Carl’s Existentialism II

Blog_Carl’s ExistentialismI lay on the desk, and pulled him toward me. We began to take our uniforms off while kissing each other ferociously. As one hand began to reach for his ass, and the other reached for his dick, I started to feel a sharp gust of wind. I became a little confused, not because the classroom doesn’t get drafty, but because there was suddenly too much of the draft, as though the wind was being introduced into the classroom from outside. I opened my eyes from paradise to take in my surroundings, and the next thing I saw horrified me.

We were not in the classroom. We were outside it, tucked in a shadowy corner and very nearly naked. I started to reason that it would be okay, as my lover-to-be continued caressing me, seeing as it looked as though we were the early ones for afternoon prep.

I was about to shut my eyes again and give myself away to the pleasure of lovemaking when I heard it.

“What the fuck are you faggots doing?” Continue reading