FYI: Swimming with men is a sure way to get possessed by ‘gay demons’

ing wiProphet TB Joshua reportedly recently delivered a gay Nigerian, Thaddeus, and made him ‘straight’. (This was the point of this report where I rolled my eyes, but stay with me, guys. Let’s finish reading first)

Sharing his testimonies during a live programme on Emmanuel TV, Thaddeus, a Nigerian from Imo State (he had to come from my state of origin, I’m ashamed for us true sons of Imo State) revealed that the ‘gay’ demon has been chased out of him after an encounter with Prophet TB Joshua.

“I was travelling to Asia and had a long stopover in an African country where he stayed in a hotel with a swimming pool. I went for a swim with fellow men, then went to eat and sleep. That night, in a dream, I saw myself swimming in the same swimming pool naked with other men. When I woke up, I was sweating and the ‘gay’ demon entered me,” he revealed. (Just like that folks. He slept, he woke, and he was gay)

“I realised that I no longer had passion for women, but rather began to develop passion for men like me, yet I was a Christian,” he further revealed. As a translator in his church, Thaddeus continued assisting in the church while still living that lifestyle and “indulging in these sinful desires”.

One day, his pastor asked him to go to The Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN for deliverance. “On arriving at The SCOAN, I was in one of the many overflow canopies and could not get a pass to enter the church. From nowhere, an old woman who I have never met before handed me a pass, saying, ‘Here, take mine and go inside.’ As soon as I entered, Wise Man Christopher approached me, and I lost control of myself until I was finally delivered in the name of Jesus Christ,” Thaddeus narrated.

“Now I am delivered, I no longer have affection for men but for ladies. If you come across someone with the same problem, you should not condemn. The only answer is deliverance,” he concluded.

Now, of course I know this report is a farce, a calculated attempt at yet again besmirching further homosexuality in Nigeria. There was no deliverance and no actual gay Thaddeus needing the touch of the pastor. Even if this Thaddeus exists, and ‘was’ gay, I laugh in pity for him, if he thinks this is the beginning of his ‘straight-ness’.

And the fact that TB Joshua (who I believe is a fraud anyway; sorry, King and Gad, that is my frank sentiment) would let his ministry be used for such ignorance and prevarication just took away any respect I might have had for the man, not like there was much there to begin with. Nonsense and in between!

63 thoughts on “FYI: Swimming with men is a sure way to get possessed by ‘gay demons’

  1. I saw the title….and saw a picture of TB joshua, and realised that making myself a vegetable salad and a glass of juice would be a more justifiable use of the time to read this piece… However, I read through ( surprisingly faster than the speed of light)….and *in Lady Gaga’s voice* There’s nothing else I can say…..

  2. Oooh Pinky dear I just love your “nonsense and inbetweens” hehehehe….ok well gats really nothing else to say to the delivered man but PRAISE GOD!!! if it’s true…… Now mark my words and I say it carefully….IF ITS TRUE OOOOO I PRAISE GOD JO!!

    I haven’t checked out the authenticity or otherwise of this story but in my premise of mind pinky….NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE….i know that this story might not have any legitimacy and all that but I still believe God that says “all things are possible ” and if God said it who am I to say that it’s a lie and that SOMETHING can really be IMPOSSIBLE….mba Nu you wont catch me there at all!!!. ….there ave said me mind!!
    “picking up my shotgun and dusting it over for any onslaughts after jo” pshew!!!

      • She is very fine thanx….Please luv Dennis dear don’t misunderstand me!!! I remember when I almost gave up and also decided to end my life just after I had finished school only cause I tot I was doomed…..oh but don’t i know better now!!!!…So yes I too have not yet been changed and so I await abi…..but I will NEVER say NEVER…it hasn’t happened and might never but I will still not say NEVER…as for the man who got healed…..hmmmm if I catch you near any of my lovable guys eh….so dearie am still here and until that DAY…..

      • Lol! King…you do have a very strong point of view. You’re someone who I can say is as liberal and pragmatic as I am….heheheheheh!

      • Never said the story was true I only said I believe in the God that raises the dead and changes water to wine and walks on water and heals the sick and ascends physically!!!! And so HE alone is worthy of my belief and faith and worship and IF he said All things are possible who am I to say otherwise!!!! Eh? So am still NEVER SAYING NEVER!!! Still!!

