Blog_Love And Sex In The City 02FOREWORD: This episode of Love And Sex In The City takes on an issue that has been over-flogged on Kito Diaries. My intention to tackle the issue amongst Declan and his friends isn’t to spark another debate, but to show up another facet on the individual personalities of these eight young men.

On that note, I would like to apologize profusely for the delay in the continuation of the series. The muses of creativity broke up with me for awhile, but thankfully, we have reconciled and intend to live happily ever after from now henceforth. 😀 Read and enjoy.


“Mmm…Yum!” Yinka murmured, allowing himself a soft moan after he spooned a small mound of ice cream into his mouth. His jaw moved rhythmically as he savoured the taste, his eyes closed to shut out all other visual stimuli. “Mmm-mmm-mmm,” he said. “This ice cream is just hitting all the right spots, I’m telling you.”

There were some chuckles from our table as Paschal said, “When ice cream starts giving you this kind of pleasure, that’s when you know it’s time to get a fuck, like really fast.” Continue reading

Let’s Discuss…About ‘Monitoring Spirits’

Blog_Let's DiscussTrust is a huge issue in any relationship, straight or gay, romantic or platonic. Trust is everything. Love may be a key ingredient in a relationship, but it still doesn’t bear as much import as Trust does.

That said, what you’re about to read below is a piece Sensei sent to me about a part of his past, and a relationship he had where the issue of Trust played a part in it. Check on it.


I believe I’m a simple, straightforward, honest guy. When I’m in an exclusive relationship, I’m focused and I stay faithful. Whether it makes me special or not isn’t the issue here. Perhaps I was wired to be that way, I don’t know. But I have learnt not to judge people who are different from me. It is their life and they are entitled to live as they please.

I have had a few relationships and some were quite dramatic and ended before they even started. Even though I know my boundaries and stay faithful to my partner, sometimes nothing can remove that psychological rat of suspicion that persistently nibbles at one’s trust of a partner. Continue reading