Porn Stars In Love

brent-corrigan-theo-fordI once went through a porn star stanning phase, during which time I caught up on porn stars, mostly whites though, and their careers and who was sleeping with who (off-camera, of course) and who was breaking up with who, and who was committing suicide out of depression. And notably amongst the off-screen hook-ups were Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin, Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse, amongst a few others. Even then, I’d always had my reservations about porn stars in relationships. I mean, how does that even work, you getting to screw random men in front of the camera, and then going home to screw your man… Isn’t there supposed to be a joke in there somewhere?

Anywho, before I get carried away, this post is about porn star, Brent Corrigan (left in picture above), who has been updating his following on snippets of his life that makes us realize he must be in love. With who, you ask. Fellow uprising porn actor, Theo Ford (right in picture above). Continue reading