56 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day XXII

  1. I swear, I admire bottoms. You guys are really powerful. Some literally take in a pestle. To think of fisting again. I doff my heart.

  2. Lmaoooooooooooooooo!


    Am long legged nd all oh but I guess I would have to borrow extra legs to run! Inukwa! D death that would come from this definitely won’t b onwu chi gi, it would b d death u brought on urself! Tufiakwa!

    And from d look of that D, d owner definitely would be d Fola(previous story) kind of guy! All rough nd mean!

    Over to d power sisters! Weak ones like us go pass biko……

  3. Lemme just waka pass before they will say I have talked. Eku Top, Bottom oshi!

    Max hun, care for breakfast?

  4. Chineke gini bi efa *Opening my eyes wider*,this one na DIE. Its gonna leave someone sore for weeks LMAO…@pp Nice one

  5. Brothers please you all need to hear this. Yesterday I went to see a friend. We came to know through a mutual friend. After the normal talks and all (we had known for quite long now) we proceeded to do the do. He was all over me,likewise me. But I discovered his erection never lasts long, its always getting limp. Even when I had to blow him. Of course a limp dick can’t be up there in my cakes. I had to bring together all the skills I had gather over the years to resurrect the kporo. The dick will rise n go down again. Hehehe. I will go back to foreplay n all, if it rises I will tap him to enter fast so he could sustain the erection. For wia! Normal me would have being so pissed off but i just looked up to see the brother crying that his junior is failing him. He was so humiliated. I have to console him to just calm down n try to wake up his libido. He was asking if its a sign of weak erection or impotency. I told him I sincerely don’t know but maybe he met someone who matched him power to power and he couldn’t perform. But I have to sit him down and teach him how how to kiss because he is so bad in that area. Anyways because I was stranded and I needed to calm my spirit down I headed over to black breeders fo any of Champ’s porn clips.
    So brothers my brother is asking for solutions do you guys know any?

  6. If a woman, with a vagina, that self expands and self lubricates and through with a baby comes out of, runs at the sight of a dick that size. Then so should a bottom, one with common sense dt is . Its an anus at the end of the day. It doesn’t dilate nor does it produce its on lubrication and it certainly wasn’t meant to accommodate a dick of that size or a dick- period. It might seem like an entitlement- this power bottom thing, but what the top isn’t telling you is that he can’t really feel anything when he’s inside.

  7. lmao,seriously i can’t stop laughing *cleaning tears from my eyes*.ohhhh I feel for ur friend dear,I didn’t know somepple experience stuff like this.

  8. Everybody be acting like they didn’t see the picture of the D as a profile pic on manjam and gayromeo and salivate about it. Lemme just say when i came across it, i fantasized about sucking it. It looks like the kinda dick i would like to suck all day. As for taking the D, mbanu, rara, lailai, tufiakwa, not in this life time

    • Brian Collins ur so funny,I can’t stop laughing at what u said *red eyes(crying) “As for taking the D, mbanu, rara, lailai,
      tufiakwa, not in this life time”
      Ohhhh my God,Ohhh my God *breathe in breathe out,breathe in breath out ahhh *

      • I just had to say what was on my mind man. How am i going to carry that baby for my bae after my mangina gets hit with this. The baby’s head will be falling out all the time.

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