BBA’s Bassey poses nude for Illuzion Magazine’s March Issue

02013 Big Brother Africa’s The Chase Housemate, Bassey Michael Bonney poses completely nude for the cover of Illuzion Magazine’s March Issue.

The cover is a part of a series of images which slowly progresses from a partly dressed Bassey to the completely naked cover star, which symbolizes the progression in Bassey’s life and career from the presumably ‘safe, timid and shy’ reality star to a grown and totally indifferent, determined and self assured movie star in the making.

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Ben Affleck’s Huge Schlong And The Manatomy Award

The good folks over at Mr. Man, who do the important work of cataloging every full-frontal and ass shot in television and film for your masturbating pleasure, are now doing the first annual Manatomy Awards.

Awards include Best Gay Scene, Best Picture, Best Full Frontal, Best Butt, and there’s a “Lifetime Skinchievement Award” for a certain actor’s full career of on-screen nudity.

And if you have seen Gone Girl, and spotted Ben Affleck’s gigantic flaccid cock shot, then you know that has to win something, right? Check on it below.affleck-penis_sml

*sigh* Jennifer Garner has herself quite the handful. No wonder JLo won’t rest for this man matter.

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The Prophet Must Hear This

Pictures (2)Someone please alert TB Joshua. His deliveree is desecrating his body for all to see. I’m sure most of y’all have already seen the video clip from Jim Iyke’s movie, My First Wife, where Nollywood (or Ghallywood, not sure which) has shown that they are hotly on Hollywood’s heels in the department of cinematic nudity. There was a ripping of a dress, a flash of nipples, and Jim Iyke’s ass bouncing up and down as he rammed against the nubile co-star. The dude may have a rotten attitude, but he does kinda have a nice ass.

For those who haven’t seen the clip, check on it below. When the clip made its way to Facebook, here’s what an apparent heterosexual commenter had to say. Continue reading

English hockey team strip naked in fight against homophobia

00Seventeen members of the University of Nottingham hockey team stripped naked to fight homophobia in sports. The team was filmed playing hockey naked, and then talking about discrimination against gays in sports in a video released last week.

The team did the video in collaboration with Voice Your Rights Project, a student group in their school whose mission is for all people “to live in a society in which every person is respected and treated as equals.”

VYRP said they came up with the idea for the guys to strip naked because they knew that would get them more attention. Check out more pics below. Continue reading

Actor Jamie Dornan reveals there will be no full-frontal nude scenes in upcoming Fifty Shades Of Grey film

Jamie-Dornan-fifty-shades-of-grey-37357762-1920-1080Fans of hunky Irish actor Jamie Dornan who are hoping to get a look at the complete, um, package, when the big-screen adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey hits cinemas are in for a disappointment.

Sitting down for a chat with The Observer about what will undeniably be his breakout movie role, the married father-of-one revealed there will be no full-frontal nude shots of his billionaire character Christian Grey.

‘You want to appeal to as wide an audience as possible without grossing them out,’ he explained, adding: ‘You don’t want to make something gratuitous and ugly and graphic. There were contracts in place that said that viewers wouldn’t be seeing my, um…’ he hesitated as he grappled with finding a suitable description.

When the interviewer offered up the word ‘Todger’, the 32-year-old replied: ‘Yeah, my todger.’ Continue reading