Photo: Someone apparently has Beef

MadonnaLOL! Someone please tell Joe Aito that lesbians aren’t a pack of flies breaking out from a larval congested environment. If he hasn’t been able to get a girlfriend in Madonna University, he should blame it on his lack of skills, and not on the lesbians.

45 thoughts on “Photo: Someone apparently has Beef

  1. Some dudes are just plain retarded. I wonder what statistical parameters he used to carry out the “lesbiano-survey” the statement is so sweeping and laughable. utterly ridiculous. Slowpoke. I however take offence at the uniben and pidgin English thing. # angry face.

  2. LOL.

    I knw the guy… such a cute thing; but I have always known that’s the only thing he got working for him.

  3. Erm! This is obviously not a scientific study and holds no water, but the guy is somewhat correct!

    MU has strict rules of residence, male and female students live separately and are not allowed in each others hostels. You what they say; “when the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable”

    Rumor has it also that they turn out lots of gay men!

    ***pours my morning coffee***

  4. Well its a catholic institution…so he does have a point. There’s something abt roman catholism that gays ppl up, atleast in my opinion. Most of the gay folks I know are Catholic or attended a catholic institution at some point in life. And most Catholics have gay tendencies ( again IMO) .When I see a hot guy w a rosary, it gives me hope that he might be on the DL and in most cases I am right.

    so someone really needs to do some survey or investigation, on what it is abt roman catholism dt predisposes one to be gay, seriously

  5. Here I am waiting for som1 to come n say this guy is DL so I can quickly scan my phone for his number and start flirting away!


  6. ‘Madonna is like a lesbian incubator, put in your innocent daughters and four years later have your hardcore lesbos’.

    I died! Lol. This dude seems pained, maybe the rejection of his advances from some Madonna girls has him thinking this way….

    One of those guys who think they are probably God’s gift to women, so she’s not interested which means she’s got to be a lesbian.
    What do I know…

  7. Proudly Uniben here.
    I do not like stereotypes and generalizations.
    As regards pidgin English and Uniben; that’s utter rubbish.

    **probably one of those who tried unsuccessfully to gain admission **

  8. Well seeing is my alma matter I can boldly state that this dude is full of sh##…well certainly der re lesbians der I mean wher re dey not…but that’s like overstating…he shud be on top of his game and stop bitchin like a teenage gurl…Girls der re just too classy for him!!

  9. Sigh … its pathetic the sort of twisted idiots we have to share the earth with day in, day out … what a waste of valuable oxygen … sigh …

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