LeBron James Accidentally Flashes His Penis On Live Tv

LeBronsDick1Holy wardrobe malfunction!

Getting ready to take the court for Game 4 of the NBA Finals recently, as LeBron James was adjusting his uniform, 18.5 million people got a flash of his junk if they looked quick. In case you didn’t … we slowed it down for you.

Hoping to add win number three against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers were having their pregame huddle.

ABC moved their cameras in just as LeBron was tucking his jersey into his compression shorts and unwittingly flashed what would become his most famous basket of the night. Continue reading

Photo Of The Day: Balls On Display

This World Cup tournament is proving to be a lot interesting for more than just soccer. Forget about Luis Suárez’s bite. We’re talking now about a major World Cup wardrobe malfunction!

During the game between Portugal and Ghana on June 26 at the Brasilia national stadium, we witnessed how the players’ shorts might not be so reliable. In an attempt to get the ball, Portugal’s William Carvalho went after Ghana’s Jordan Ayew. It quickly became physical when Carvalho grabbed Ayew by the shorts putting his privates in full display for the whole world to see. See photos below.jordan-ayew Continue reading