The World Hates Gay People Less Than Ever Before, Reports New Survey

g-stay1A new survey has found that acceptance of gay people is up in 90 percent of countries surveyed over the last 20 years.

Researchers at the University of Chicago and the LGBT think-thank Williams Institute at UCLA examined the results of hundreds of surveys on attitudes toward gay men and lesbians in 52 countries collected since 1981. What they found was that acceptance of gays has gone up by an average of about 1 percent per year since 1994.

“This study shows a clear trend toward increasing acceptance across the globe,” Andrew Park, director of International Programs at the Williams Institute, said in a statement.

Countries in northwestern Europe ranked as the most accepting, “followed by the following clusters of countries: Australia/Canada/New Zealand/United States, Southern European countries, Latin American countries, former Soviet Union/Eastern & Central Europe, Asian countries, African countries, and majority Muslim countries.”

Some of the study’s other findings include:

Women are, on average, more than one and a half times more likely to be accepting of lesbian and gay people than men.

In 98% of the countries, those under 30 are more likely to say that same-gender sex is not wrong at all, compared to those aged 65 and older.

91% of European countries have become more accepting over the past 20 years.

Most countries in Africa are ranked in the bottom third of all countries in the world in their level of acceptance of lesbian and gay people.

Read the full report here.

13 thoughts on “The World Hates Gay People Less Than Ever Before, Reports New Survey

  1. In the said study after perusing for less than a minute … Nigeria happens to be the Least accepting of homosexuality in the Society — page 7.
    We have a long way to go … going back to my closet.

  2. But things are improving, even at home here! I often meet people who now say “well if a man wants to sleep with another man, that’s his business. As long as he doesn’t bring it to me”.
    People are getting more aware, reading books, traveling and meeting people. So homophobia is on the decline in these parts no matter how slow. Religion is the thing that constantly ruins the progress

  3. Mba nu! They shouldn’t accept it oh! They should keep hating! How does one’s sexuality affects the price of garri in market or increase a countries GDP? The earlier the whole world accepts, d better for them bcos what goes on in one’s bedroom is his/her business nd doesn’t change a thing!
    And as usual, Nigeria would b last! We r only first in Corruption which is bad nd yet d myopic minded ppl accepts it as normal! Ewu Gambia ppl! *withdraws deeper into closet*

  4. Abeg I’ve long since given up hope on Nigerians with regards to tolerance towards gays, homophobia is as thick as a core of solid steel in Nigeria, even amongst gays … the combination of religious hypocrisy and cherry picked cultural values ensure that homophobia is deeply entrenched in the Nigerian psyche

    • As thick as the core of a steel! Khaleesi you always use colorful language!

      Meanwhile it’s actually getting better, slowly

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