No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 4)

NOSTRINGSPOSTER#NOSTRINGS has an exclusive talk with JOHN ADEWOYE, a Nigerian, and an Ex-Priest of the Catholic faith, who embraced his true nature as a Gay-Man. He takes us through his experiences as a child, and talks about the effect of his coming out, his asylum to the states, his struggles, how he was able to say positive, as well reconcile his strong Catholic faith with his sexuality. He leaves ‘no strings attached’ with his details.

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No Strings With Mike Daemon (Episode 2)


First of all, I’d like to announce that the site for #NoStrings With Mike Daemon is now up. You may click HERE to check on it.

And today, we have the second episode of the podcast. Trending on this week’s show is Imogen Heap, Shamir, and an exciting exclusive discuss with Mike Daemon, concerning the subject ‘Reconciling your sexuality with your religion.’ Is that even possible? As well as theories concerning possible ways that one could be outed tagged ‘Out of the Closet 101’… The show finally concludes with the Movie of the Week: A Must See! Then comes the question of the week!

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SHOW ICONRemember Mike Daemon, the KDian who debuted his music, See Me Now, here on Kito Diaries (Check on it HERE)… Well, he has launched a podcast, No Strings With Mike Daemon, and it’s going to feature exclusive interviews with people in the LGBT community (I might even make an appearance), as well as music and movie reviews. And to top it all, a contest for people to win surprising gifts from him. A website will soon be up and running for the podcast.

Daemon has just recorded the first edition. Click HERE TO DOWNLOAD for your listening pleasure. It is my hope to keep sharing more editions of the show here on KD.

New Music: ‘See Me Now’ by Mike Daemon

Mike Daemon is a Kitodiariesian who recently recorded a song about being different. The song, See Me Now, is one that talks about the need to be left alone, for one to be given the freedom to be who he or she truly is, given the insecurities that come from been different, and most importantly, finding the time to encourage oneself to be happy, and disregarding the negativity that stops you from transcending into the wonderful person that you’re meant to be.

SEE ME NOW COVERThe song is a beautiful effort. Give it a listen, after clicking to download from HERE.