Man Crush Monday: Morris Chestnut

Morris Chestnut 03Brian Collins has revealed his ultimate man crush. And he chose well. I never really knew much about Morris’s sexiness, nor did I care much for him, until Brian sent me his pictures. And I was like, whoa! Where did all that hot tastiness come from?

But I’m still not budging from Idris and Tyson, thank you very much.

Here’s what Brian has to say about his hottie. “If there ever were a black Greek god, he would look like this. Those eyes, big lush lips, nice man boobs, beautifully formed packs and that bald cut he likes. Like Olaf said, ‘There are things worth melting for’, what better than this?”

Indeed. What better thing to melt for than this?Morris Chestnut 057-Pictures-Of-Morris-Chestnut-s-Hot-Abs-4-

27 thoughts on “Man Crush Monday: Morris Chestnut

  1. Good choice! Who remembers watching “The Brothers”? That is if you are old like me *sad face*
    The guy is hot, a bit too “akpan-y” for me tho!

  2. Baby am preying on you to tonight…..
    Hunt you down nd chew you life
    Just like animals, animals, animals…. Gggrrrrrrgh!

    *Fans Self* Brother is hot nd black brothers set d pace in being fine! Whaoh! Those peeking “Adonis Lines” got me watering in all d wrong places nd wanting more! Choi! My mummy brought up a decent child so am gonna stop this ashewo am doing dis morning!
    I just hope our in-house Chestnut is as hot as this shaa.

  3. Ehn, see them thirsty hoes. You guys should go and drown yaselves in tea or lemonade or something. This creamy chocolate is all Myne. 12 years of crushing is not beans.

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