Scorned Ex-Boyfriend Emails Nude Photos Of Teacher To His Students

kz2ncybxj9cddhbfe7ghA word of caution to those of you who text X-rated pictures of yourselves to others: Be very careful who you send them to or your naughty bits may come back to haunt you.

One Pasadena school teacher has learned this lesson the hard way.

38-year-old David Galvan allegedly hacked into his ex-boyfriend’s, high school teacher Richard Rosa, work email and sent provocative pictures of the science instructor to 250 of his students, colleagues, and friends, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The email’s subject line simply read, “Enjoy!”

Attached to the body of the message, which was sent on July 10 while Rosa was out of the country, were four nude pics of the teacher showing off his bare chest and penis.

According to Pasadena police Lt. Terysa Rojas, Galvan was angry that his relationship with Rosa had ended and so he was seeking revenge. A warrant for his arrest was issued a week after the email was sent on five charges, including identity theft, sending obscene matter, and impersonating Rosa.

Upon learning he was a wanted man, Galvan allegedly fled the state. Three months later, officials tracked him down in Hillsboro, Oregon. Last week, he was transported to Pasadena city jail, where he was released shortly thereafter upon posting bail.

As for Rosa, school district officials say he’s not at risk of losing his job. Just to be on the safe side, however, students have begun rallying around their beloved science teacher. An online petition titled “Save Mr. Rosa” began circulating over the summer, insisting he not be punished for what his awful ex-boyfriend allegedly did to him. It currently has over 500 signatures.

A court hearing on the matter is scheduled for November 21.

46 thoughts on “Scorned Ex-Boyfriend Emails Nude Photos Of Teacher To His Students

    • You guys should stop saying this scorned gay man and woman’s fury line. Aside from the fact that it’s so banal it makes me want to puke, I think we all should be aware of how problematic those lines are. Firstly, you agree to the misogynistic idea of women as evil creatures whose existence can cause harm to the man. Secondly, you seem to say that vindictivenss is a gay reserve. Biko, you people can tear my head this morning, but I am saying it as it touches me. All those straight guys who upload nudes of their exes, nobody has quoted them those lines. And the sad thing is, it’s gay guys who throw these lines about. Abegi.

      On a brighter note, I love the response of the students.

      • *hands you feminist card, tears feminist boxers with you*


        I knew you will come for his head! Ofcourse you know how I feel about archetypes!

      • Rapu’m you know what? I knew your response would be inevitable when I wrote my comment, but I was waiting for it. You are saying what is expected of gay-ism in an ideal world but, reality check, this is a real world and am a realist. Ideally, vindictiveness shouldn’t be a gay reserve but really? Is that what is obtainable? Gays play that vindictive card way more than any other gender combination, even here in KD. Like it or not, gays can be more bitter than the heterosexuals. Like the saying goes, in every twelve there must be a Judas, so pointing me to straight guys who upload nudes of their exes doesn’t fly. Tell me how many love-gone-sour gay relationships you know that the victims took in good faith and went about their businesses. No, you may hardly find any and the reason is that gays not only believe in aunty karma, most times you see scorned gays believe that they are karma and therefore go about scheming and plotting things you won’t ordinarily hear straight guys plot. So, until things change for the better, my comment still stands. I choose to live in a real world where I will say things the way they are and always remind myself of man’s capabilities than to lie to myself.

      • @enigmous I do agree with Rapum! Its not exclusive to gay men! Humans are vindictive; whether gay, straight or otherwise. Men also have fury as much as women!

        That line is often blase’ even to me!

      • Dennis, I can’t see anywhere I said that humans are not vindictive. We all are, but certainly not at the same level. Listen to where a straight guy is telling his friends how he plans to be vindictive for love-gone-sour, about 80% will try to discourage him and tell him that “fuck is fuck” and “you should move, you will find better toto to fuck” but with gays, about 80% will lead him on and even give him suggestions to make it grand.

      • R’apum, sweetie, u really need to calm down tho; it’s not that serious. Some scorned women can be very dangerous, some scorned gay men can be very dangerous too… But I think it’s just an expression; doesn’t mean much harm.
        His students are too precious for that!!!

