Man Crush Monday: Ryan Gentles

Ryan Gentles 04Queer Mike woke me up by 2am in the morning to tell me about this hot Jamaican model. He had finally found his man crush, and I had to be informed of this as soon as possible. So, sleepy-eyed, I went to Google to find out the level of hotness this person had that warranted me losing my sleep.

I clicked search, and – that body, those locs (Oh my!) – Ryan Gentles has it going on! His sweat-drippin’-all-over-my-body pictures had me clutching at my heart and struggling to stay faithful in my thoughts to Idris Elba, Tyson Beckford and David McIntosh. Continue reading

Man Crush Monday: Boris Kodjoe

Boris Kodjoe 04I’ve always fancied Boris Kodjoe to be a thoroughly beautiful man. This certainly wasn’t helped by the movie Addicted, where he showed some skin and some lovemaking expertise. *sigh* What I’d give to have him act a gay role and for me to be his love interest, lol.

But today, he’s not for me. Andrevn is the KDian who owns this man crush. And you know Andrevn has lyrics, right up there with the likes of Vhar. So when I asked him why he found Boris Kodjoe desirable, here’s what he said: Continue reading

Meet The Hottest Maths Teacher In The World

Pietro Boselli 01He’s not an English teacher. He doesn’t teach Biology. He teaches the almighty Maths. AND he’s got a PhD. The rare man who’s got both brains and beauty. His name is Pietro Boselli.

The 26-year-old, who received his PHD in mechanical engineering from University College London, also doubles up as a model, and is represented by Models 1.

He managed to keep his part-time career a secret until one of his students discovered some snaps, and posted a photo online of him shirtless, working out at the gym, alongside one of him working on a maths equation. (Check out the picture below) Continue reading

Man Crush Monday: Mehcad Brooks

Mehcad Brooks 04Khaleesi got me all hot and bothered yesterday when he introduced me to his man crush, Mehcad Brooks. I’d seen the dude just one time on the TV screen when he starred in Desperate Housewives Season 2. And he did nothing for me there. Apparently he did something for Khaleesi, because it was in that show he latched on to the Coco Baby. And it would seem the dude had gone on from the show to become an incredibly buff, sexy, sexy man. Aish! *fanning face* Forgive me, Idris darling.

Check out the pictures below, and you’ll understand why we have to make Khaleesi share his tall drink of incredibly tasty water. Continue reading

Will Smith thinks Denzel Washington is sexy

"After Earth" Premiere - New YorkWill Smith thinks Denzel Washington is a ”sexy man”.

The ‘Focus’ actor finds it ”weird” that people think he is sexy and insists there are other actors who are much more hunky.

He said: ”It really is it’s a strange thing to be considered. When I think sexy, I look at Denzel Washington…Now that’s a sexy man! You know, I never thought of myself in that way, so it’s fun.”

The 46-year-old star claims he was a ”late bloomer” who only saw his physique change in his late twenties. He told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres: ”I was a late bloomer. Probably right around 26 or 27 years old, I started to fill out a little bit…I’ve always been skinny…But, I grew into my ears, I guess you could say.” Continue reading

Photo: My Valentine Man

Uche Odikanwa 01I have a new love interest, someone who is threatening to overthrow Idris Elba from his place as number one in my heart.

And his name is Uche Odikanwa.

Gawd! This guy is gorgeous, built like an black Greek god. Carved to perfection. Makes me want to drop to my knees and say: ‘I’m yours to do with as you please.’

Here’s my Valentine man. Who’s yours? Continue reading