Question Of The Day III

Please, the ladies and bisexuals in the house, I need your attention!

Do I have it? Okay.

So, on my mainstream blog, against the update of Kenny Badmus’ coming out, the comments section was really tense, considering that straight people read the blog too. There was a face-off between someone in our team and someone else in that other team. (Our team player is a KDian, he knows himself, lol). Other opinions were tossed into the mix, and one of them was from a female. See screengrab below.Screenshot - 2_1_2015 , 9_35_17 PM

Now, yesterday, she returned to the post to answer my question. And I needed to be sure of her answer, you know, for my peace of mind. See screengrab below.Screenshot - 2_1_2015 , 9_36_15 PM

So now, while I’m waiting for her clarification, I’d like to hear from our lesbians and bisexuals. Could y’all lend me your voices please? Do lesbians and bisexuals NOT like gay men? And if so, pray tell, why? #QuestionsThatPerplextheMindOfAGayMan

55 thoughts on “Question Of The Day III

  1. I have noticed that lesbians and gay men do not get along sometimes. Its not an evidence based research, its just something I have observed from my own experience. I know quite a number of lesbians, but I am very close to just a few

  2. I know some lesbians & I’m friends with a few. our friendship is not based around our sexuality but on a variety of factors. most of them are married,mainly due to societal & peer pressure. they merely tolerate sex with their husbands for procreation & meet their girlfriends for satisfying sex

    • Tolerate sex? That’s terrible and dangerous on the long run. Why go into something you merely force yourself to tolerate. Marriages are meant to be enjoyed and not managed or tolerated. Na wao

      • Seriously Gad! Seriously? My God! You are way into this double-faced life that you are suddenly becoming lost in the mix. You see that gold band on your finger, errrm… not to burst your bubble oh, I think it means you are married. So don’t go all pseudo-ignorant on us.

    • @Pete: chai! Most of them are married? Chai! Why is dis life like dis,ehn? What u’re looking for will just go and align itself with another person.
      @Gad: u talk as if u don’t live in Nigeria. Is it easy for gay men/women to remain unmarried in this country? U talk as if marriage isn’t a “collective/societal” decision in our society,instead of an individual one (it shouldn’t be so; but sadly,that’s reality)

      • Gad wasn’t forced to get married. Infact, family and to some extent tradition fought against my marriage but I stood my ground by making them understand that times has changed. With realistic and objective reasons put before them I was allowed to go ahead. Max have I cleared your curiosity?

      • Chestnut, I really don’t get you. Are you saying that when you want to marry society,no, let’s even start from your family. You mean your family will decide for you? In as much as I feel all African men ought to get married I strongly believe no one should be forced into any. If you feel you are not called to marry pls don’t because if you do you will live a life full of misery. You will be called a failure by the same society sorry family. I know how I use to feel when a stupid visitor is in my house talk more of an unwanted but a life long partner. Its dangerous.wives can kill husbands to be with the person that can satisfy their sexual desire so if you can’t don’t marry. NB: I used to believe that all ought to get married heterosexually till I learnt otherwise from KD though I still don’t believe in gay marriage.maybe I will be proved wrong some day on that

  3. Ah ah!
    I think say na the same keke carry us dey go naa?

    Maybe……… Maybe not……… Dont have any lesbian friend physically. But I think gay men nd straight ladies who knows their sexuality nd accepts them make best of friends! U need to see them rolling eh, jealoxing will just b catching u.

    Maybe d butch lez would have such issues of dislike.

  4. gay guys and lesbians are like oil and water. we just dont mix well
    To be honest i also find sex btw two women weird. As in what will they be doing sef. lol

  5. Isn’t it weird and crazy?
    You eat you GF’s pussy and smack her butt out of plesure.
    And you dislike a man that sucks his BF’s dick and eat his ass?

    Personality disorder.

  6. Gay men and Straight men – both the same gender
    Gay men and Straight women – both attracted to the same gender
    Gay men and Lesbians – nothing in common.

    At least thats what modern family says.

    • And I know we are all supposed to be in the same boat but the truth is we arent. Lesbians are more accepted in the society than homosexuals, I mean two women going at it turns a straight man on. I know some of my straight friends who say that if they caught their wives cheating on them with another woman, they wouldn’t be pissed, they’ll just watch or join in. As idiotic as it seems, two woman together is seen as sexual service to the straight guy…therefore making it more acceptable.

      Turn the tables around and which straight woman catches her husband cheating with another guy and says it turns her on or she’ll join in?? We are seen as the bigger evil and Lesbians as the lesser evil.

  7. I personally dont have a lotta contact with lesbos, a small part of me finds them a lil weird. I ve also heard that gays and lesbians dont always mix much except @ gay pride/parade marches … i have absolutely nothing against them, we just dont seem to have a lot in common. A while ago, i met one (via a friend) and butch was like ‘I’d like to wear a strap on and fuck you hard’ that was the weirdest thing I’ve heard in my entire life.
    As for bisexual men; i think a some of them have a sneering condescension for gays ‘i can have sex with women while you cant & therefore am more acceptable to society’.
    A dear bisexual friend once told me he that each time he encounters a gay man who can’t/wont fuck women, he wonders if they are mad – i was tempted to bring down a storm of fire all over him that day but i restrained myself …

  8. Lesbians and gay men will start getting along when gay guys leave Beyonce alone.

    The other day, a lesbian KDian posted Bey’s pic as her girl crush…But did you people leave the girls alone to enjoy their post? No. Y’all colonised the thread – flipping your hair and twisting yourselves around poles and screaming “Yass! Yass! Yass!”

    Tell me, why will lesbians not feel like punching you boys? 😛

  9. I’ve never met a lesbian and I find calling them lesbo quite offensive. I’ve always believed though that the perceived rivalry is perpetuated by the media, the modern family episode on the other hand was really hilarious.
    Oh well, what do I know other than that girl makes absolutely no sense.

    • Well, I wouldn’t say “rivalry”, but I have to admit, I feel kinds awkward and uncomfortable around overly butch lesbians who make it a point of duty to rub their “masculinity” in ur face…u know,the ones that intentionally ALWAYS try very very very VERY hard to remind u that they’re HARD and rough and gangster and thuggish…
      (I guess it’s d same for gay guys on d other end of the spectrum too…)

  10. is it just me or do gay guys flourish on fallacies? its the biggest fallacy to pass judgment on a sect of ppl based on observance of a few ppl; and this is mighty ironic especially considering the fact that we gays & lesbians are a misunderstood minority in homophobic climes like Nigeria, and in most places generally, so if anything, u’ll think we’ll ease with the hasty generalization amongst ourselves.

    pls to all the lesbians reading this, the gay guy was speaking for himself alone, based shallow sentiments.

    at the end of the day it’s one’s character that determines how far along they get along w ppl and vice versa. And that’s all that matters.

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