FOREWORD: Guess what, folks… Chestnut has written his first piece for KD. It’s a work of fiction, and loaded with so much wit and humour, I couldn’t help my laughter as I read. It was reading I thoroughly enjoyed, and I’m sure y’all will to. Check on it – God Of The Sea.


6310345057_a1de92329e_zI think I smelled him before I saw him. It was a heady scent, strong enough to command attention, but subtle enough not to be overpowering; the kind of scent you knew came in a fancy, expensive-looking bottle, with a fancy, expensive-looking designer label.

That morning, as I drove to the hotel where the seminar was to hold, I didn’t imagine anything of significance would happen that day. I thought it would be just a seminar, like I had attended a hundred times before. I was wrong.

As I sat listening to the opening speech by Dr. Hassan Arogundade, I kept fighting the urge to bring out my phone and start scrolling through my favourite blogs; I was that bored already. And then I smelled him. It was strange, because I was remotely aware that other participants who came in later than I did had been taking seats behind me. But when he came in and took a seat two rows behind me, my awareness was no longer remote; it was fully present, even though I didn’t turn my head to look. It was definitely his perfume that first caught my attention. I’m normally not big on perfume; I never even wear it myself. A good deodorant stick and body-spray has always been good enough for me, but this…this heady scent coming from behind me had me in a strange mixture of alertness and numbness, almost like I was on the verge of getting drunk, but not quite. Continue reading


Blog_Life As He Knows ItThe weeks rolled by and soon turned into months. The rains reduced drastically, although it rained so heavily and unexpectedly one time Tunde decided to go see a movie. However since then, it was pretty much heat and the characteristic dry air that felt like tiny slivers of glass to the nose. A light film of dust was beginning to form on leaves of weeds and a rundown car parked close to his compound.

Kola asked Tunde only once if his offer had been considered. Tunde replied that he was still thinking about it. They kept a cordial collegial relationship. Tunde just wasn’t sure how to deal with this heterosexual guy who was so open to homosexuality in Nigeria. In his final year in the university, he told his best friend since secondary school of his true sexual identity, and the so-called best friend had proceeded to punch him and call him a fag and stopped talking to him. It had hurt but Tunde had toughed it out. At least he got out of a friendship that wasn’t worth it.

It was a particularly sunny day, and Tunde was hurrying out of the mall with nylon bags full of groceries, when there was a “riiiiiiiip” sound, and all his precious packages came tumbling out of the bags. Both bags. Tunde groaned. What kind of luck was this one now?

His car was a bit far from him and he couldn’t exactly scoop up everything in his arms and carry to the car.

As he bent to start picking his things, a deep voice said, “Excuse me, do you need a hand?” Continue reading