Blog_Life As He Knows ItThe drivers on the road are particularly mad today, thought Tunde as he slowed down to prevent bumping into a car that had abruptly braked. He maneuvered his car carefully, mentally biting his tongue so he wouldn’t insult the useless driver that wanted to be the reason he would dent his almost new car.

He stopped at a red traffic light and the car behind him honked very loudly. Tunde looked into the rearview mirror and used his hand to motion that the guy should fly over his head.

“Idiot,” he muttered under his breath. Soft music came from the speakers as his early morning playlist pumped him up. Music did a lot of things to his mood and sometimes even woke him up more than coffee ever could. How could people even stay awake with coffee? He had tried it all – black with sugar, with milk, without milk, and every bloody time, he just wanted to put his head on his office desk and snooze.

A car horn blared from behind him snapping him back to reality. The light had turned green. He steered his car back into the moving traffic as he shook his head. His mind wandered a lot like that. The car behind him sped past and he could see the man behind its wheel muttering what were most likely insults.

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Joe Manganiello Getting Even More Ripped for the ‘Magic Mike’ Sequel

01f1b72ffcfbbf11d47e4bf55e0aeb28a82efb8fWhere’s Neon? This one’s for you… lol

When he stripped down for Magic Mike, Joe Manganiello’s chiseled body was so impressive that director Steven Soderbergh called him “walking CGI.”  Now that Manganiello is getting ready to shoot the sequel, Magic Mike XXL, he’s working hard on his gym-generated special effects. On Tuesday afternoon, the actor and fitness guru tweeted a photo of himself pumping iron at the gym, noting that he’s “getting ready for #MagicMikeXXL.” His trainer Ron Matthews posted the same photo with a little more elaboration, tweeting, “I am getting @JoeManganiello ready for #magicmike2, 2 weeks until he starts dancing. How do you think he is looking?” Continue reading

Nigerian LGBT Reportedly Awaiting Court’s Decision On Anti Gay Law Repeal

Nigeria demo for campaign page_originalThis is according to Linda Ikeji. Can anyone tell me if this is fact? If it is, I’d like to express my admiration for this move.

Remember when I once updated on KD about the Nigerian gay activist, Michael Ighodaro, who who challenged President Jonathan during the US-Africa Leaders Summit about the Anti-Same-Sex Marriage Act. (Read HERE). Among other things he said, the president was reported to have remarked: ‘If you think the law is unconstitutional you have the right to go to court and fight [to strike] it down…’

Well, it looks like someone is fighting to strike the law down. Apparently, Nigerian LBGT filed a suit against the Federal Government stating that the anti-gay law is unconstitutional. Find the press release below. Continue reading


6a00d8341c730253ef01910459cdba970c-500wiThe exam hall was quiet, peaceful and serene. Well, that was just the exam hall. I could see the anxiety and worry on almost all the faces I glimpsed. It was our second paper. Mathematics. I had almost not slept the night before; I made sure I was able to cover all the topics before sleeping. I was quite intelligent then, but Math was not so much my thing. I always had to study and study hard before I could correctly solve Math problems.

I looked across my seat to my far right and my eyes caught Umar’s. I knew that he wasn’t much of a book person, and he only read when he really had to. It was obvious that he hadn’t prepared well enough for the paper. Ibrahim’s seat was just three seats behind Umar’s. When he looked at me, he smiled and winked. I wondered if he was horny, because on a normal day, he wouldn’t even smile at me, let alone wink.

I faced my front when I noticed the invigilator approaching my seat with the exam papers, and my heart beat intensified as he got closer. He dropped one sheet on my desk and moved on. I flipped to the first page, and after going through the questions, my heart leaped for joy. Almost all of them were from the topics I had paid more attention to. I whispered a short prayer of thanks to God and descended on the questions. Continue reading

Photos: Gay Loving At The Beach

gay1How is it fair that two gorgeous men like this can look so hot and so in love and be enjoying themselves by themselves, hmm? Oh well, the gay couple above shared pictures of themselves sharing ‘love’ time at South Beach. That light-skinned one (the madam, I’d like to think) sure looks deliriously happy. I’d be happy too, if I had a hunk like his squeezing me in his powerful arms. #sigh

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So That We Might Not Forget

FOREWORD: In the comments section of a post updated here awhile ago, some commenters derided the notion of gay pride, labeling it as a bit too much in the making of a point about the existence of homosexuality in the society. Some people expressed the opinion that they believe Gay Prides to be unnecessary. A Kitodiariesian dug up the write-up you’ll read below, to explain why Gay Prides are necessary. It is a symbol which serves to make the international gay community not forget the horrors of the world before.

The piece is a bit of history, originally titled ‘The Gay Holocaust’ and published on Check on it.


holocaustIn 1928, there was an estimated 1.2 million “out” homosexual men living in Germany. As Adolf Hitler rose in power, gay organizations were banned and scholarly books regarding homosexuality were burned. Hitler’s racial state ideology branded homosexuals not only as “parasites” and degenerates, but as enemies of the state. In 1935, the Nazi government significantly expanded the criminalization of homosexuality.

Under the direction of SS head, police drew up “Pink Lists”, and embarked on a vicious crackdown on homosexual men and women. Many were sent to mental hospitals, others were castrated by court order, and 100,000 of these men were sent to concentration camps. The pink triangle (now a symbol of Gay Pride) was placed on the prisoners to mark that they were homosexuals. An estimated 55,000 were executed. Continue reading