Hillary Clinton Offers Reassurance To Gay Youth In Web Posting

celebs 90Boosting her social media outreach to younger voters, Hillary Rodham Clinton is seeking to offer reassurance to gay youths in a posting that has drawn wide online attention.

“Prediction from a grown-up: Your future is going to be amazing,” Clinton wrote Friday on the Facebook page for Humans of New York, a popular blog. “You will surprise yourself with what you’re capable of and the incredible things you go on to do. Find the people who love and believe in you — there will be lots of them.”

The Democratic presidential candidate made the comment below a picture of an unnamed boy on that Facebook page with a tearful expression and a captioned quote that reads, “I’m homosexual and I’m afraid about what my future will be and that people won’t like me.”000d73c0-23e6-11e5-a026-078d05f4aae7_Screen-Shot-2015-07-06-at-9-42-11-AM

The Clinton campaign confirmed Sunday that the posting, which is signed with an “H,” came personally from her. The posting has since drawn more than 68,000 “likes” as of Sunday evening and her reaction was noted in various news reports.

Clinton has been seeking to embrace youth culture and gay rights activism, having put the issue of gay marriage near the forefront of her campaign.

The former secretary of state backed gay marriage in 2013 after she left the State Department. That followed President Barack Obama’s announcement during the 2012 presidential campaign that he supported gay marriage.

19 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Offers Reassurance To Gay Youth In Web Posting

  1. Politicians will always be politicians. This same Clinton that was undecisive on the matter in 2012. Now a rainbow is even the colour of her campaign flag. What has changed in her? Zeal to be president?

  2. Masked Man god bless you! I am not buying Hilary’s endorsement of gay rights, it was her who said she was still evolving on the issue a few years ago. She has realized that she can never smell the white house if she doesnt endorse gay marriage and her evolution has finished abi? Politicians will always be politicians; say whatever that will get you elected.

    Obama said he was evolving at a time and he only changed stance after winning the election not before. Ms Clinton I am not buying this your message!!!

    • Ok. So she dilly-dallied at one time. How does that detract from the efforts she’s making to be an LGBT proponent? So Obama did the same thing, but is he not the one now on the forefront of the battlefield? The one getting called all the names homophobic Nigerians can muster?
      Y’all need to chill with your cynicism. And stop focusing on what was before, but look to what is NOW.

      • Obama changed stance after the election, she changed stance before the election. Its different!

        Nna leave these people, I sabi them finish

      • i don’t understand your grief, Dennis. So would they be better human beings to you had they remained anti-LGBT? Do you even listen to your cynicism?

      • Yes its noble and all and yes we need her on board but it doesnt take away the fact that she is just cashing in! Deep down this woman may actually resent gay people!

    • Do you realize saying she’s “indecisive” could well mean she supports it but for fear of losing votes played neutral??

      People discriminate against us; we complain.
      A person/organization supports us; we complain.

      Is the fight over?? Would we rather have another rethuglican in the White House?? A homophobic US government wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if homosexuals are being shipped off to Kirikiri.

      Tuharia uche na-okwu a.

  3. Listened to someone or a parent say “I don’t have to understand or like (my son being) gay but I have to support to him”. I think this phrase applies to any politician supporting equal rights for everyone.

  4. Ah! Politicians! You ppl will promise heaven nd earth just to get in! Hope u dont do like our baba nd wait for #FullnessOfTime oh!

  5. I read somewhere that she’s Bi. It was a conspiracy book of sorts about the inner workings of political leaders in the US, written by a former sex slave . Apparently Hilary is very good at eating vagina “TranceFormation of America”. Has anyone else read that book?

  6. I saw this post as well just minutes after her’s and Ellen’s were posted HONY

    Irrespective of her previous stance, I believe her opinion has evolved. It just so happens she’s in line for the White House. As one gets older and comes across various people and experiences, opinions and beliefs are susceptible to change, even the hardcore ones are not left out.

    Is it an excellent political maneuver? Of course it is. But then again name one country where everyone plays 100% fair in anything that involves politics. Also times are changing, just like no one would believe 50years ago that being gay could be accepted and that WOMAN could be a strong contender for the White House.

    So let’s dial back a bit on the hoopla of whether she genuine in her statement or not. It’s for a good cause, so can y’all just chillax by taking a chill pill.

  7. i dunno sha; she may have evolved and decided to move with the times or this might just be a way to swing votes in her favour from the LGBT community and its supporters as well as America’s large youth population who are rather open and liberal minded …

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