6a00d8345a66bf69e200e54f7f220f8834-800wiLast year was my debut year. I had discovered (not accepted) my sexuality three years earlier. But, the honey pot was opened last year.


So, about two years ago, 2go was the reigning thing. If you hadn’t opened an account, you were dulling. Forget BBM. 2go was the favorite hookup site for many, from sex freaks to kitos (then). The Men’s Lounge was my favorite enclave. I came to know the actual meanings of some gay terms: TB – Top/Bottom. Kito – Set ups. (To be honest, what I always had in mind about the meaning of that one was a pair of stylish sandals.) And I also got to meet a few people from the site face-to-face; most of them unattractive, some others egocentric.

And then, there was the opener of the honey pot – the first love.

Let’s call him Kel. He’s about my age. Too cute, bitchy too. After chatting for a few days, we decided to meet. His place isn’t far at all (which I liked). Aish! I hate long distance visitations.

So, on that fateful day, I dressed way too casual, wasn’t feeling too sexy that day. As I made the trip to his place, we communicated through Whatsapp. Fifteen minutes later, I was at his bus-stop. No traffic. That’s one major reason to hate long distance visitations. Traffic! Lagos traffic can be disconcerting ehn. Kai.

Ok, so there I was, standing at his bus-stop (I hate), looking around to see if he was there. I waited, I waited. And just when I was about to lose it, he emerged. Chai. So fine, same height with me, inviting lips, mesmerizing almond-shaped brown eyes that seemed to say, “Ah, Kizito, welcome to the gayborhood.” Continue reading


FOREWORD: So, following that first time post, someone has sent in a non-fictional narration of his first sexual experience. He dedicates it to the dude who made it happen. Read and enjoy.


g21When we first met, you said, you didn’t know I was. I smile at that sentence: so Nigerian the way the auxiliary verb comes laden with unspoken meaning. Meaning worth fourteen years behind bars.

I’d been in your place that Saturday afternoon you referred to, going through your stack of photos. You said, later, that you’d wanted to kiss me. But weren’t sure.

Months later, while I hoped that the next item on the news about the ASUU strike would be its call-off, you asked me my role. It was past one a.m., in the days XtraCool was a thing.

Versatile, I said quickly. And slapped my arm – fucking mosquito. Did it matter that when I watched Diego and Paloma kiss back in the day, I actually saw myself as a kinda male version of Paloma, swooning but for Diego’s strong arm propping my spine? Uh, no. I didn’t think so.

I was versatile, I said again, in case you hadn’t heard the first time. Continue reading

Actor Neil Patrick Harris lost virginity at party

NeilPatrickHarrisHWOFSept2011Neil Patrick Harris lost his virginity at a party.

The 41-year-old actor recalled the moment he was left feeling humiliated after he got physical beneath the sheets with a woman, for the first time, at a gathering.

Speaking on NPR show ‘Fresh Air’, he explained: ”We were at a party and some girl was there from college with a friend and [she] told my group of friends that she wanted to have sex with me because I was on a TV show. And so my friends were like, ‘This is the time! It’s perfect! You have to have sex right now!’ It seemed perfect at the time … so it happened.

”So it was very warm and exciting and it was done very quickly. And then she was done — she didn’t want to date me or anything … I was sort of shell-shocked by it all. …. I thought, ‘OK. Where’s my pants?’ And then she was gone. It was very unceremonious.”

The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ hunk came out as gay in 2006 and is now married to David Burtka, and he insists he has no regrets about revealing his sexuality.

He explained: ”I knew that coming out would be an inevitability sometime. I was thankfully in a relationship with David and I was very much in love with him and it started to seem uncomfortable to not recognise him. It seemed more insulting to him to go to a movie premiere and then I get out of the car on one door, he gets out of the car on the other door, I go down the press line by myself. That just seemed disrespectful.”