26 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day X

  1. hahaha, and thanks to KD am learning new comebacks to pples mumu comments.
    Well KD is also teaching me ow to be a little bitchy n sassy.

  2. Aso-ebi for the (upcoming) Chestnut and Vhar wedding is out ooo!

    Please contact me for details, as there is aso-ebi for the pre-engagement party, the engagement proper, the after-engagement party, the traditional wedding, the pre-wedding dinner, the wedding proper and the after wedding party. All these events have asoebi, so get intouch with me for details.

    Chestie love, I am so excited

  3. Guys Nigerians are at it again,they are accusing BRACKET to be gay*although I v alws thought of that*but what is their business biko?.they wan put sand for their music career abi!Nawa oooooo! am so sick of this country’s Homophobic stance .

    • A friend of mind was like “isn’t every celebrity like gay, considering we run the world?”, I was like *in Riley’s (boondocks) voice* “Bitch whatch you saying?”

  4. Ah. I need to learn how to construct these wonderful messages/response… They will come in handy very soon.

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