6a00d8341c730253ef01910459cdba970c-500wiI raised my head and our eyes met. His firm cheek bones elevated as he gave that beautiful smirk I’d been dreaming about all day. He mouthed some words but I could only make out ‘Calling you’. I was too deep in my entrancement to notice any other thing that was going on in the class. The thought of my lips and his – full, luscious and delicious – locking together again in a kiss made my erect cock throb. He was a Muslim . . . and we’ll call him Umar. He was my classmate and we’d been friends for just two terms; it wasn’t long before we became very fond of each other. We’d kissed, once. He was scared, but I wasn’t. That didn’t stop him from kissing me passionately for so long. By the time he ended the kiss, I couldn’t help it, I was hopelessly and utterly in love with him.

Just then, I thought I heard my name. It was faint but I was sure it was my name. Dreamland was however too interesting to leave just for a thought, so I sat there and kept on fantasizing… Well, until a ringing slap struck my cheeks and jerked me forcefully out of my fantasies.

“Fitzgerald! I just said you should go to the board and solve that equation!” the teacher bellowed.

That was when I remembered that I was in my Math class with Mr. Femi.

So, the man had just asked me to stand up and go to the blackboard, and I was like 97% erect at the moment.

Jesus take the wheel, I thought as I shuffled to my feet. Somehow, I managed to conceal the erection, walk to the front of the class and solve the equation correctly enough to mollify the aggravated teacher.

Thereafter, classes moved very slowly, but soon enough the school bell rang and it was time to go for lunch. As I stepped out of my classroom, I scanned the large scores of boys that were thronging in front of the classrooms for Umar. It took a while but I found him laughing and gisting with his fellow Muslim brothers; they all always seemed to move together, that made me jealous sometimes. I quickly walked up to him and pulled him from his clique.

“Ah-ahn, short boy! What is it again? Couldn’t you see I was talking with people?” Short boy was what he affectionately called me, not that I was short but because he was tall enough to see the ‘centre of my head’.

“And are those people more important to you than I am?”

“Why do you like deceiving yourself that you’re important to me?”

“Because you and I both know that’s true.”

He laughed, that dry, scratchy laughter of his. I didn’t care; so long as it was his, I loved it. We were SS3 students, just about six months away from our graduation. He lived in Taraba, and I in Lagos. I knew that soon enough, I was going to stop seeing Umar. Parting was definitely going to be something sorrowful for me, for him too, I hoped.

We made it to the dining hall and after lunch, we went to our hostels. Siesta was short, not that I had even slept but my roommates made sure I knew it was too short. Umar and I were in different hostels, but we had our little arrangements about when and where we would hang out after school hours, and whose turn it was to visit the other in his room. I left my room and headed for afternoon prep immediately the siesta was over. I made my way to the classroom, and sat down on Umar’s seat instead of mine, just so that he would notice me when he walked into the room and we could share his seat for a while before going back to mine.

When he came into the classroom minutes later, he saw me at his desk and smiled. He walked over and sat down beside me. We talked for a while, and he laughed at me because of what happened in the Math class. He told me he tried warning me that the teacher was calling me, but I was too busy staring at him as though someone had hypnotized me.

Hell yeah! You have hypnotized me, I thought. Aloud, I laughed and went back to my seat since the afternoon prep had officially commenced.

After the prep, Umar and we returned to the hostel together, this time to his room. We stayed in with his roommates, and we talked and laughed for long. The day was Friday, and I stayed in the room until Umar was ready to pray. I accompanied him to the school’s mosque, and even waited for him to finish.

Yes, this love is strong… Eleyi gidi gan… Lol!

His prayer didn’t take very long. He was done and strolling out to where I was sitting by the gutter. As I watched me approach, I felt my heart constrict. Oh Umar, so handsome. Tall, ebony dark, a true definition of black beauty. He stopped so close to me that any unclear eye looking at us from afar might have thought I was giving him a head. The thought of that made me just want to rip his trousers off and actually give him that head. The electricity was gone, and so everywhere in the school premises was dark, with only the half moon giving light outside. He sat beside me and put his hand on mine. His hand was hard and the touch sent chills racing over my skin.