    • am starting to see a strong linkage between married gay men & hypocrisy of the highest order, and now I know why many of my friends WONT date or have anything to do with them except there’s lots of $$$$$$€€€££££ involved. …

      • We should always try as much as possible to read b4 commenting or if we read to remember the case in point b4 we comment

  3. I still retain my position: Modern religion is nothing but a sham, business venture, and a tool for manipulation and control.
    This can never be what Jesus or Mohammed intended.
    All so called pastors and men of god shld go into hiding and re examine themselves. Wolves in sheep clothing!

    • Earth Shattering #GBAM
      *chop Knuckle*

      I have liberated myself from the opium pipe as my dear Khaleesi succinctly puts it!

      • I tot I was d only 1 who picked dt “opium pipe” line ysday
        As 4 religion,being queer, deliverance, Homophilia as a sin,Justification of hw I feel as bein a G guy all based on God’s creation is perfct etc—–i hv decided to let it breathe.
        No much energy 2break my head anymore cos I always end up worse dn I waz b4 d tinkin n argument sections
        If he waz Delivered-lucky him!
        Ds days some of us no longer fight d inner “demons” cos we r now on d same side!

      • U better not Dennis coz as the term goes….OPIUM right? HIGH abi…so that’s the cleanest and healthiest and ofcoz the only HIGH permitted by the ALMIGHTY and if you re not yet smoking it….tsk tsk.tsk….wonder what your on????

  4. Well Frauds aint limited to black continent, ignorance will always exist, smarter people will always cash on that for either monetary gains or popularity gains. So among pastor TB’s Joshua conquest is gay deliverance.. Okay ooo there is god oooo.. until Miss Pinky is delivered and lagos governed by an igbo man no believe..

  5. The story sounds fabricated. Just like the kind of “miraculous” stories found in the Christian Bible (I apologize to the Christians here). He didn’t have a pass to enter the church and a woman miraculously offered him her own pass. Possibly she’s an angel of the Most High. Lol.

    Pinky, I don’t think TB Joshua “let” his church be used. I think he is the one doing the “using”. I don’t blame the man, Thaddaeus, though. My blame lies with TB Joshua. For all we know, Thaddaeus may have been a paid actor.

    Well, I’m not surprised. As days go by, the fraudulent natures of some Christian pastors are brought to light.

  6. As a real and proper “Man-of-God” as opposed to these “church proprietors” running thriving “money making organizations (bless the soul of Fela), here is my morning Sermon…

    Dennis Macaulay, a bear hug and …. for you on that comment.
    I have for over a week now been suggesting that Mr “tb” Joshua should be in jail for manslaughter and his colleague in the ‘business’,shine-shine bobo should be in with him on the charge of money laundry.
    These men and their ilk claim to cure anything and everything. When ebola came visiting Nigeria, they all ran into all kinds of cracks and crevices to hide.
    It is said that “a fool and his money are soon parted”. These people are making tons of money because they are dealing with majorly…..( I didnt insult anybody).

    People, Here are some very important questions deserving utmost spiritual attention.
    What else can we contract inside a swimming pool? How do we become possessed by the spirit(s) of armed robbery, kidnapping, pedophilia, murder, fornication ?

    Beloved Kito diaresians, we all should be careful! very careful!
    If swimming can do this, do you know what entering tuke-tuke/danfo can cause?
    Please lets be careful!

    ***end of sermon***

  7. At least I’m glad you’re aware there’s nothing like gay demons.

    I used to believe that being gay was unnatural and evil. Until I discovered that some animals were also gay. Meaning there is nothing unnatural about it. And if something is not unnatural, it means it is natural. And if it is natural, and we believe God created nature and said it was good, then God created homosexuality too. So I wonder where the gay demons are coming from.

  8. I laughed and laughed and laughed when I read d dude’s version of how he “turned” gay. Swimming with men? Really? I don’t even know how to respond to this,other than with laughter.
    If this “Thaddeus” character really exists, I wonder d kind of cakes and “kporo” that he saw in that pool,that pushed him over the edge and unleashed his true self; that musta bin some good shit…lol.

