Blog_Open Love Letters“How can a man love his fellow man?”

That was the question a heterosexual friend of mine asked me a couple of years ago, when in a fit of frustrated desire, I outed myself to him, in order to let him know I fancied him.

And when he blurted out that question, I rolled my eyes at him and corrected him: “I’m not in love with you. I just have a crush on you.”

And he amended: “Still… how can you have a crush on your fellow man? How can you desire a man like you? How can you want to get naked with someone whose body is hard and firm like yours, as opposed to a woman’s body which is soft and curvy?”

His was not the beginning of a homophobic rant, I could tell that from his expression. He looked genuinely befuddled, unable to comprehend the concept of an attraction between same sexes.

And indeed, really, how can that be? Continue reading


36fc16a3b11d4686a0accecc08cebbd6I never knew there were powers

Beyond resistance

I never knew anything hotter than fire

Searing, branding my heart more than the panther’s claws

I never swam somewhere deeper than the wine-dark sea

I never thought of a sight more beautiful than Aurora of the Northward sky

Something more orgasmic than eating chocolate

Never could I have thought there was something more breathtaking

Than the sight of Victoria falls

How could I ever have seen a thing that the ocean cannot wash away

More dramatic than the theatrics of the Royals

More soothing than morning mountain air

Something so hope-inducing

So energizing, unending like the band on my finger

More fun and laughter than Kito Diaries Continue reading

Dear Ex Lover

sad-manWriter’s Note: I had a lover who I thought was the best thing ever that happened to me. Turns out he wasn’t. All through the five months we were together, he had a “significant other”, and I was just the side chick/dude. It hurt when I found out, and the verse below is the expression of my pain.


Dear Ex Lover,

I promise I’ll stop chasing your memory in my dreams.

I’ll stop bringing your name up

Over cups of teas, toast, and loneliness

I will marry a man

And I will lay my heart on his chest

Like red roses on Mahogany caskets

And we shall have a daughter and she’ll have eyes that’ll remind me

That God still believes in second chances. Continue reading


christmas-morning-1wbatvfdSanta called to ask if I’m OK

He said the winter love is spreading everywhere.

I know your little sister was just brought to the hospital again.

And your mum just called that your uncle died at the early morn.


Santa called to ask if I’m OK

He said, I see you every night sobbing in your sleep.

I know this year like every other has been a sad steep.

And I see you dropping visine to conceal those red eyes. Continue reading

When IT Happens

36fc16a3b11d4686a0accecc08cebbd6Like a thief in the night

It hits you

Like a blow from your past

Boom! It strikes

Out of the blues

Into the new

Knocking you off your feet

Into a fit

You almost never see it coming

Can one ever be ready for love?

Are you ready for love?

Yes? No?

When love happens

It could make a grand entry with pomp and fanfare

Or a silent appearance like a stealth missile

Aiming straight for the heart

Or masked in a camouflage, seeking to be noticed

When it happens

Love makes an unexpected arrival.

Written by Krysss

Compliments of the Season, Kitodiariesians.


zget2zero-aids1FOREWORD: Today is World AIDS Day – a day to celebrate the promise of the day when the world will be completely free of new HIV infections, discrimination against HIV patients and AIDS related deaths. That day hasn’t come yet, but as a humanity that thrives on hope, we hold on to the promise and create the awareness of its purpose.

To mark this year’s World AIDS Day, I want to share a verse I wrote a while ago, which seemed suitable for the commemoration. Read, share your thoughts and educate someone you know.


Life is a psychopath, a bully and rarely fair

It’s going to push you over, kick you while you’re down

And hit you when you try to get back up

But your victory comes when you’re not beaten

Listen to your heart, follow your dreams

And let no one tell you what you’re capable of

Push the limits, bend the rules

And enjoy every minute of it Continue reading


g9The strong virile sweetness

In a kiss, hand on hair, skin against skin

Love known in two hearts

Beauty of man loving flows

Souls entwining in secret song

Lips touch lips, limbs excite limbs

And sweet desire, fulfillment, titillation

Suffuse our writhing forms

Take me, my love, in your arms

Kiss me deep and long

Forever place your soft lips against mine

Cheeks fine, light stubble divine

And brand me to be yours for all time.

Written by Pink Panther


Blog_KD JournalOctober 24

So Lexi is here. Whoop, whoop! It’s been awesome having him here. The gossip, the name calling, the dancing, everything has just been great. When I told a friend that I was having a friend over for the weekend, he asked why it would be so much fun if sex won’t be involved. I was irritated by that comment. But oh well…

Lexi and I were watching Orange Is The New Black, and its quite funny. Oyibo prison sef *rolls eyes to China* We got introduced to the transgender guy, and Lexi came face to face with feeling uncomfortable with the way someone can make the decision to live his life in his own terms, however unpopular that lifestyle may be. Lexi didn’t see why a man would want to become a woman. And it irritated him. And then, he realised that that’s how straight fellows must see being gay to be. But he did however try to understand. Which is the most we can say, since some of us feel like our opinions are final, and if you are of a different mindset, then you are on the wrong track. Continue reading