British Tabloid Speculates Russell Tovey And Sam Smith Romance

sam russel 2Keredim, are you here? You should read this. 🙂

You gotta love the tabloids. They’re always trying to romantically link celebrities who are spotted out and about together. The latest victims of the rumor mill are Sam Smith and Russell Tovey.

According UK’s Mirror, Sam was “cozying up” to Russell this past weekend during a music festival in London’s Hyde Park. The publication goes on to state “the two chums were getting on like a house on fire backstage,” which must be some sort of British euphemism for flirting. Continue reading

Let’s Discuss…About Age As Just A Number

Actor Gerald McCullouch and college basketball player Derrick Gordon kiss during 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in New YorkIs Age really nothing but a Number?

Last year, in April, college basketball star Derrick Gordon came out as being gay. Not too long after that, he made a public appearance with his much older boyfriend, award-winning actor Gerald McCullouch. Some people made a big deal out of their age difference, while others said that “love is love.”

Now, age has played a huge role in most relationships, determining whether they even get to happen or being a factor that brings about the end. You get a lot of older guys, from their thirties and above, declaring that they could never date anyone in his early to mid-twenties, and some twinks can only commit to men years older than them. Some people are less picky with the age bracket, dating above and below their ages, and some others have standards inside which are etched specific age brackets. Continue reading


Blog_Love And Sex In The City 02I swayed in my seat as the Keke-Napep swerved rightward to circumvent a pothole on the centre of the road. The breeze from the warm Sunday morning fanned across my face as I typed away on the keypad of my Blackberry.

It’d been exactly two weeks since that other Sunday morning of my near kito experience, since the day I met Bryson. And all of those two weeks had been unimaginably idyllic. I was happy, very happy, the kind of happy that R&B crooners talked about in their songs, all because of the reemergence of Bryson in my life, and I was on my way to Yinka’s place to reacquaint myself with my friends and their lives, which I’d unintentionally stayed away from the past two weeks.

The speed of the Keke-Napep began to drop as the driver drew up toward a mild hold-up. A big truck, some vehicles ahead of us, was gradually pulling out onto the main road from an exit ramp, and its slow progress was causing a delay in the traffic. The lull in the strength of the draft allowed for the dewing of mild perspiration across my forehead, and I began fanning the magazine in my hand across my face, leaning back against the well-worn leather of the passenger seat.

Staring sightlessly at the traffic in front, I let my mind get transported to that Sunday two weeks ago. Continue reading


iStock_000008148325-love-letter_6Hello Bash,

The last time I was in love was…

I can’t even remember.

Time has passed that I don’t even know what love feels like.

I have seen different versions of love over the years that I don’t even have expectations anymore. One guy said he loved me but slept with my friend. The other one said I am the best he ever had. I wonder why he settled for mediocre.

My first experience with love was surreal. He was perfect for me. Intelligent. Smart. Sexy in a laid back way. Drama free and a terrific kisser. I not only fell for his intellect but for his charm. Everyone loved him and I knew I had found the one.

Or at least I thought I had. Continue reading


stock-footage-man-crying-laying-on-pillow-in-bedSometimes, I hate God. Don’t get me wrong. I’m Christian. I respect Him A LOT. I adore Him, but where being gay is concerned, I intensely dislike Him. Imagine that moment, as a child, where you and your dad are ‘struggling’ over the remote for your favourite TV programmes? I call it ‘struggle’ lightly, because it’s inevitable your father gets control. You can only rant and cry.

God took The Cook away from me. I still cry when I think about it. Continue reading


article-0-0281364A000005DC-441_468x274It all started from my Facebook Catfish Account, you know, that Facebook account that belongs to you but bears a false identity and all your sexy, slutty pictures through which you flirt uninhibited with all the brothers out there without fear of being outed.

He had been there on my friend list, and we never paid any attention to each other. Then one fateful day, the 12th of September 2012, I spontaneously said ‘Hi’ and he responded. We got to chatting and the spark and chemistry flowing between us on the very first day was what you will describe as Virtual Love at First Sight. We soon began chatting like we had known each other for years. He told me all about him and I told him all about me. And he was gorgeous – twenty-three, kinda tall, dark, muscular, with broad shoulders, a perfect set of white teeth, luscious lips, and very kind eyes. I melted as I rummaged through his Facebook pictures.

This was the perfect man for me, I thought to myself. Continue reading