help1After a lot of deliberation with concerned KDians, we have decided to release iDuke’s first name. He is simply known as Ese. We thought it wise to take this step because we desperately need more information concerning the rape incident, the identity of the rapists and the last revenge which we believe he executed in November last year.

Let’s face some facts. We know that it is very possible that the guys who raped him may not be responsible for his kidnap. But let’s think like detectives for a minute. Whether these guys are guilty or not, they are the PRIME SUSPECTS in this case. Again, having taken part in a gang rape in the past, they are criminals. We need to identify them and then we will have to decide what we are willing to do to get Ese back, if possible.

We also have to consider the sensitivity of information concerning the said rape and the implications of handing over same information to the police. Knowing how our police work, the person supplying the information could be somehow roped into the case. There is a way round this problem. WE NEED a policeman or policemen who are friendly towards our community. We would then give him the full details of the story and he would decide how to handle the information in a way that would protect Ese’s identity and the identity of the person(s) supplying this information.

We need to take action! Pity is not enough! If you have any information, no matter how little or insignificant you think it may be, please inform us. You may send me an email on my address, pantherptb@yahoo.com. This is a chance to set up a system that works for us. We don’t wish it but this could happen again…to any of us.

Please, let us do something!


help1His Kito Diaries pseudonym is iDuke. He always argued here in favour of gay men getting married. He is a Youth Service corper serving in Abuja/Nasarawa. He is a good friend of mine. And last year, he wrote a story which was updated on KD, titled NOT JUST ANOTHER KITO STORY. It was the narration of how he was getting along with a potential hook-up, and on the day he was going to succumb to sex with the guy, this dude, who apparently had other sisnister plans in mind, brought along two other friends of his, and the three of them raped him. (Read The Story HERE).

iDuke told me he was going to exact his revenge on his rapists. And he succeeded, with two out three of them. He was going to share the stories of his success on KD; or at least, he was trying to make up his mind to.

And then, sometime, in the first week of January, he dropped out of touch with me. His numbers stopped going through. He vanished from my BBM contact list. And my messages to his Facebook inbox remained unattended to. My alarm increased when mutual friends of ours began enquiring from me if I’d heard from him, and when friends of his began updating his Facebook Timeline with posts of supplication for his safety and salvation. Apparently, he’d been missing for several days. But there was very little to know about his disappearance; I don’t know his family, and the friends we shared didn’t know much either. Continue reading