33 thoughts on “Photo: Fill In The Blank Spaces

  1. Uh o˚°◦h pinkie! Pinkie!! Pinkie!!! How many times did I write your pinkiest pinky name? You better hold on to TB and EA tight because the thirst is real.

  2. I am not into this guy, he comes across like a dumb bimbo who cares only about hair products and shoes!

    However I’d like to have him spread eagled on the bed and rim him for hours! Looks like someone whose butt will have a flavor

    • DM did you just write hair products??? Please elab because the IK we all know has not a single strand of hair on his scalp that has gone bald.

      • I know his scalp is bare just like my own! He still looks like someone whose bathroom will be full of products!

    • Dennis love? Hair products 4 Ik? Is it d one he uses up or down there? From the look of things, he has none up so it must either be d later or scalp product to keep d scalp all shiny like d princess he is!
      By the way, 4 being bald too Dennis, my love 4 u just went to d hossana level! I wouldn’t mind being d one spread eagle on ur bed while u lick icecream off me since Ik is off ur reach! I come in all flavors oh! Lol! *winks nd search 4 Mrs M*.

      Twitter: @UbersexualMale

      • Well Hello there!

        We ain’t following you on twitter! But seeing as you are thirsty this morning, I will be a good person (that I am anyway) and hand you a glass of water. Because it has been scientifically proven that water will quench your thirst and not dennis!

        Bye sweets

      • @chestnut I am trying to help someone quench their thirst! Isn’t that what Jesus asked us to do?

        “When I was thirsty you gave me to drink”?

        I’m sure it’s in the bible somewhere!

        Meanwhile a lake runs behind my house, no running out of water anytime soon!

    • U aint never lied about d rimming though…I said that about him on another blog once…that being said, pinky,dis boy is not attractive biko…even me self almost fine pass am… *kmt*

      • …And dis is how Mrs Macauley wee jus’ be giving water,water,water to kryss everyday,everyday,everyday! U no get ribena for fridge? One day dis ur water will finish o! What will u give him then to wet his throat?

  3. Don’t yu guys sleep!………..DM is so flying to hell on a kite la la lalala(singing)……a 2hr kiss would do so as not to be selfish…..please PP i sent yu some email this morning!!!

  4. Aargh … this guy just rubs off on me in a very wrong way, with that his opolo eyes.
    I soo don’t want him in my bed

  5. I will look for u…. I will find you… Nd I WOULD SHARE MAKEUP/BEAUTY REGIMEN WITH YOU!”. DAT nose nd eyes shouldn’t b on one face! He looks like a very vain nd egocentric being! Anybody else can have him biko! No connection @ all!

  6. All I see is IK in pink thongs, heels, cuffs and a whip to go in one hand and a sniper rifle in the other. My… what a shiny bald head to go with the imagination.

  7. I said it before on this blog and I’ll say it again

    This child reminds me of a muscular Kermit. There’s nothing too ooh or ahh about him mbok. He’s just there

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