“What will happen when we graduate?” I asked.

“Ehen, we would go to our houses na,” he said teasingly.

I chuckled. “No joor, I mean between us.”

“I dunno oh! We’ll call each other na.”

“But it won’t be like seeing each other every day. I will miss you.”

A beat. He swallowed. “I know. Me too. Very much.”

I was elated. He admitted he’d miss me. That was good.

“Let’s go to my room,” I suggested. Then added, “I don’t think any of my room boys will be around. I’m with one of the keys in case.”

“Okay,” he said.

We got up and started for the hostel. My heart started pounding, as all I could think of was what would happen when we got to my room. My cock was starting to strain against my shorts, and I was swallowing plenty saliva. The walk to my hostel seemed like it would never end, but we got there eventually, and went up the stairs to the front of my room. The door was locked, signifying that there was no one inside. Thank God. I opened the door with my key. We went in and I closed the door behind me.

It was about to go down, motherfucker!

He sat down on my bed and I sat on the bed facing mine. We looked in each other’s eyes. I could see the want in his eyes, yet his fear was palpable. His eyes had questions. What if we were caught? And then expelled? Homosexuality was an offence in this school. In fact, it was the first on the list of offences.

“Toh, shey we are in your room now? What next?” he rasped.

I didn’t know whether to take that as a sign to forge ahead. I know what you’re thinking, ‘We’ve kissed before, so why were we afraid to kiss again?’ Well, I dunno. Like I said, the fear was real.

I stood up from the bed where I sat and moved to my bed, where Umar was sitting. I moved a bit closer and I kissed him. He was still for a brief moment before he opened his mouth, brought out his tongue and kissed me back. We kissed and kissed, making all sorts of murmuring sounds, doing some magic with our tongues in each other’s mouth. Then he stood up and pulled me up too, put my back against the wall and continued to kiss me. I was in seventh heaven. I couldn’t think of anything else but his lips on mine, because nothing else was worth the effort. I wanted to be alone, with Umar and with this kiss that seemed like it wouldn’t end.

He pulled me forward a bit and put his hands in the back of my pants, caressing my derriere, fingering me even. I drew him close to me, so close, like I wanted to take his soul. The energy between us was intense. I undid his belt and dipped my hand in and what I felt was huge. I brought out his cock and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was amazingly huge, for one so young. I went down and started to work on the dick, sucking it and licking it in every way possible. I could hear the moans he was letting out. Soft, sweet moans of intense joy. I was sure he was in the seventh heaven now too. I sucked him hard and stopped when I could sense he was getting close to an orgasm. I stood up and pushed him down so he could suck mine. It was obvious he was not very good at it, but he tried his best to be as good as I was. I didn’t mind, so long as it was coming from him, it was good enough. He kept sucking and I kept enjoying myself. I tried fucking his face but he wasn’t too comfortable with that so I just let him continue to do his will.

I was still high up there in the heaven, when I heard the door open. I thought it was just hallucination at first but I was jolted back to reality when I heard the bark, “Kai! Kai! What are you bastards doing?!”


Written by Fitzgerald

25 thoughts on “TO BE YOUNG AND IN LOVE

  1. Shit is about to go down! LOL! But wait I did not have sex in high school, I was busy working on those As that I finally left school with

  2. Sometimes I think how incomplete my life is that I never experienced teenage love. I like Umar. I see myself in him.

      • LOL, Legalkoboko. I meant love (in quote marks anyway) not sex. I read this as a “love” story, not one about boarding school sexcapades. I went to boarding school myself (all-boys), I never experienced sex, but I know a couple of former schoolmates who were in friendships that had that suspicious tension, with drama to boot. Hehe.

  3. ahhh… boarding school, teenage love. I’ll say if you never experienced that phase of life, you missed! big time! for me I wont say I was in love at that time … I was more like in lust … blind, heathen, barely restrained lust!

