Blog_KD JournalJanuary 2

I’m not sure whether to start this post with a ‘Happy New Year’ or not. Personally I really could do without the whole Happy New Year thing… Jan 1st is basically another day.

I did have a swell time though…on that day. Started off a bit slow, then my brothers and I met up with my mum and dad at a golf club house. They were on the golf course and dad was playing golf with a friend of his, while mum was with the friend’s sister-in-law. And when I stepped on the golf course, memories of when I was a young one flooded in, and I felt this burst of energy as I ran down the slope shouting “moooooooothheeeeeerrrrrr” with my younger brother.

We jumped around like puppies and took pictures of ourselves mid-jump, and it was ever so exciting to look at the pictures. Even my mum did the jump-and-take-a-picture thing, and she looked so young and lively with a radiant face. And I was so glad I could capture that moment on my camera, because moments like that are what I call priceless.

I love my family. My stubborn dad. My annoying mum. My selfish elder brother. And my vain younger brother. I’m the cunning one. Continue reading


Finishing lineIt’s the end of 2014 and, in keeping with tradition, we cannot fail to be thankful for an eventful year on Kito Diaries. It has been quite a journey, fraught with laughter, misgivings and, of course, drama.

In the past nine months, we’ve had serious fun here, drooled over studs, begged them to do dirty things to us. We have read erotic stories that left us glued to our seats in class or in the office, until the tension in our pants abated.

We have argued about everything from religion to family to sex. We’ve played in the comments section, teased each other and laughed, shared ideas, celebrated birthdays, made new friends, and just done our own thing, away from the hassles of an ignorant world that refuses to accept us. Because we are queer. And this is KD, our channel. Nobody gets to come here and disturb us. Or they get torn to pieces.

It’s not been a perfect year, however.

Tempers have, sometimes, risen and we have fought, hated one another’s guts and said the cruelest things to each other. We have learnt from our conflicts and misconceptions and we have grown.

We have also cried over the most heartrending stories of assault, heartbreak and coping.

But, in everything, we have realised how united we are on the journey to a better life as non-heterosexual persons; that our stories of sex, kito, HIV, boyfriend drama, coming out, marriage, sexuality confusions and religious faith are so connected. Therefore, none of us is alone anymore.

The New Year begins tomorrow. It calls for celebration. In just nine months, we have achieved so much and are set to do even bigger things with this forum. Everyone has been wonderful – thank you so much for a fabulous time out this year! So get out there, enjoy the fireworks, get drunk, pamper yourself, take a man home…and, maybe in 2015, we could actually have that great, big, slutty KD Party!

Happy New Year…