China GBC ProjectIn spite of the urgency I read in Ekene’s call, I took my time closing from work. I put my things together, while mentally calculating the expense of going to his place in Ojuelegba before going on home in Surulere. He was lucky we lived in the same direction, otherwise, not even the sake of our friendship would make me drag my tired self to his place at the end of a work day, braving the mad traffic that was bound to bog down the Lagos metropolis.

As I stepped out of the office, my phone rang again. This time, the name I saw flashing on and off against the brightness of the phone’s screen set my heart into a light skip. The smile I instantly wore was evident in my voice when I answered, “Hey you.”

“Hey yourself,” Basil’s deep voice thrummed against my ear. “How was your day, Dick?”

There was something very suggestive about that moniker every time he referred it to me. “Stop calling me that,” I said with a chuckle, instantly feeling a tug against my crotch. “That’s not my name.” Continue reading


Previously on Love And Sex In The City: Introducing Declan in the city of Lagos, on the day that followed the introduction of the anti-gay bill by the Nigerian Senate. His sexcapade with a guy from a party, and his getting dumped by his older male lover, Benson. (Read HERE)

And now, on to today’s episode.


China GBC Project“Who is Iyke and what do you mean he fucked you?”

My heart skipped a beat as I turned to watch my sister, Tonia pad into my room.

That winch! Doesn’t she ever knock?

“Don’t you ever knock?” I groused.

“And that answers my question how?” she sallied, plopping down on my bed.

Up. Fucked me up, that’s what I said. The guy is my friend who disappointed me today.”

“Phew!” Tonia mimed swiping sweat from her forehead with her fingers. “I for fear. With all this talk about the senate passing an anti-gay bill, the last thing I need is to start worrying if my brother likes taking it up his ass.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Continue reading


Hello, guys. It’s yours truly, Pink Panther, and I have embarked on a fictional series, one which I will be updating once every week. The story will be chronicling the city life of a Lagos dude – his hook-ups and break-ups and sexcapades and all-what-not. I’m not going to hold back on the raunchiness, so all ye prudish readers, try not to protest too much at my use of strong language, will you? 🙂

Here it is, the episode one. Read and enjoy.



China GBC ProjectI went to the birthday party on Thursday night. I didn’t think I’d have a very good time but I ended up enjoying the night immensely, but that wasn’t because of the actual party.

Yinka and I arrived fashionably late, and everyone else was already there, although I wouldn’t have a clue, I didn’t know any of them apart from Yinka. It was his friend who was hosting the small bash. The apartment was in a secluded part of Ajah, the party was in full swing, and some hips were already rolling to something Flavour was crooning through the speakers. I took a quick visual reconnoiter of the house as we sauntered in, and my heart sank because I couldn’t see any cute guys at all. Continue reading