    • ‘blind, heathen, barely restrained lust!’
      Absolutely what it was for me too. and there were so many gorgeous boys who just looooved the sweet innocent darling I was back then.

      Not that I’m not still sweet and innocent. *batting eyelashes*

      • Sweet and innocent? Still? *coughs* Okay lemme put it this way, you were grapes back then which was sweet stuff, but the grape has fermented into alcohol now which is……well not sweet and innocent!!! *runs away*

  4. This just took me down memory lane… My high school years were the best years of my life!! Teenage love!!! So innocent and very exciting!! I remember when me and my best friend used to be the hottest things happening back then.. Glory days!!!

    • Lol, how I miss all that drama, I keep saying to people, if u weren’t in the hostel, u obviously didn’t enjoy high sch.. When Intercrural sex was the ish. Young love is sweetest. Thanks to u Fitzgerald for making me realize how old I’ve become with this story..

      • Yes!!! if you werent in the boarding house, you missed! big time!! i shudder when i think of how boring day school is, apart from the fact that you’re sorrounded by lots of gorgeous young men at their physical peak, the sense of community and camaraderie are unmatchable ….

  5. Not particularly thrilled abt reading secondary school underaged sex….so il just sip my tea like kermit and scroll by…

  6. Who was this agent of darkness that was forming stumbling block to sexual bliss? Fitzgerald, the dude had better join in in the next serie
    That said, I hated n dreaded lonely, dark unlit corners of the dorm then, but for those stolen kisses and cuddlings, I always braved them. Those were what got me into yawa much later

  7. I had a few escapades in school with some dude. I’d cum then the guilty feeling would wash over me and I’d leave him hanging. Damn I was a prick tease. I also confirmed that my best friend was gay (oh happy day).
    Oh.. and I was in “love” with a straight guy. More often than not I’m happy all that is over when I reflect on it.

  8. Fitz, U are wicked. U just brought back all the boarding school sexcapades I had. I used to have a constant dude back then, we were like love birds and I think I once had a similar scare in class but never got slapped nor caught. lol

    Teenage love was awesome, I did everything asides penetrative sex more of lap sex. And I was HOT back then, the cynosure of all (*blinking*)….and ‘we’ plenty for that sch no be small!

  9. *mouth agape* Jexox !! Jexox !! *screams* *starts speaking in tongue* rababababababababababababababaababaa.jesus take the wheel . Pinky u berra continue dis story if u dnt want me to die on ur neck oooo. *ties wrapper around waist*

  10. This story not only made my day, but brought back sweet memories of high school love.. So innocent, so real, and at my finals, SO WILD….buh I enjoyed every bit… Thanks Fritzgerald for the memories. P.S: if u never went to a boys’ boarding school…. U MISSED A LOT…!!!! :p

  11. Why re u guyz tryin 2 make it seem like boarding schools had all the fun? Hello? Excuse me I went to a day school and I had my own fair share of teenage love or lust??? Emmmm mayb lust buf they were enjoyable !!!!!! *winks* had madt fun. Aunty pinky expect my stories ooo

  12. Thanks y’all for liking the story. I solemnly pledge to make the next episode thrilling too. And I’m glad I could bring back all the memories, some memories have to be re-remembered, for want of a better term. See y’all next episode

  13. Mmmmmm nice..i remember too. How I was so hung up on this fair guy that I tot he could never possibly get down with me… fyne nightfall, I had a quarrel with my boring bunk partner and I decided to boldly ask fair skinned gorgeous eyes sexy lips if he could share his bed……wow!!! he just shifted for me and bam!!! You know dat pretense u do when u r snoring a fake sleep??? Yup..we both did it and warmed closer to each other and just like a dream I felt his hard on near my ass crack and wham!!! I let him in……u can bet I slept there the rest of the week…oh until someone smelt his bedsheet one day and almost caught on…..hmmm nobody told me to go back to my bed after that!!!…oh but high school was it jo….

  14. Wow….I did experience teenage love but my love died…it is the most traumatic experience I’ve ever had…i read about Umar and couldnt help but remember him…he was soo proud of me then…

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