili altar boy, what you feel for the man who molested is disdain and not pity. I understand that he wasn’t as good as the one who disvirgined you and he was feeble and frail even on bed but the right feeling towards him ought to be anything but pity.I wonder why you callously likened me to him. I don’t rape primary school pupils. Never. So Please, kindly liken me to the guys that used and dumped you due to your bad behaviour. That’s the type of thing I do. I just told one to go with the wrist watch he stole and never come back.

      • This is actually funny!! Hahahaa, as for being high on opium, hellz no!!!! ***throws your opium pipes back at you** am doing just fine with a clear and unclouded head …

    • @ Mitch, “a fool says in his heart that there is no God”.All through history fools and mental retards are known for calling sane men fools.They are quick to dismiss statements and actions that beats their comprehension as crass and baseless.for your information,i will NEVER trade one Lord11 for a thousand mitch.

  5. I admire his candid open mindedness, hopefully these are his real feelings and thoughts and not mere words designed to conform with political correctness and propriety … whether you choose to judge or not some people are gay and you will have to find a way to live with it …

  6. And to your “extremely high IQ”, that comment of yours was the best thing since sliced bread, huh? Di anyi, something seriously illegal apart from opium must be in those pipes you’re hooked onto!

    Nonsense and essential condiments!

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