Kiss: Sean Chappin + Juan ValdezI knew exactly what Love would look like

I’d always thought

I hadn’t met Love yet

But I knew if Love wandered into my room

I would recognise him at first glance

Love would wear a crucifix necklace

Love would play acoustic guitar

And know all my favourite Beatles songs

I was patient

Love would come

And when Love comes

I would know


But when Love finally showed up Continue reading

A Verse To Him

2. keep-calm-you-have-a-secret-admirer-1FOREWORD: So someone (whose name you’ll know soon enough) has a crush on our dear sweet Chestnut. This someone has a magic with words, and decided to cast a spell for us to read and delight in, and for Chestnut to know and…well, (who knows) perhaps step up his game. 😀

Here’s the poem. Read and enjoy.


To Chestnut…

The first time we said, “Hello…”

It felt as though pterodactyls were flapping their wings against the corridors of my stomach.

That day, Cupid didn’t have an arrow large enough to hold an emotion this size

So he hijacked a plane and flew it into my chest. Continue reading


36fc16a3b11d4686a0accecc08cebbd6I never knew there were powers

Beyond resistance

I never knew anything hotter than fire

Searing, branding my heart more than the panther’s claws

I never swam somewhere deeper than the wine-dark sea

I never thought of a sight more beautiful than Aurora of the Northward sky

Something more orgasmic than eating chocolate

Never could I have thought there was something more breathtaking

Than the sight of Victoria falls

How could I ever have seen a thing that the ocean cannot wash away

More dramatic than the theatrics of the Royals

More soothing than morning mountain air

Something so hope-inducing

So energizing, unending like the band on my finger

More fun and laughter than Kito Diaries Continue reading

When IT Happens

36fc16a3b11d4686a0accecc08cebbd6Like a thief in the night

It hits you

Like a blow from your past

Boom! It strikes

Out of the blues

Into the new

Knocking you off your feet

Into a fit

You almost never see it coming

Can one ever be ready for love?

Are you ready for love?

Yes? No?

When love happens

It could make a grand entry with pomp and fanfare

Or a silent appearance like a stealth missile

Aiming straight for the heart

Or masked in a camouflage, seeking to be noticed

When it happens

Love makes an unexpected arrival.

Written by Krysss

Compliments of the Season, Kitodiariesians.

When I Write A Poem About Love

g14The truth is…

When I asked you for a Chai latte, what I meant to say was: “I was walking past. I saw you in the window. I only came in here because I had to know what your voice sounded like.”

But instead of saying that, I got really nervous and just ordered the first thing on the menu. I don’t even know what the hoot ‘Chai’ is…or a latte, for that matter.

When God made you, He cussed for the first time. He turned to an angel, gave him a high five and said: “Goddamn, I’m good!”

You are that good looking.

I spent the last five days trying to figure out how I will introduce myself to you properly, and I think I’ve finally figured it out. It’s going to be something like… “Hi.” That’s all I’ve got so far, but I think it’s a good start. Continue reading