christmas-morning-1wbatvfdSanta called to ask if I’m OK

He said the winter love is spreading everywhere.

I know your little sister was just brought to the hospital again.

And your mum just called that your uncle died at the early morn.


Santa called to ask if I’m OK

He said, I see you every night sobbing in your sleep.

I know this year like every other has been a sad steep.

And I see you dropping visine to conceal those red eyes. Continue reading

WHAT WE WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: 16 Wishes Kitodiariesians Would Like Fulfilled This Christmas

Santa ClausSanta Claus, you have a job to do.

So, in the past couple of days, I polled several Kitodiariesians with the question: What’s that crazy or fun or silly or slutty or humorous or grave wish you’d like granted to you this Christmas? I got an overwhelming surge of responses, but I only needed a small number for the purpose of this post. And so, I have picked out 16 wishes I’d like to share with y’all – those wishes we want fulfilled this Christmas, here on Kito Diaries.

So, Santa Claus, we’re here, good and naughty alike, and we have a list. Check on it below. 🙂 Continue reading