  9. I know that God is Omnipotent (all powerful),I also know that He is Omniscient(all wise). What happened in that comedy and deception centre called church is a big fraud,an insult to reason and wisdom.God is not an author of confusion.He is the sole creator of mankind,gays inclusive.This is like someone coming to testify that God has delivered him from being an American to an African or from a girl to a man.Pinky,Im not surprised that you apologise to me for airing your thoughts on TB Joshua,Im only sad that you misunderstood my positions on issues(i say it the way I feel it not the way you will want me to).You also don’t seem to understand The term “church” as its generally used today.That an organisation calls itself a “church” doesn’t make them xtians. Finally Pinky,note that we have 2 churches in the whole world namely; d Church that exists to preach Christ and the one that preaches Christ to exist.ututu oma

  10. I never trusted tb Joshua. Tb is in his name seff. Lol. Ahem. As I was saying I never trusted him. He seems unchristian. He helps people but not to the glory of God but to his own glory. Someone who knows the true meaning of Christianity wouldn’t be doing that. I watched some weird documentary thingy of his where he helped a poor boy and the boy kept saying he was grateful to the man of God, not to God himself. Do you see what I mean?

    But le bible says judge not so you won’t be judged. I will continue to observe. Sooner or later the truth will be revealed.

  11. Hmmm. Just like that, maybe I’ll sleep, wake up and gbam! I’ll become straight. (Which pastor delivers straight people from heterosexual demons, biko?) ..anything is possible…

  12. *laughs in spanish, yoruba and french* smh for this thaddeus !!! Such lies in national tv !! Na wa oooo! #operation swin, eat, sleep and become gay. nonsense and ingredients smh

  13. Can’t say more… Everyone has said Everything I had in mind…Network has been a bad bitch this morning…I was the first to see this post, but haven’t been able to comment …

    Well, unless you’re gay, you might actually believe what the idiot said… Even some gay people believe they’re possessed by a demon(thats why some hate themselves) until they finally snap out of it at some point….
    And swimming pools???? Hahahahahaha…
    Now we know how to convert our straight crushes….Everyone let’s lunch Operation #TransferGayDemon.. Find a cute straight guy and take him for a swim so you can transfer your demon to him..Before you know, he ll be dreaming of you… *Rushes out to buy new swimming wear…

  14. Can Ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ø̲̣̣̥u imagine? How can Ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ø̲̣̣̥u wake up become gay, its kinda lame seriously. Apart ☀̤̣̈̇f gay deliverance, d guy also need voodoo possession deliverance. Nonsense!

  15. Lol

    This is one reason I’ll prefer being a Buddhist or Zoroastrian to being a Christian. Gay demon from swimming pools. SMH. The Devil (if he really exists) must be having a field day from watching the sons of men indulge their stupidity (forgive my language) in the name of religion.

    Sorry to say but Christianity has always been seen as a religion for the simple-minded and for people who can’t think for themselves even from the times of the Roman Emperors. That is why their pastors feed fat off of the sweat of hard-working Nigerians.

  16. Aquatic gay demons!..what’s next?…flying lesbians demons? Ninja transgendered and teleporting shemales?… Biko pls am going back to my nap!…dis one transformation happens yle sleeping, I hope am still gay when I wake up.

  17. my first instinct was to throw back my head and laugh at these scam artists and the multitude of fools who pay them heed. but then I remember the trance like grip that this Tb Joshua (who belongs firmly behind thick bars) has on millions of gullibe fools who lap up his hogwash and am filled with alarm. do you realise that this will further deepen homophobia? the next hate filled mob wont think twice about brutalising or even murdering gays, after all Daddy Tb Joshua frequently casts the gay demons out!!
    am firmly with Kendigin, and shall at every opportunity say it that religion as currently practiced, is light years away from God’s true intentions for mankind. what the religitards abd religidiots lap up today is simply a concoction of man made trash infused with medieval judeo-european customs and propped up by a 4000yr old book of jewish folklore/customs/traditions and followed by either fools or hypocrites (pick yoyr category). is it any wonder that this country has come to such a sorry pass? when the people are firmly tethered to their beloved opium pipes which keep them in a state of permanent mental stupor. am not judgmental, so if those damned opium pipes keep you happy, by all means, suck away, suck till ur brains have dissolved into a mushy porridge.
    This thaddeus is obviously a fellow con artist contracted by this crust of scum of a pastor3, its shocking that some people on this blog even entertain any iota of belief in these lies. well, hypocrisy seems to be Nigerians’ major talent so am not surprised…. ***rolls eyes and goes back to filing manicured nails***

  18. I’m going to open my church and in my case, I will conduct mass deliverance for heterosexuals. I wud lay my hand on them and cast out those straight demons permanently! Wouldn’t it be a nice thing to behold thousands of striaght demons shrieking and jumping out the window?

    • I remember one time I was having a first chat with one dude on badoo and it went like this.
      Him: hello
      Me: hi
      Him: are you TB?
      Me: yes. TB Joshua

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