46 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day XXXIII

  1. Lol Chai!

    Ever taken a random pic to share on social media and upon close examination you realize the pose was flaming and so you delete it?


    The struggle

  2. Lmaooooooooooo!

    Hell yeah!

    Had one my dad took after church service once. My legs were crossed like a proper lady nd my palms were arranged in d most lady like many I could muster! I was such a queen! Always a queen! Lol!

  3. Even presently now, I strike some selfie pose, with my well carved eyebrows, pale gloss nd that smile! After taking d pix, me myself will just scream………………… GAY!!!!! Lol! Those pix dont see d light of d day but end up in d deep recess of my app locker!

  4. Lmaooooooo this is so me tho such was never captured in pics.I could flame for africa and i remember in primary skul i was tagged that boy that fights like a girlπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.I was a very troublesome girl back in pri/sec skul lol once u provoke me like this d girl in me will quickly come out and i go clap hand for u if u pass my power or beat u up if i can handle u.lol good ole days so glad its behind me now and have greatly shed d flaming.

  5. Hmmm….those good ol’ days when one competes with sisters on who shakes ‘bum bum’ better-I could even twerk before knowing the word, or who rocked the heels, what about cat walking? playing ten-ten, playing with dolls, using make up, not to talk of playing ‘daddy and mummy’ and ending up always being the daddy because one wants to lie on the same bed with a crush and cuddle….okay, lemme stop here…

  6. Not when i was younger. It hapens now. After striking a pose for selfie nd d i see d pic, i go hmmm, naah too gay. I dnt delete tho jst show my pips 4 sum laffs. But den its neva uploaded anywer.

  7. That’s my life right there looool. I saw Yinka George’s throwback on IG, and was like “COME ON!!! Who’s still questioning his sexuality?”

  8. LMAO! OMG. So true!

    Even now I scrutinise all my selfies for any flaming signs before I use them as Facebook profile pic. As for BBM, I don’t care; I can use anything.

  9. Someone that can like to show off his pink birthday cake and keyholder shoes comes to mind.

    **waving energetically to my twin, how u dowooing baebae?**

  10. LOLLL. Why am I always the last person to christopher columbus discover fun blogs like this? And to think my “our pple” friends been telling me about this blog since 4eva. I can relate with this photo 100%. Funniest!

  11. Sadly I never had one of those pictures from way back when, I was very self conscious infront of the camera, as one wrong angle and I’d have that ultra feminine looks (even without the pose)

    Being referred to as “Beautiful Boy” haunted me, despite being smothered by lots of older people and it earned me a few “modelling” gigs, posing in children’s native attire and poster boy for elemtary school brochure

    Till date, I always avoid overstated poses, unless am just fooling around with selfies that I never intend to post on social media, or I am photo bombing lol

  12. Hmmm, I used to screen dem selfies too but recently I’m more bothered with if it looks hot or not. *my vanity and insecurities no get rival*

    Anyone that thinks it looks gayish can go and hug transformer.

  13. LMAO; i have a few of them!! pix from primary school where i struck a dainty pose. now i look at those pix and am like “OMG!! that’s so gay, even tho i never knew what the word meant” … Now, i post whatever pic i like on my BBM, its my BBM; whoever doesnt like, please use your delete button and get your crusty self outta my life ***flips brunette wig***

    • Lmaoooo @dainty pose little barbie queen u were.Later some ignoramus will come and say gays arent born that way.When some of us even wanted to paint our faces and lips before our sisters.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  14. I have this old picture of me wearing my mum’s wig and pearls and my dad took that picture….. Recently, we fell upon it and had a good laugh, but while they were all laughing, I was shrinking from major embarrassment.

  15. I remember that one time as a kid – I took my pants off just to see my butt as I wiggled in front of the mirror… then the caretaker walked in!

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