Those Awkward Moments

Blog_Those Awkward Moments“Why are you gay?”

A long time ago, someone asked me.

“Why? Why are you gay?”

It wasn’t even the kind of question that left wriggle room for doubt. He sounded certain.

“Why are you gay?” NOT “Are you gay?”

Of course, I acted like I didn’t know what he was talking about. “Huh!?”

He persisted. “I’ve seen your browser history. Gay porn? Why?”

I could have just turned tables and started badgering him on why he went through my browser history in the first place, but it would only sound more like me trying to change the subject. My defensiveness would be a statement of my…well, guilt.

But I was scrambling for a good excuse, a persuasive lie, a brilliant answer. I grasped at the ones that came into my head and ran with them. I gave my cousin my phone, he must have done it… Okay, I’m lying, I mistakenly clicked a link on Facebook… It was a mistake…

Yea, some brilliance. Continue reading

Straight Guy Realized He Was Gay After An episode Of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

g19It all started with an episode of How to Get Away with Murder.

24-year-old Reddit user, fly_idol, had just broken up with his girlfriend of two-and-a-half years, when he flipped on the television and saw two guys going at it on the hit ABC show.

“I saw Connor and another guy making out,” he writes in a book-length Reddit thread titled ‘Straight Guy Got Curious Now Falling For Another Man.’ “That didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I started to get hard. I had no idea why at the time.”

A few days passed and fly_idol couldn’t stop thinking about those two guys kissing on TV and how turned on he got from watching it.

“So my curiosity got the best of me and I started looking up gay porn,” he confesses. “Come to find out, it really turned me on. This went on for a couple of months until finally I decided that I was going to give in to my curiosity and find out for myself if this is what I liked.”

So he turned to Grindr. That’s where he met 22-year-old “Justin.” Continue reading


Blog_KD JournalJanuary 1

I’ve always had a hunch

That putting sentences

On different lines

When they could have all been on the same line

Turns a rather bland sentence

Into poetry

Lol. I know it’s not as easy as that, but look at what I just did. Isn’t it biuriful! I think that’s what Vhar basically does… *strokes beard in thought*

I’m writing exams. Yay! (Please, note my heavy sarcasm) This exam is however much more lenient than my previous ones. We have at least 24 hours before each paper, which is enough time for me to go through my notes and work on past questions with times for 10-minute power naps in between.

My life has been relatively dry… Not that dry though. At the risk of getting a lot of sneers and jeers from people, I will state that my boyfriend and I have broken up. Why? Continue reading

The Letter To My Family

_51386910_man.624Dear whoever reads this,

Yes, I am 20 and I am leaving, to be happy. Of course you’ll say, being gay is not being happy, but you won’t understand. You probably never will.

This is who I am. The consistent “therapies” which was supposed to make me change has made me stronger.

If I had written this letter two years ago, it’d have been followed with my body hanging from the ceiling fan or pale from overdosing. But that can’t happen now, I’m wiser, I’m in love with myself and I’ve learned to love who I am. Continue reading