Photo: Whisper pulled one on me

Whisper is a social media app where you sign on, take on an anonymous identity and say anything you want to say. No names, just pseudonyms. And you can ‘whisper’ anything and everything. Sort of like an online diary cloaked in anonymity. And after you are done typing out your words, Whisper will assign a picture that best relates to your words and then, you post.

So, post-breakup, I have been venting a lot there, whispering my darkness on my way to healing. A couple of days ago, I whispered: ‘Some people suck at being people.’

And below is the picture Whisper attached to my words. I saw it and I couldn’t help the bubble of laughter that followed suit.Screenshot_2015-03-06-10-33-16

I can’t with the thirsty hoes at Whisper. I just can’t.

28 thoughts on “Photo: Whisper pulled one on me

  1. Gbam!

    Dude is so fyn i guess his sexiness far outshines his ”people” skills…

    FGM I see you brandishing your wand everywhere.

    it’s ok ,
    just continu….

  2. Um…ok,Pinky,I know this post is “on a lighter note”, so forgve me for being a bit “deep”: I know it’s not easy to move on from a relationship u had some hope in, but I’m kinda surprised to learn that u had to “vent” over it.I don’t know whether ur ex is the person whom u describe as incapable of being a (proper) person, but if he’s d one u refer to…well,I thought the issues he/u guys had at d time were sort of beyond his/anyone’s control…

  3. Pinky broke up with his boo?

    The colours and designs in which these lastma vests I put on are on the increase.

    *boards lastma van headed to lastma HQ*

  4. The people at Whisper simply sock . See kind of wicked joke they crack at the expense of a grieving divorcee. Wicked!


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