      • “Gayism”. Ouch. Okay. I have heard you. Well, there’s this thing they say in my department about language and habits of thought. I’ll just leave it there.

        Thanks Dennis. I don’t know what’s so hard in this. Like I haven’t had my heart totally broken, like I haven’t felt so used, like I’m still not friends with the person, like I’m not gay. I think of a black man saying, “We blacks sef get crime gene.”

      • Actually Rapum… you make an excellent point about straight men. Their revenge is never seen as vindictive, or “scorned”. And believe me, they can be just as bad, if not worse than any scorned woman or gay man. Ex-girlfriend revenge porn is a thriving genre…

  1. Hey Rap’um can we be friends over tea DM will serve.i love u and ur comments and to think that you ar my age(maybe older)……nice students he got there!!

      • Slut!!! ***Drags Dennis into my gaudily decorated painted chamber, shoves him in tub full of holy water with rose petals floating in, strips and jumps in with him, barricades thick steel door so not even Mrs M can barge in****

  2. What was he actually hoping to gain 4rm his actions? Revenge(for wat exactly?)? Or the love back?
    *shrug* Anyways, am guessing he just helped in making d wanking sessions of some of his ex’s students easier since they won’t be using just their imagination of him naked i.e. If he isn’t short, fat nd gross!

  3. Oh Mc how do yu know? lots of cream yes! Not dat kind anyway…….dirty mind this early morning abi?….yu will sha lose concentration at work!

  4. Such lovely, lovely students!

    I hope that ex is quietly put in jail; the lowlife doesn’t even deserve the media attention.

  5. Awww!! I love the way the students supported their teacher. So nice. I just find it hard to believe that some1 who used to profess love to u, would turn around to be ur worst nightmare. A perfect example is my 1st boyfriend. We can’t even see eye to eye. There’s too much vile between us. You just can’t trust anybody.

    • Hmmm aren’t we saying this coz it’s in another country where a gay teacher Is accepted! Hmmm like say it was in naija that a gay teacher’s ex outed him like dis ah..wahala plenty and all. Even the students that are rallying round the outed teacher am so impressed with rite now!!!!

  6. Well…some can easily let go as life is so short for beefing if you ask me. My ex slept with another guy on d same bed i was thinking i was deeply asleep though but i just decided to let him go as he was shocked and ashamed wen i opened up later dat day for him to know i witnessed what he did to d guy, and have discovered am always hooked up with anambrarians even though am from d south south and my experience so far with them has always never been what i expected…so i only made up my mind not to hook up with someone from anambra again…sorry i dont mean to make some persons here feel bad but just my own choice anyway…

    • FYI, all the south south people I’ve met are sluts.. Cheap ten kobo sluts.. Some of them even choked while being impaled by huge dicks… Do I think every south south gay is a slut?? The answer is no…
      Just because Anambrarians have dealt with you in the past doesn’t mean all of them are d same..

  7. Said it before…doing nudes can come back and bite you in the ass no matter who you do it with… Thanks to the new bbm, if you’re a nudie, you won’t have to worry anymore…

  8. Max on…u r taking it personal… well u may have met sluts from south south doesnt mean i am one, am a graduate and am working so doing fine in my own small way. But as human i only made my own decision doesnt mean i said all anambrarians r d same afterall talking about ten kobo am rather d one dat fix them up cos monetarily d ones i have met cant measure up with me…

  9. Unlike Enigmous, Rapu’m, Dennis & co prefer to be objective about the capacity of humans for revenge. If we undertook scientific research and counted people according to their potential for revenge by gender, would it be 50-50?
    It’s not the quantity of female fury that makes it distinctive, even if we find that there are more furious females than males. It’s actually the quality.

    A man who comes up with a revenge scheme as devious, ‘maleficent’ or ‘fierce’ as a woman’s would be considered petty. That’s also why the word ‘bitch’ is essentially female- a dog in heat, a person who acts free of rationality and whose capacity for comportment is diminished.

    I would imagine that the full force of fury is a female preserve- besides it makes for good Onomatopoeia. 😉

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