Stahp It, All Of You! Actor IK Ogbonna Is Tired Of Being Labeled Gay

1-Ikay-Ogbonna-Photo-Shoot-1-650x400In a new interview with Punch, actor and model, IK Ogbonna says he is tired of the gay rumours that keep trailing him. He says no man has ever been identified as his gay partner. (As opposed to Alex Ekubo and Uti, eh IK?)

He reportedly said: “I am tired of the gay rumours trailing me. You can never pick out any man with whom I have had an affair in the past, but you can link me to some of the ladies I have dated. It is funny because I am sometimes called a ladies’ man and at times rumoured to be a gigolo, and then gay. These three things do not relate to one another. Continue reading

Man Crush Tuesday: IK Ogbonna

Man CrushThe day I met the actor cum model, the day he walked up to my work station for me to render him some service, I nearly hyperventilated with lust. Kai! First of all, he was – is – unbelievable fair-skinned, the kind of light complexion that is so bright, you’d wonder if he swiped a bottle of Whitenicious from Dencia’s vanity table. And his body (Dear Gawd!), he must have known the allure of its sculpted beauty because the T-shirt he was wearing seemed like it was painted on him.

When I saw the above picture of his, recently updated on instagram, I knew it is time to open a Man Crush segment on Kito Diaries. And what better person to start with than IK Ogbonna (sorry, Idris Elba, I still love you)

Any other man crush photos of y’all, please feel free to send them to and I’ll update them pronto.