American Airlines Shuts Down Homophobe On Twitter

15aaWhat started out as a complaint on Twitter about a flight delay turned into a massive shade-fest when Nathan Lorick, the director of evangelism for Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, questioned American Airlines’ use of the rainbow flag in its avatar.

Lorick initially tweeted about flight delays on American, which prompted the air carrier to reply back with an apology along with an assurance that he would be en route to his destination shortly. He followed up with an inquiry about “the rainbow colored image” on American’s profile photo. When the airline clarified that its Twitter avatar was in support of Pride month and the LGBT community, Lorick expressed his disappointment in “a poor choice from a company that certainly has many customers who do not agree with that lifestyle.” Although the tweets are no longer publicly viewable, the exchange was captured in screenshots. Continue reading

Is Twitter Going To Have To Ban Porn?

A user scrolls through a Twitter feed on the screen of an Apple Inc. iPhone 5 smartphone in this arranged photograph taken in London, U.K., on Friday, Oct. 4, 2013. Twitter Inc.'s initial public offering documents suggested a valuation of $12.8 billion for the microblogging service, underscoring the seven-year rise of a still unprofitable company that has helped revolutionize how people share information. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

You hear that? It’s the sound of porn stars and porn lovers screaming and crying because they might not be able tweet out or ogle dick pics anymore.

Yes, Twitter has a porn problem. The company is having some major trouble right now in terms of growth and profit, and as Business Insider reports, one continual thorn in their side is the issue of pornographic content and how it doesn’t sit well with advertisers.

Now, Twitter has software that’s supposed to prevent serving ads on pages with adult content, but this hasn’t always worked. On top of that, let’s just look at the numbers here: It’s estimated that at least 10 million Twitter accounts are devoted totally to tweeting pornography, and that 1 out of every 1000 tweets is pornographic.

Also: “Ads on Twitter are targeted based on a user’s interests, location, accounts followed, and so on — not the specific content they are viewing at any one time. That means there is always the chance a paid-for ad can appear next to porn, which can be turned into the kind of headlines that worry advertisers.”

Given that Twitter needs every advertising penny they can find right now, this kind of spells doom for all the porn sharing that’s been rampant since Twitter’s beginnings.

JK Rowling Educates Fan On Gay Dumbledore

dumbledore2_4JK Rowling loves tweaking the Harry Potter universe even though the books are finished, and one of her biggest reveals came in 2007 when she said that Dumbledore was gay. Now, even eight years later, people are still having trouble grasping the fact that gay wizards exist.

Twitter user @anakocovic21 tweeted to the author asking how Dumbledore could be gay, when she just couldn’t see him that way. Rowling, as succinct as always when dealing with things like this, responded with, “Maybe because gay people just look like… people?” Continue reading

The Perfect Response Gay Magician Derren Brown Gave to shut down a Homophobic Troll

darren-brownDerren Brown is a British illusionist and hypnotist who’s made a name for himself by having an uncanny ability to cut through the chatter to decipher alarmingly personal details from his audience.

He also happens to be gay, a fact which one homophobic Twitter follower, @HossamAlyyy, has only just become aware of. He fired off a series of nasty tweets to Brown, calling him a “sick human being” and a “fuckin faggot” among other uninspired insults.

Here are the Tweets: Continue reading

Anderson Cooper Responds To Woman Who Says He Should Have Remained In The Closet

Pictures2CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on Wednesday responded to a woman who told him that he should have remained in the closet.

The 47-year-old Cooper came out in 2012 after ducking rumors for years.

Lexie (@twinkleeyes2817) describes herself as a 26-year-old dispatcher on her Twitter profile. The lover of “music, technology, food, outdoors, gym, movies, sleeping, chocolate and more” has 9 followers on the social media site.

“@andersoncooper,” Lexie tweeted, “The world wasn’t interested in hearing about your sexual preference and it didn’t stop you from sharing it with the world.”

“@twinkleeyes2817 thanks Lexie,” Cooper messaged back, “pls tell me where I can get my photo airbrushed like yours, It’s awesome and looks almost lifelike!”

LMAO! That is the best shut-up-your-mouth response I’ve ever seen. And I checked the woman’s profile; the airbrushed photo had disappeared. I guess Cooper’s barb stung her real bad. Someone should have warned her that gay men can like to have a serious case of Bad-Mouth-ism. Lol!