What Islam Says

gayislamOverall, the share of people who say that homosexuality should be accepted or at least tolerated by society has increased in the past number of years. However, among the religions, there is still a fierce opposition to support for societal acceptance of homosexuality. When asked for reasons why they still take this stand, the common answer is “homosexuality conflicts with the religious or moral beliefs.”

Having taken time during the outgoing year to x-ray the above point from the Christian perspective, there is the need to provide a balance and more insights from other religions, especially Islam, which is no doubt one of the major religions practiced in Nigeria. Other religions around the world will be considered in due course as the incoming year goes by.

This exercise is by no means an attempt to ridicule Islam but exclusively aimed at objectively informing us, having in mind that solving a problem starts with identifying its roots. Since I’m not a Muslim and cannot claim to know Islam more than its adherents and for purpose of fairness, I will try as much as possible to restrict myself to quotes from the Quran, Hadiths and Islamic Scholars on the subject of homosexuality in my attempt to bring to light the thoughts of Islamic religion on Homosexuality.

Islam goes beyond mere disapproval of homosexuality. It teaches that homosexuality is a terrible and dirty form of fornication punishable by death.

“For ye practice your lust on men in preference to women: ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds… and we rained down on them a shower of brim-stone.” – Quran 7:80-11.

This borrowed account from the biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah was where Muslim authorities got the punishment of stoning of homosexuals to death, interpreting “rain of stones” to mean that homosexuals should be stoned to death.

“Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before you?”

This verse is part of the above text and it establishes that homosexuality is the worst of all sexual sins, like adultery and fornication. While other forms of non-marital sex are seen by Islam as “great sins”, it classified homosexuality as the “worst sin”.

Homosexuals have continued to receive different punishments for practicing their sexuality in the Muslim world, since the times of Mohammed and till this day. As far as Islam is concerned, the only debate on homosexuality is over how the offender should be executed. The teachings of the messenger of Allah was referenced by Abu Dawud when he said: “Whoever you find doing the action of the people of Lot, execute the one who do it and the one to whom it’s done…. If a man who is not married is seen committing sodomy, he will be stoned to death.”

This last bit had me wondering if this is an implicit approval for MGM or sodomising one’s wife.

Mohammed’s successor, Abu Bakr, burnt homosexuals upon stakes. Mohammed’s son-in-law Ali (alias the 4th Caliph) ordered a gay man to be thrown from the minaret of a mosque and the stoning of others. Ibn Abbas blended both practices into a two-step execution, in which gays are thrown from the highest building in the town and then stoned.

Homosexuals are still being beheaded, hung and stoned to death in today’s Saudi Arabia, Iran and five other countries in strict compliance to Islamic Injunctions.

The latest decree against homosexuality was sometime in 2014 on an Islamic website, onislam,net, which goes thus: “The punishment for men and women who are not willing to give up homosexuality is in fact death, according to Islam, because they are neglecting the guidance of Almighty Allah.”

Islam is however somehow confused or hypocritical on the issue of homosexuality when put into consideration that Iran hangs gays, but allows men to get a sex change, sometimes under government sponsorship.

Some Western Muslims and political leaders in the West join with social liberals in an alliance that occasionally includes peripheral support for gay rights and civil unions, but this appears to be more of a matter of expediency than genuine concern. There has never been any noticeable effort on the part of Muslim leaders in the West to relieve the plight of homosexuals in Islamic nations where there influence will carry more weight than that of their secular allies or NGOs.

Written by Gad

42 thoughts on “What Islam Says

  1. This is barbarous. I guess this further buttresses the fact that man is innately willing to believe in something. Anything. No matter how ridiculous it sounds. Thinking of starting my own religion sef. the major ones are doing a bad job on different levels.

  2. Believe it or not, Islam may never accept homosexuality.

    Meanwhile, i’m so pissed. My roommate who I’ve been crushing on since he moved in thus year, who has been telling all about his heterosexual trysts, just told me yesterday that “konji” was wrecking his balls and that he will be hiring a Prostitute to service him tomorrow, when I go to spend the weekend with my family at state housing here In Calabar. I’m so pained n cheated because he can openly flaunt his sexuality whilst i’m choking behind that closet door. Heading to the gym tho. Gotta focus on improving my body n brains. No sexing in my dictionary for now.

  3. This further buttresses the point I have been making on mixing homosexuality with these religions! They never mix!

    Was it not ISIS that executed a gay man the other day? The fact is that humanity is way better off without religion!

