Lesbian Lawmaker Threatens To Expose Adulterous Officials Opposed To Marriage Equality

patricia-todd-e1357529102980As an out lesbian, Alabama State Rep. Patricia Todd was probably not the most popular in the state legislature. She’s even less so now. In the wake of a federal court ruling last week striking down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, Todd has decided to pull out all the stops to defend the ruling. In a posting on her Facebook page, Todd is threatening to tell the names of colleagues who oppose marriage equality while engaging in adultery.

“I will not stand by and allow legislators to talk about ‘family values’ when they have affairs, and I know of many who are and have,” Todd wrote. “I will call our elected officials who want to hide in the closet out.”

Just in case she wasn’t clear, Todd told the TimesDaily that “it is pretty well known that we have people in Montgomery who are or have had affairs.”

At a public event on Monday, Todd told followers that she was aware of the consequences. “Many of you know that I have thrown the gauntlet down to my elected peers that should they decide to go and spout family value that I’m going to call them out,” Todd said. “I’m willing to jeopardize my political campaign to do it. This is the fight of our life. This is why I ran for office.”

Todd’s opponents are used to having their own way. Seems they have met their match at long last.

35 thoughts on “Lesbian Lawmaker Threatens To Expose Adulterous Officials Opposed To Marriage Equality

  1. Out their sorry asses biko!

    Hypocritical Idiots of the highest order!

    Y should family value b threatened by being gay!

    I wish this would happen in naija! Come to Abj nd see all those honorables nd senators chasing small boys like oke mkpii(he-goat), yet they signed d anti-gay bill! Otolo nnewi!

  2. I love her already.. All these hypocritic law makers that spew crap about family values when they’re the dirtiest beings ever..
    You go gurl..

  3. Surprise Surprise, homophobic law makers, shouting family values are adulterers. In other news water is wet.
    Good on you Patricia, open their yansh well well!!

      • I am still trying to make up my mind about this new colossus! He is so full of mischief that he cracks me up every time

      • …Deola hmmm I agree…er any chance u r interested colossus darling dear?…U never know we could be the next Mr&Mrs DM since there is still a vacancy….

      • New Colossus? *Strips naked, checks down there* I have no idea who you guys are calling new colossus, still looks average to me.

      • *cringe at Lord’s proposal* Ewww, ewww, ewww. That’s it, i’m leaving KD. Oh dear God, this is not happening.

      • Awww common Col luv it can’t be dat bad na! Like seriously I could really do with a fella like u..er how old r u for starters and r you bot or top and er ok how do u like it…er we have rimming..oh I love to be rimmed and then we definitely must kiss and ofcoz the BIG one…the DO!! I like coming inside you too i.e. er like spewing all that juicy royal oats around and about!!! So what say u bae…Biko nu inuna dada…

      • Lord, I’ll say this once. NEVER YOU EVER MAKE A PREPOSITION LIKE THAT TO ME EVER AGAIN. In jest or otherwise, NEVER YOU EVER.
        I know things like this fly over your head as you either deliberately choose to ignore or you truly never understand. This is not a hook up site and it disgusts me that you are trying to make it so.
        I may be a civil fellow but there is so much I can take, as a joke or other wise.
        When deola made reference to Lord, he was not referring to you so please I beg you, stop towing this path.

      • Hian! Ewooo kant u take a joke!!! Haba I didn’t think you would actually take that crappy line I spewed up there as anything but….

        Issokay na! I has head ah!

      • You know it was not a joke. Assuming I responded to the affirmative and told you to pick up my contacts from pinky, won’t you do so?

        You set up bait, hoping I’ll get hooked and if I didn’t, you’ll tow the classic “it was a joke line”

        Please, don’t do this again. We already established what we are here for and if signals are sent to you from some hair frying quarters, cast your net and catch your fishes.

        I don’t even know what else to say, i’m still mortified

      • Lord!! I used to like u or lets just say I like u but ur comments most times r super lewd nd utterly disgusting! Everything isn’t nd shouldn’t b boiled down to sex! Joke or not! Thumbs up to those who finished ur comment there, I DIDNT!

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