Fifty Shades Of Rainbow

singles 29My name is Andre. This is the story of what my life was a short while ago. And then what I would have wanted it to be.

The driver’s loud voice woke me from my slumber. “Come down o! We don reach Choba o! Come down, Choba – after here, na waterline o!”

I quickly alighted from the bus, retrieved my bags and hailed a cab, now destined for my brother’s house. After several minutes of battling the usually heavy Port Harcourt traffic, I arrived at my eldest brother’s house where he and my younger sister welcomed me. There were hugs and questions about the welfare of our parents and other siblings. My sister then showed me to my room where I dropped my bags and began to unwind.

As I arranged my luggage, I decided that a nice warm shower would help put me in a more relaxed mood. I grabbed my towel and headed towards the bathroom. Assuming that there was no one else besides my siblings in the house, I threw open the bathroom door and was immediately confronted with a shocking yet alluring image. Continue reading

That Weird Moment

webster7This is a true story. Incredible, but true.

I’ve always been quiet and reserved, except around very close friends, then I’d be the silly one who would say witty things to make them laugh.

I moved into a neighbourhood in Surulere I didn’t quite like. So I kept to myself all the time. I’d say hello to people on my way out to work and back, but I never stopped to say more than two sentences to anyone. Kept me out of trouble.

One hot Sunday afternoon, a few months after I had moved there, I fell asleep after doing my routine push-ups and planks, and having a cool bath. I forgot to lock the steel protector gate and left my glass sliding door wide open for air to come in, but my curtains were closed, so people couldn’t look in. There was no light, I didn’t intend to sleep, but I enjoyed the cool touch of the afternoon breeze way too much to get up and secure my house. I’d taken a bath earlier, and so after lying on my bed awake for a few moments, I slept off, nude.

And then, I had a dream. Continue reading