    The hypocrisy of humans is just sad, cos I know countless of practicing Muslims who have a little Cock by the side. Its a shame really!

    Having said that, I’m surprised at the author of this piece

  4. Why are all of you surprised by the author? Gad has always come across as matured & levelheaded. I always look out for his comments

  5. Islam orders for the death of “unbelievers”, It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that they kill “offenders”. I have given up any hope of religious validations of gay relationships. I have decided to just live my life and pray that knowledge gets to the misguided few.

  6. this was written by Gad?? wow. Ehen Gaddie dear, while some have had their intellect plummet to unprecedented levels this year, yours has suddenly blossomed. *hugs you tightly*

  7. I am not well read when it comes to the Qu’ran or The Hadith. Those verses i have come along and read and there other verses that depict even more harshly as to how a gay man should be punished as per sharia law.

    The other stories of the Caliphs dishing out those punishments i have never read or come across, so i would have to do some research about that.

    This piece does do a good job of capturing exactly how the Islamic community feels about homosexuality. Its pretty much one of the worst sins there is…if i am right the only sins that are considered heavier than homosexuality are murder and worshipping the wrong god or worshipping more than one.

    Nicely written Gad.

  8. Gad thanks for this education, and thank u god, I aint no Muslim and no plans to relocate to those 5 countries. Kinda selfish but Hmmmmmm, I already got plenty problems as a 9ja gay

  9. But Gad has been talking about sending this in since last year, why we surprised it’s him that wrote it?

    Insightful and I do believe the gay Muslims got it worse than gays in other religions, sad really.

    Religion can be a yoke to some people. If you can’t carry it, take a breather.

  10. ***drops lipstick with half painted mouth hanging open, blinks eyes several times and rubs eyes to be sure am not in a dream***
    Wow Gad, the depth of your research as well as the organisation abd delivery of this piece is impeccable … my respect for you just hit the roof!! Wow!! Kudos my to one of my gaybourhood favourites …
    The search for validation of the gay lifestyle under religion is like a winding circular road that leads nowhere. Organised religion as presently constituted makes it blunt and clear that as a gay man, you are unclean and sinf and therefore condemned … i know thats bullshit which i certainly dont need in my life. To all those who can keep up the charade – have fun! A more spiritual, personal relationship with the almighty works much better for me …

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  12. This quote can be googled, I found it on wiki and on jihadwatchdotcom:
    ” Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship & prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.” – Ayatollah Khomeini

  13. Pinky, I must express my(our) gratitude to you for providing this platform. After coming to terms with my struggles about my sexuality which even led to my questioning the existence of God etc, I always feel duty bound to share or voice my conviction that gay is as natural as being straight and yes,religion might reject them but God doesn’t. I felt humbled by the commendations,amused and honestly entertained by the shades thrown. Pls the aim of this and others to come is to assure us that God loves us and hasn’t sent anyone to condemn us. We are the Princes. We shouldn’t allow fellow Princes to drive us away from our father’s kingdom. I LOVE this FAMILY

    • Yesss!!! Gad, if religion hates gays while God loves gays, it then means that religion is not the true will of God!! Inadvertently you have buttressed the point i have been making ever since this blog came into existence, religion is merely one of many ways to express spirituality, religion is not always the true will of God. It is mainly a tool invented by men to manipulate and control, hence my decision to shove it out of my life and instead focus on a more personal relationship with God devoid of all the dubious ambiguity and obscurity …
      Thanks bro!

  14. Well done Gad for giving us a balanced diet here. This was very insightful. Let’s just hope everyone sees how more loving our God is when it comes to sins! He doesn’t hate the sinner and doesn’t put him to death rather he loves him so much that the love actually helps him to overcome his sins! Go Gad!

    • You’ve come again.. Hating the sinner not the sin..seriously.. #TheSinOfHomoSexuality***
      **Rolls my eyes to Abuja and back.. **slaps myself back to reality.
      What was I thinking? What did I expect? A changed man??..mtchew

      • Biko let’s leave his case.. Too early for such mundane discussion ..
        Let’s go shopping or something.. Way more fun 😀😀😀.. We could check out in the “brain ” dept to see if they got some upgrades for people who are running low on brain power.. Would come in handy in treating this “curious case” we got in our hands.

      • Ok I didn’t write the book…I just believe it and Pinky I happened to have read your comment somewhere that U actually believe it too!..now for you Max am looking at u with oduanya coz sebi na u wey write that damned topic on atheism…rolling my own eyes from abuja to aberdeen! WHAT!

        So am not so sure of your agenda here!

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