David McIntosh Is A Very Sexy Man

David McIntosh 25Here’s my response to his Instagram update above:

‘I promise on all the lives of the forgotten mermaid children of Atlantis that this is not a hard-on I have for you, David. The boxer angle just has my dick hitting all kinds of voluptuous dimensions.’

Ace… Chestnut… Are you two being slain by this dude on Instagram as he’s slaying me so with the pics below? Continue reading

Man Crush Monday: Boris Kodjoe

Boris Kodjoe 04I’ve always fancied Boris Kodjoe to be a thoroughly beautiful man. This certainly wasn’t helped by the movie Addicted, where he showed some skin and some lovemaking expertise. *sigh* What I’d give to have him act a gay role and for me to be his love interest, lol.

But today, he’s not for me. Andrevn is the KDian who owns this man crush. And you know Andrevn has lyrics, right up there with the likes of Vhar. So when I asked him why he found Boris Kodjoe desirable, here’s what he said: Continue reading


Blog_Rantings Of A Random (GAY) NigerianAdvertising should not contain any content that promotes homosexuality and other sexual perversions…

Now I am working on a professional certification in Management and I was struggling with it, seeing as my background is in sciences. After forming badoo for a few weeks and finally realizing/accepting that I needed help, I signed up for a tutorial class from an accredited centre. So we were having a class on Saturday (which is sad because I absolutely cherish my weekends), and we were learning something about legal frame work in public relations when the tutor read out that phrase:

Advertising should not contain any content that promotes homosexuality and other sexual perversions…

I looked around my classroom in one of the very small halls of the hotel we were using, and my classmates were quiet and scribbling. My inner subconscious begged me not to say anything, but before I could stop myself, my hand was up. After all, I was paying a lot of money for these classes and, by God, my voice must be heard. Continue reading

Man Crush Monday: Mehcad Brooks

Mehcad Brooks 04Khaleesi got me all hot and bothered yesterday when he introduced me to his man crush, Mehcad Brooks. I’d seen the dude just one time on the TV screen when he starred in Desperate Housewives Season 2. And he did nothing for me there. Apparently he did something for Khaleesi, because it was in that show he latched on to the Coco Baby. And it would seem the dude had gone on from the show to become an incredibly buff, sexy, sexy man. Aish! *fanning face* Forgive me, Idris darling.

Check out the pictures below, and you’ll understand why we have to make Khaleesi share his tall drink of incredibly tasty water. Continue reading

Man Crush Monday: Tyler Lepley

LEE DANIELS' THE BUTLER Los Angeles Premiere, Hosted By TWC, Budweiser And FIJI Water, Purity Vodka And Stack Wines - Red CarpetThere’s one thing that comes to mind when you think of a Tyler Perry movie. And that is, the anticipation of beholding beautiful men in it. And that is exactly what KDian, Adrian, saw when he started watching the Tyler-Perry-created TV series, The Haves And The Have Nots. He fell in love with a prime piece of hunky deliciousness. His name is Tyler Lepley, and he wants y’all to drool along with him. Drool only, Adrian says. The thirst should not proceed further than that.

More pictures of Tyler below. Continue reading

Man Crush Saturday: Papa Omisore

Screenshot_2015-01-20-05-39-22Someone once mentioned Papa Omisore here on KD in a passing comment, and I returned with a reply that revealed the fact that I didn’t know who he is.

Well, someone else set out to enlighten me on who the guy is – runs a PR agency in Lagos and does PR work for the Mavins, and owns a fashion outfit. This KDian, Oluwadamilare, also didn’t fail to mention that Papa Omisore is his ultimate celebrity crush. Subsequent correspondence revealed that he’s a few steps away from being Papa Omisore’s stalker. Lol.

And I must say, after going through a few pictures of the guy, being someone who is a sucker for kissable lips, I admit this guy owns a really sumptuous, scrumptious pair. (Sorry, Dami, I’m not poaching. My heart still belongs to Idris and Tyson)

Check on Papa Omisore, guys. Continue reading

Man Crush Tuesday: Brian J White and Corbin Bleu

Pictures1So Mercury is another greedy ho, who if given the chance, can snatch two hot men from Hollywood off to the sunset to live happily ever after. And these two are seriously phyne bruthas!

Y’all remember Chad from High School Musical – that’s Corbin Bleu, and he ain’t in High School no more. And if you’ve seen Channing Tatum’s 2009 movie, Fighting, then you’d have probably seen Brian J White flaunting what his mama gave him.

So here they are, gentlemen and gentlemen… Mercury’s man crushes. Continue reading