What They Are Now Saying About US, Nigeria And The Anti-Gay Law

The picture below is a screen-grab of a friend’s phone chat. And the opinion expressed there was by an acquaintance of his. Read and let us know what you think.Screenshot_2014-05-20-13-52-12

16 thoughts on “What They Are Now Saying About US, Nigeria And The Anti-Gay Law

  1. So so true! If u look at past anticident…irag, afghanistan etc. One thing is clear, these guys don’t invade countries just to protect or fight corruption, they often leave the countries in worse shape than they met it. Its all for very personal and selfish gains.
    That said, I personally do not like/support GEJ. I feel he is too weak and incompetent. But if there is anything he is doing right, is to attempt to keep these greedy so-called “super powers” at bay.
    Nigeria is on the verge of being invaded, and this is the new tactics being employed all over the world. Its the new age of neo-colonialism!

    • Okkk? What about the moronic piece of buffoonery that says the US &UK are getting involved in the kidnapped girls’ rescue as punishment for Nigeria signing that disgusting anti-gay legislation? How on earth can any sane human being dream that sort of hate filled babble up? Shows you the dark and twisted psyche that so many of our countrymen possess. How they are so full of hate and bigotry that they can twist anything to suit their hateful purposes. You guys seem not to get the picture, the comment was posted here for you to reflect on how a moron is trying to somehow link the chibok saga to gay people … open your minds and think… cmon!

  2. These conspiracy theories are out there because Nigerians don’t trust themselves. And how can we? Most of us on this blog are in the closet lying about our sexuality, of course we expect other people to be liars too.

  3. CeeCee, As per say this ur brain dey hot and ur yarns dey make sense, I’m currently single and sex starved. Will you be my boyfriend?

    Like seriously??? They’d be punishing Nigeria BY NOT ACTING at all. In case you do not know, Women and children rights-especially the girl-child, are foremost on the agenda where human rights are concerned all over the world. But I’m not surprised anyway. A lot of males are selfish and chauvinistic who would have encouraged the abduction and sales of the girls without raising eyebrows.

    Just so you know, the rest of the world is not Nigeria where we have been conditioned to take things lying low and forget issues after 2days. They fight until they achieve their aims. I think we should emulate that as Nigerians. If this situation didn’t come to the attention of the GLOBAL populace (note I didn’t say America and UK), it would have been swept under the carpet and our President taking more campaign trips around the country contesting for another tenure of hardship and blatant corruption

  4. the real question we should ask..is what can we do as Nigerians to stop this conspiracy from becoming reality? its one thing to reveal a conspiracy. .its another thing to infer a solution, a way to halt what is on the verge of happening.

  5. Trolololol. The conspiracy theorist in me actually had this same thought in the picture. Well almost the same thing. The first world Is up to something. More often than not they are up to something. I can feel it in my testicles. Lol.
    But connecting it to the homophobic law is a bit of a far stretch.
    And those of you bashing the law and all who support it… calling it disgusting and whatnot. I advice you chillax. Change isn’t sudden… The average human is wired to bash down what he doesn’t understand. I’m guilty of it and you’re guilty of it. The western world didn’t accept being gay as widely as they do now some years ago. Just remain hopeful… It might not happen in our time but it’s going to.
    In the mean time… stay in your closets and try out the fabulous disguises you have. 😀

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