Stahp It, All Of You! Actor IK Ogbonna Is Tired Of Being Labeled Gay

1-Ikay-Ogbonna-Photo-Shoot-1-650x400In a new interview with Punch, actor and model, IK Ogbonna says he is tired of the gay rumours that keep trailing him. He says no man has ever been identified as his gay partner. (As opposed to Alex Ekubo and Uti, eh IK?)

He reportedly said: “I am tired of the gay rumours trailing me. You can never pick out any man with whom I have had an affair in the past, but you can link me to some of the ladies I have dated. It is funny because I am sometimes called a ladies’ man and at times rumoured to be a gigolo, and then gay. These three things do not relate to one another.

“That I have chosen to adopt the UK style of dressing, which typically comprises tight pants, should not make me gay. The fact that I have friends in the industry that I choose to hang out with should not make me a gay. I really don’t care about what people think of my personal life. I can’t spot anyone as being gay in the industry and I don’t see anything wrong with two guys or ladies being close friends. Until I am approached by a guy or I see guys getting down together, then I can conclude that he is gay.”

#sigh I feel your pain, IK dearie. Now all of you who were coming after him on that my Man Crush post, let it rest, you hear me? *wagging finger sternly* He is straight, abeg! Straight! Until you produce evidence of his gay lover, anything he says can and will be used against him in — Wait, what am I even saying? Ah yes, that he is straight, goddamnit! #dropsmic

28 thoughts on “Stahp It, All Of You! Actor IK Ogbonna Is Tired Of Being Labeled Gay

  1. Pink Panther we have seen enough of this guy! I know you are obsessed with him, please drool in private!!!

  2. Mtchwww…. all these narcissistic bimbos … abeg abeg … and what exactly is ‘UK Style of dressing?’ That comment is so ‘igbotic’ **shudders with a deep mixture of revulsion&disgust*** exactly the kind of comment I’d expect to hear being thrown arnd in some backyard marketplace … **rolls eyes and walks away (in flats not heels ooo)***

      • @dennis: I’m igbo too but I understand what khaleesi means by “igbotic” in dis context. “Uk style of dressing”…sounds like something our illeterate,new-money brothers in Aba would say: “I’m a big boi, I don’t use made in Nigeria goods, only made in ‘abroad’ “.

    • “Uk style of dressing…” That part got me too,lol. What IS “UK style of dressing”? Skin-tight fuschia pants and purple blazers? Lol. I can’t, with dis niggah.

      • ***clasps hands together shyly and bats eyelashes flirtatiously@Dennis*** hiiii Dennis, **giggles like an SS2 Girl***
        Am igbo too, @Chestie, thanks fkr understanding dear, am proudly igbo too & while I respect our hardworking hustling brothers in Alaba, Ogbete, Idumota,Ariaria etc, that ‘UK style of dressing’ comment is deeply offensive and says a lot about this empty-headed bimbo’s class … ***bats eyalashes@Dennis again***

  3. Until the day he stops pouting, and feeling all sexy wt himself….(Wch other straight guys don’t over-do)… He can come and tell me more about his not being gay…. (˘̯˘ )ʃ

    • Abi o. There’s not a rumour without any iota of reality in it. For the fact that no one has decided to “expose” him does not make him think he can go on “faking” his life. “UK Style of dressing”… lol. exposing the bare chests with tight pants and… **click next jare***

  4. looool
    i have been so waiting for this. so typical of gay celebs hiding in the closet.
    Tho i dont expect him to come out (14yrs is a long time)) a better appproach wld have been to shutup and thank ur stars u even got noticed as an actor. (which by the way ur shitty at, i myt add)

    its the classic response (jst like neyo, trey songs etc) DENY DENY DENY….

  5. If only this king-queen can enter acting school……..
    Perhaps his acting chops would get better.
    Instead of giving lousy interviews.

  6. First of all, he does nothing for me, secondly I had no idea who he was until Pinky posted about him, thirdly, dear IK, what the hell does ‘ UK Dressing’ mean.
    I am more attracted to the wit of a man than their looks, and he just seems to be one of them empty headed morons trying to form big boy with his ‘ UK dressing’. UK melo lo ti lo gan ti kofe je ka gboro!!! Mtchew

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